Armored Core 4 Achievements

Achievement (Points)

00-Aretha (10) Complete the SEED A BARREN EARTH mission on Hard
01 Berlioz (10) Complete the MARCHE AU SUPPLICE mission on Hard
03 Anjou (10) Complete the JARDIN DE CHEVALIER mission on Hard
05 Mary Shelley (10) Complete the EMPRESS mission on Hard
14 Sherring (10) Complete the SEA OF BLOOD mission on Hard
Akvavit Pack (30) Complete the "NDP-C002 AKV" data pack
Aldra Pack (30) Complete the "NDP-B002 ALD-MEL" data pack
All Data Packs (50) Complete all data packs
Amazigh (10) Complete the DESERT WOLF mission on Hard
BFF Pack-A (30) Complete the "SDBFF RANK-A" data pack
BFF Pack-B (30) Complete the "SDBFF RANK-B" data pack
Chapter 1 (20) Complete Chapter 1
Chapter 2 (30) Complete Chapter 2
Chapter 3 (30) Complete Chapter 3
Chapter 4 (50) Complete Chapter 4
Chapter 5 (50) Complete Chapter 5
Chapter 6 (100) Complete Chapter 6
Eqbal Pack (30) Complete the "NDP-A001 EQB-TEC" data pack
GA Pack-A (30) Complete the "SDGA RANK-A" data pack
GA Pack-B (30) Complete the "SDGA RANK-B" data pack
Hard Difficulty (50) Complete all Hard Missions
Leone Pack (30) Complete the "NDP-B001 LEO" data pack
Maghrib Pack (30) Complete the "NDP-X002 MAGHRIB" data pack
Mission Rank A (10) Achieve Total Mission Rank A
Mission Rank S (20) Achieve Total Mission Rank S
Normal Difficulty (50) Complete all Normal Missions
Rayleonard Pack (30) Complete the "NDP-C001 RAY" data pack
Rosenthal Pack (30) Complete the "NDP-E001 ROS-OME" data pack
Sol Dios (10) Complete the SOL DIOS mission on Hard
Sus (10) Complete the UP IN FLAMES mission on Hard
Ursragna (10) Complete the JUGGERNAUT mission on Hard