The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

Hidden Skills List [hidd]
These are the cool sword skills you gain as you progress. As a wolf, you must 
find each of the "Howl Stones" located around Hyrule. Once you do, listen to 
the music playing and copy the song by holding A to howl and using the Control 
Stick to adjust your pitch from high to middle to low. Once you copy it 
correctly, you'll be brought to a strange dimension where you must do the song 
once more(the musical staff will outline the exact song, so you won't have to 
guess again). Once you get the song right a second time, the Golden Wolf will 
appear somewhere in the world. Fine him as a human to gain a new sword skill.

The important thing to know, however, is this: THE PLACES HE APPEARS DEPENDS 
IN THE SAME ORDER. So, although his appearances depend on the order you get 
the Howl Stones, you cannot learn, say, the Mortal draw before the Shield 
Attack. So, here are the locations of the stones, where they make the Golden 
Wolf appear, and(in a separate list) the techniques you learn, in order.

1. Faron Woods(just Golden Wolf)
There is no Howl Stone for the first technique. Just before you enter the 
Forest Temple, the Golden Wolf will be waiting to teach you the Ending Blow. 
You need this move to defeat the final boss, so you get it as part of the 

2. Death Mountain
This one is in plain sight among the steam vents as you move up the Death 
Mountain trail. Be sure you get it as a wolf when you're clearing the Twilight 
Realm from Kakariko Village, otherwise you'll have to wait until after you've 
collected the Master Sword.
Golden Wolf appears: In Ordon Woods, beside the spring.

3. Zora's River
There is one on a cliff overlooking the river right in front of the Canoe 
Rental Cabin and the Fishing Spot. Be sure you get this one while clearing the 
Twilight Realm from the Lanayru Province, or you'll have to wait until after 
you get the Master Sword.
Golden Wolf appears: Just east of Hyrule Castle town, on top of a climbable 

4. Faron Woods
The stone is right along the path to the Sacred Grove, after the swinging 
logs. You can't miss it.
Golden Wolf appears: Outside of the southern entrance to Hyrule Castle Town.

5. Lake Hylia
Once you get the Master Sword and gain the ability to turn into your wolf form 
at will, go back to Lake Hylia. To the south in the rocky platform area, the 
Howl Stone is on the platform just on top of the ladder.
Golden Wolf appears: On the far north end of the Gerudo Desert, before you 
enter the Moblin Encampment.

6. Snowpeak
As you follow the reekfish's scent up the mountain, you'll see a Howl Stone 
along the way. It is on the very edge of an overhanging cliff.
Golden Wolf appears: In the back of Kakariko Graveyard. Once you get the warp 
point just past the Howl Stone, you can go and find him almost immediately.

7. Hidden Village
In the west side of the Hidden Village, behind one of the buildings, the Howl 
Stone is close to the chicken wandering around.
Golden Wolf appears: Right in front of Hyrule Castle.

1. Ending Blow
How to use: Once you get an enemy down, Z-target him/her/it use A to lunge 
down on them and kill them instantly.
My comments: This can make a normally hardy foe an easy kill. You can't use it 
in quick succession to kill multiple downed opponents, though, as the rest get 
up quickly after you kill the one you target.

2. Shield Attack
How to use: While Z-targeting, shove the Nunchuk forward.
My comments: Useful to throw opponents off balance and leave them open, but 
even more useful to set up the Helm Splitter.

3. Back Slice
How to use: Side jump(press a while Z-targeting and moving to the side) twice 
in a row to roll behind opponents, and wave the remote to slash their 
unguarded backside.
My comments: This is likely the one you'll be using the most often later in 
the game, especially against Darknuts and the final boss.

4. Helm Splitter
How to use: Do a Shield Attack to throw your opponent off balance then press A 
to vault over them and bust their head with your sword.
My comments: This attack looks like it's supposed to stun enemies, but instead 
it does straight-up damage. It works best, as you would expect, against 
heavily armored foes.

5. Mortal draw
How to use: Put away your sword and do NOT Z-target your intended target. Let 
them get close to you, then press A to do a quick draw that will at least 
knock them down and do heavy damage if not kill them outright.
My comments: I LOVE this move, but don't use it on the same opponent too much. 
They'll eventually wise up and start blocking it.

6. Jump Strike
How to use: Hold A while Z-targeting to charge up a Jump Attack, and when the 
gleam goes to the tip of your sword, release A to do a sort of combination of 
a Jump Attack but with the range of a Spin Attack.
My comments: This is probably the skill you'll use the least. It leaves you 
too vulnerable and is only really effective against large groups of enemies.

7. Great Spin
How to use: Do a regular Spin Attack with full health. Damage and range will 
be greatly increased.
My comments: This is an extremely powerful skill, use it as often as you can. 
The only trick is constantly having full health near the end of the game!