Resident Evil Deadly Silence Game Guide


-Pass the emergency door (you will return here in a
little bit) and head down the ladder to the left.
Store some stuff, and be faced with a puzzle chest in
Rebirth mode.



1. F and E.
2. A and B.
3. A and F.
4. D and C.

         {F}    {B}

         {E}    {C}




1. H and C.
2. A and D.
3. D and G.
4. H and E.
5. A and F.


         {H}    {B}

        {G}     {C}

         {F}   {D}



-Head through the door (here you will have a easy
knife fight), take out the zombies, and take the
GREEN HERBx2. Find the last MO DISK passed the
Visual Data Room on the desk and head down the
stairs. Enter the double doors immediately next to
you (watch the zombie in Rebirth) and enter the
first door you see. Turn on the switch, and in
Rebirth, take down the “turbo” zombie in here,
and finds the RESEARCHER'S LETTER on desk, HANDGUN
BULLETSx15 in the box next to the sink, and GREEN
HERBx1 in front of the picture. Next, you will be
faced with a puzzle.

Push the shelf near the desk to find a switch to
turn on a blue ray light in the room. If you read
the letter, look at the picture for a hint. The key
here is to match the symbols with the letters from
the words on the picture. If you are having trouble,
the answer is M O L E.

-Return to the hallway with the stairs (Jill can find
an INK RIBBONx3 in front of the south wall) and enter
the north east doors after blasting some zombies.
Inside, watch the fast zombie in Rebirth, and pick
up the SLIDES on the ground. Log onto the computer.

{1}LOGIN: John
{4}Unlock both rooms on both B2 and B3.

-Head back upstairs and enter the Visual Data Room.
There might be a large hornet in here depending on
the version you are playing. Use the slides on the
projector for some cool pictures and data. Examine
the panel on the wall and push the switch.

Classic: By pressing the switch the pillar will
automatically move. Rebirth: Chris and Jill will
have to solve a confusing puzzle, and on top of that,
the pattern is different between the two. Hit the
switches in the order given below:

               []  []  []  []  []
               1   2   3   4    5

JILL: 4, 3, 1, 5, 2.
CHRIS: 2, 5, 4, 1, 3.

-When it's over, grab the POWER ROOM KEY and find
the SECURITY SYSTEM FILE in corner shelf. Exit and
go back downstairs (if you want the best ending, bring
two Mo Disks with you). It's also a good idea to bring
the Shotgun as well. Unlock the double doors Southeast
with the Power Room Key. The next couple of steps are
optional, but worth it.

If you head into the first room, you will be faced
with two boxes and a step ladder. Your goal is to
have both boxes covering the circle vents on the
floor first, and then the step ladder onto of the
middle switch. Here's the solution:

O Circle vents
[] Switch
[A]Box 1
[B]Box 2
L Step Ladder
                     {3}- O      []     O-{1}


                         [A]          [B]

{1}Push Box A straight ahead to cover the circle
vent on the right.
{2}Push the step ladder to the right; just enough
to give you room to push it back from the right
side (not against the wall).
{3}With the step ladder out of the way, push Box B,
push it straight to the side of the ladder. Next,
push it from the right side and work your way to
cover the left circle vent.
{4}Now push the ladder onto the center tile switch.

-Don't forget to pick up the RED HERBx1 and SHOTGUN
SHELLSx7, then crawl through the vent from the step
ladder. On the shelf there is MAGNUM ROUNDSx6 (in
Rebirth there will be a ton of zombies scattered on
the floor). Use a Mo Disk on the pass code input
machine to get PASSCODE 02. Unlock the door arrive
back in the hall. Continue to the East hall and enter
the eastern save room (look out for zombies). Here
snag the GREEN HERBx1, BLUE HERBx2, and either the
FLAMEROUNDSx6 or MAGNUM ROUNDSx6. Save your game
and bring a heal item with you. In Rebirth mode,
you can solve your last puzzle chest in the game.

