The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

Version History [vers]
1.0- submitted December 4, 2006- contains the walkthrough up until just after 
the Arbiter's Grounds, and also the controls and game basics. You know, the 
early stuff.
1.5- submitted December 11, 2006- I finished up the walkthrough, and added the 
Heart Piece list, as well as all the Golden Bugs I could find so far, and the 
Hidden Skills(and where to find them). Added pretty well everything else to 
make this FAQ actually count as complete. Anything else comes up, it will be 
added in time.
1.6- submitted December 15, 2006- I fixed a lot of admittedly boneheaded 
spelling errors and poorly worded sections I missed the first time around. 
Also added information on the Blue Chus(thanks to Terrence Ray) and the 
Male and Female Mantises(thanks to Mario Di Teodoro).

Copyright Information [copy]
This document is created by Jonny Humphries, copyright 2006, except in areas 
otherwise noted. I do not own Nintendo, Zelda, or any other Nintendo 
characters or concepts. Yes, this guide is totally unofficial, or "non-canon". 
If anyone wants to use segments of this guide or post it on any site, PLEASE 
ask me first and I will likely say yes. I honestly enjoy getting my work out 
and having it appreciated by anyone. All I ask is that you please respect my 

Contact Information [cont]
You can reach me at the e-mail address: ultimate_jonny_2(at)hotmail(dot)com. 
Typically, I won't take along with responding unless I am busy, but university 
is a harsh mistress, and I usually do a lot of other writing projects at once 
other than the ones you see on websites. You MAY e-mail me for:
-general comments about the guide itself
-constructive criticism(suggestions for improvement)
-alternate strategies for anything
-additions or things I may have missed. Once I find them of my own accord, I 
WILL add them, but if you find them before I do, feel free to enlighten me.
-questions that are not answered in the walkthrough. I might have missed 
something, as I am not perfect... :(

Please do NOT e-mail me with:
-bland, groundless, insulting criticism
-messages with poor spelling, grammar, too many abbreviations or anything     
otherwise difficult to read
-asking questions that are already answered in the walkthrough. Please, look 
through all relevant sections
-hate mail or anything like that. This is not a problem so far, but I'm not   
about to take any chances. You just waste my time and yours, and you'll    
likely provide me with a laugh at best, and just look like an idiot at worst. 
I believe in the best of human nature. Please make a good impression. Also, 
if you DO hate mail me, you run the risk of me publicly humiliating you. 
You have been fairly warned. :P

Special Thanks [spec]
- First, to Gamefaqs and CJayC for allowing me to post this guide. There would 
not be a guide without this site, and that's no joke.
- To you, the reader, for making my effort worthwhile
- To me, for writing this thing. I owe myself a lot more sleep...
- To Dan McNicoll, one of my best friends, for helping with the formatting
- To Terrence Ray for sending me the information about the Blue Chus
- TO Mario Di Teodoro for pointing out the locations of the Male and Female
- To the rest of my friends and family, for putting up with my reclusiveness 
for about 2+ weeks while I wrote this guide.
- To my Wii, which graciously withstood seven or eight straight hours of 
constant playing at times
- To Nintendo. They all did an EXCELLENT effort for the next great Zelda game

About Me [abou]
Hello again, everyone! I am Jonny Humphries, a 19-year old(at the time of this 
writing) student at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. Yes, I am 
Canadian. While not writing FAQs or playing video games, I am majoring in 
English Literature(with, hopefully next year, a minor in Film Studies). I also 
enjoy reading, various types of music, and various forms of bar-hopping and 
picking up ladies with my friends.

If you like, this time my book suggestions are George R. R. Martin's A Song Of 
Ice And Fire series(A Game of Thrones, A Clash Of Kings, A Storm of Swords and 
A Feast For Crows), as well as the scientific trivia books Why Do Men Have 
Nipples? and Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex? by Mark Leyner and Billy 
Goldberg. Thanks for reading! Now I'm taking a break to play Trauma Center.