Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Review

OK, time to get off of my soapbox and back to the review. The really nice thing about Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 beyond the fact that it plays a very capable game of video golf is that it comes packed with a number of different game modes. Gone are the days when golf games gave you 18 holes on the links and nothing more. PGA Tour 07 gives you this of course, including stroke, match, and skins play, but there are also a number of interesting variants as well. One has you teaming with another golfer in a game of best ball against another pair, while a variant lets you choose which shot the other team plays. One cool game variant lets the winner of a hole select one club to remove from his or her opponentís bag for the rest of the game.

Watching the ball in flight.
The game is fully integrated with Xbox Live to the point where you can stream in audio sports news and highlights from ESPN while you play in single player mode. Most of the game modes are available for play on Xbox Live in both ranked and unranked matches, and the whole system for player matching and ranking is well implemented. Games play nice and smoothly over Xbox Live, although youíll need to commit a nice chunk of time if you want to get through a full 18 holes with other players.

If thereís a knock against the Xbox 360 version of the game, itís that it doesnít include all of the courses that you get with current gen versions of the game. This in and of itself is not enough reason to warrant choosing one of those games over the Xbox 360 version and giving up on the stellar graphics though. However, it would be nice if the era of missing modes in the Xbox 360 versions of sports games came to a close soon.

If you enjoy golf or have been a fan of the Tiger Woods series, then it is easy enough to recommend the game to you. Even video golfing rookies should give the game a try. It packs in plenty of gameplay and is easy enough to pick up and play even for golfing novices.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 85%. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is like a drive that lands on the edge of the fairway. Itís a good shot and youíll certainly take it, but thereís still a little room for improvement.


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