The last one is quite different then the rest of
them in the game, simply because there are four
handles instead of the average two. One handle
highlights one color circle, while the remaining
highlight three color circles.


1. B, GFE.
2. F, ABC.
3. A, FED.
4. E, HAB.

         {F}    {B}

       {E}       {C}

        {F}     {D}




1. A, DEF
2. D, EFA
3. E, BCD


         {H}    {B}

       {G}       {C}

         {F}   {D}



-Leave the save room (encounter a knife fight) and
enter the south room. If you're playing the new
Rebirth mode, this will be your toughest knife fight
in the game, since it's so lengthy. Time your attacks,
the more critical hits the safer.

-"Heads" up for the head hunters in here, the Shotgun
is the only resort. Check out the power regulator
terminal in the southwest part of the room.

Classic: Just hit the switch and the power will
automatically restore.

Rebirth: With the touch screen, you need to draw
two wires to connect the power. Draw the lines
marked @ on the diagram below.

    _____      _____       _____
    |   |      |   |       |   |
    |   |______|   |_______|___|
    |   |      |   |       |   |
    |@@@|      |@@@|_______|   |
    |___|      |   |       |   |
    |___|      |   |_______|   |
    |   |      |   |       |   |
   {2}  {3}   {4} {5}     {7} {8}

-Enter the southwest door from here. If you run
straight ahead into southeast corner in this area,
you can place a Mo Disk into the inputer to get
PASSCODE 03(optional). Be cautious of the head
hunters, and enter the south door. Blast some more
crawlers, then examine the terminal.

Classic: Like before, just hit the switch for to
get power back on automatically.

Rebirth: Again, you have to restore the power with
the touch screen, but this time, it's a little

    _____      _____       _____
    |   |      |   |       |___|
    |   |@@@@@@|   |_______|   |
    |___|      |@@@|       |   |
    |   |      |   |_______|   |
    |___|      |   |       |   |
    |___|______|   |       |   |
    |   |      |   |       |   |
   {5}  {6}   {3} {2}     {4} {7}
-With the power finally and fully restored to the
elevator, head back to the save room and SAVE YOUR
game. Equip the Magnum and a heal item, then approach
the elevator. Hit the switch on the right to activate
it. Depending your decisions through out the game,
Barry or Rebecca will meet up with (if Chris saved
Rebecca earlier on). Regardless, you will watch a
cinema and be faced with the Tyrant.

Hits: 6(with Magnum) or 3(Jill)

Hopefully you saved up your Magnum bullets for this
fight. It's pretty simple here, run a long distance
and shoot away, and when you hit 3-6 shots, he will

-After the fight, you may be put in one of many
situations. If you didn't save Rebecca or didn't
wait for Barry earlier, then you have to take the
MASTER KEY (JILL) from Wesker's body, then unlock
the door by the terminal nearby. If you did do
the actions above, then you can simply leave the
room without worrying to pick anything up (Jill
will have to check on Barry if you want the good
ending and Chris will meet up with Rebecca).

*Optional: Input the last Mo Disk in the northwest
room on B3 to get the PASS CODE 01. Now you can
approach the west double doors and input all three
codes on the right wall. Blast the zombies around
here and you rescue either Chris or Jill from the
jail cell!!

-Save your game for the last time, and head up to
the emergency exit doors on B1. Pick up the BATTERY
on the floor and place it into the slot next to the
elevator. Here you might watch a cinema, and go up
the elevator for a possible time limit. Pick up the
FLARE in the box and use it in the center of the
helipad to have Brad come in the helicopter. If you
rescued your secondary characters and Jill or Chris,
you will face the Tyrant one last time.

Hits: 8-12 with Magnum, +plus Rocket Launcher

Don't be in disgrace if you get nailed right away.
As long as you have plenty of healing items, keep
a not too far distance and fire away with the Magnum.
If you run to far, he will knock you down with his
devastating drag claw attack. After about eight to
twelve shots, Brad will drop the Rocket Launcher,
equip it and FIRE!!!!!