Heavenly Sword Game Guide

                          +++   CHAPTER 4   +++

               _______ _____   ___  _____________    ____
              / ___/ // / _ | / _ \/_  __/ __/ _ \  / / /
             / /__/ _  / __ |/ ___/ / / / _// , _/ /_  _/
             \___/_//_/_/ |_/_/    /_/ /___/_/|_|   /_/  

This next chapter will be a little bit more difficult than the previous 
chapters. A new enemy is introduced here and you probably won't like 
them the minute you try and fight them off.

                         +++   CAT AND MOUSE   +++


The enemies in this chapter are little more annoying and cheaper. After 
the cutscene, you will be approached by mallet-toting baddies. Your 
only best bet is to use counterattacks and Block Breaker Combos to 
break their guard. Don't be afraid to use Superstyle attacks! Kill off 
the big baddies and then approach the wheel and open the door.

Once the door is open, get ready for a new enemy: Ninja Girls. These 
girls are quite evasive and can jump away from your Power Combos just 
as fast as you can swing. Instead of combos, rely on using 
counterattacks on them. When Nariko performs a counter on the ninja 
girls, she must quickly press another button to finish the counter.

If the counter connects, Nariko will kill them off. If she misses, they 
will throw her down, so DO IT PROPERLY! Once all the ninja girls are 
gone, kill of the remaining mallet-toting enemies. Once the area is 
cleared, enter through the doorway to encounter some more enemies.


                       +++   ON SILENT WINGS   +++

Kill off more ninja girls with counters and the large door at the end 
will open. More mallet-toting baddies will show up, so eliminate them 
by knocking them off the bridge with a Power Combo. Once the area is 
cleared, it's PUZZLE TIME!!!

                  ===   THE DING DONG DITCH PUZZLE   ===

This puzzle is so goddamn easy, I don't even understand why I even call 
it one. Here's how it goes: the exit to the mountain path is locked. 
Behind the locked door is a large yellow gong. Do you see it? And next 
to the doorway is a crate with some shields.

To ring the gong, approach the wheel and turn it to bring up a large 
statue of Bohan holding a shield. As soon as you finish turning the 
wheel, grab a shield and toss it at the large statue shield and then 
use Aftertouch to guide the projectile towards the gong before the 
statue falls back down. RIINNGG!!!


                       +++   HUNTING PARTY   +++


As you make your way down the mountain path, more mallet enemies and 
other whatnots will be waiting for you. Instead of fighting them head-
on, bait them near the mountain ledge. Use Power Combos to knock them 
off the mountain. It's so much faster if you do it this way, SO DO IT.


Climb up the ladders to the very top of the mountain (fight the enemies 
if you want) to reach the next area.


                      +++   BEASTS OF THE LAND   +++


Wait, so Roach's stupid-ass pets are called Orangu-men? PUH-LEASE. 

At the top of the temple area, you will find a Rocket launcher. Grab it 
if you want and start blasting using Aftertouch. Just be aware that 
it's not really effective if Nariko is being swarmed.

If you don't want to fight the orangumen, just make your way to the end 
of the large field towards the temple entrance and enter through to the 
next area.


                       +++   THE WRONG PLACE   +++


Exit out through the next area to find a narrow bridge and lots of 
soldiers. Use Power Combos to knock the idiot baddies off the bridge to 
the void below. Do this to make this fight go a little bit faster. When 
everyone is gone, enter the next area to trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene, you'll face off against a couple of puny archers. 
Use Range Attacks when they shoot the arrows to deflect them. Approach 
them and use Power Combos to clear this area. PUZZLE TIME!

                 ===   THE STATUE-FACE DOOR PUZZLE   ===

In the center of the large area is a wheel. When Nariko turns it all 
the way, the statue face at the end of the area will rise up and reveal 
a yellow gong. About 4-5 seconds later, the statue face will quickly 
drop and close again. Across from the wheel (on the right side) is a 
hard-to-see crate of shields. 

Yup, you have to throw a shield on the gong before the statue-face 
closes. Jeez, puzzle solving is not this games' best feature. Once the 
door opens, enter through to the next area to finish this section.


                         +++   TEMPLE WILDS   +++


This next section is one big RTE. Follow these directions:

DIRECTIONAL UP --> Rapidly tap X BUTTON --> Rapidly tap X BUTTON

After the RTE, go down the stairs to fight off some more ninja girls. 
If you don't want to fight them, then quickly make your way to the 
other side of the area to encounter you-know-who.


                        +++   TO KILL A FOX   +++


               ===   BOSS BATTLE: FLYING FOX (FINAL)   ===

Fox has two new attacks (well, their actually projectile attacks): 
Range Knife and Power Blades. When he tosses the Range Knife (he 
quickly tosses it), counter the attack by standing still. If you're 
quick enough, you can counter and Aftertouch the knife and hit him with 
it. For the Power Blade, he'll spin and then toss them at you. Use a 
Power Stance counter to toss them back at him.

Other than those two attacks, he's still the same boss from the first 
battle in Chapter 1 (but in three waves). To be specific, the best way 
to defeat Fox is to NOT wait for him to attack. Yes, roll in close and 
perform a Speed/Power Combo on him while he's standing and waiting. 
After Nariko finishes her combo, IMMEDIATELY roll away and attack him 
with the same combo again and then repeat QUICKLY.

When you do it that way, Fox won't have time to begin his counter 
maneuver (although he will sneak in a cheap move). You must be really 
quick with this strategy or Fox will catch you off-guard with his Red 
Combo. Do it this way nonstop for the ENTIRE battle and Nariko will 
only lose a little portion health throughout the encounter (though you 
may need that one Red Pot just in case).

On the second and third waves, use this same strategy for his 
doppelgangers and they will all fall quickly. After the third wave is 
done, move Kai's bow towards Fox and shoot him to end the battle and 
the chapter.

++RED POT NOTE: You will notice that there are two additional pots 
sitting on the high ledges of the arena. Deflect Fox's Range Knife 
(when he tosses it) and use Aftertouch to guide the knife towards the 
pot to break them. This is not an easy thing to do, so follow the 
strategy above to avoid having to use the extra pots.

Copy and paste this URL to see a video of the entire Flying Fox battle:

                            CHAPTER CLEARED

         __             __                __                    __
    ____/ /  ___ ____  / /____ ____  ____/ /__ ___ ________ ___/ /
   / __/ _ \/ _ `/ _ \/ __/ -_) __/ / __/ / -_) _ `/ __/ -_) _  / 
   \__/_//_/\_,_/ .__/\__/\__/_/    \__/_/\__/\_,_/_/  \__/\_,_/