SKATE Achievements

Achievement (Points)

Access San Vanelona (5) Unlock San Vanelona
Afternoon Freeskater (5) Free skate for five hours in Career Mode
Am Skater (10) Complete a Shop Film to become an Amateur
Amateur Racer (10) Reach Amateur status for online races
Amateur Trickster (10) Reach Amateur status for online trick events
Contest Pro (20) Beat all contests
En Fuego! (15) Win 6 consecutive ranked online matches
Enduring Icon (20) Earn 2,000 Online EXP Points
Exhibitionist (5) Upload Footage to skateReel
Fanboy (50) Beat all the Pros
Fashionista (5) Buy 50 Items
Flow & Style (5) Pull off a 10,000 point line in Career Mode
Footy = Footage (5) Save a replay in Career Mode
Halfway There (25) Complete 50% of all milestones
Headhunter (5) Beat a Pro Skater
Hooked Up (15) Earn all 4 sponsorships
Host with the Most (5) Host an unranked online session
Icon Racer (100) Reach Icon status for online race events
Icon Trickster (100) Reach Icon status for online trick events
Keep Playing (75) Beat all challenges
Keys to the City (30) Unlock all locations
King of the Highway (20) Beat all races
Master Flicker (100) Earn all milestones
On Your Way (5) Earn a milestone
Online Addict (25) Complete 50 online game sessions
Photogenic (20) Beat all photo challenges
Pro Racer (30) Reach Pro Status for online race events
Pro Skater (20) Earn a Pro Model board
Pro Trickster (30) Reach Pro status for online trick events
Rocketman (5) Perform a rocket air in Career Mode
Skate Celebrity (10) Receive 20 reviews on an uploaded photo or footage
Skate's Top Model (5) Upload 6 photos to skateReel
Skater of the Year (25) Make the cover of Thrasher Magazine
The Graduate (5) Complete all the tutorials in Career Mode
Tricked Out (25) Perform all tricks in the book in Career Mode
Try Online (5) Join an online session
Uninsurable (25) Complete all medical milestones
Urban Legend (30) Own all the spots
Voyeur (5) Watch an online session on skate TV
Warming Up (5) Win 3 consecutive ranked online matches
Without Footage it's Fiction (20) Beat all film challenges
X-Games Gold (20) Earn gold in both X-Games events
Year's Best (25) Make the cover of Skateboard Magazine
You're a winner! (20) Win 20 ranked online events