The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

Heart Piece List [hear]
Here I have compiled a complete list of quick blurbs on how to get all 45 
Heart Pieces in the game, as well as where they are found. This is also the 
rough order in which you can get them. It is not like Ocarina of Time where 
you can get 95% of the Heart Pieces before the fourth dungeon. They're far 
more evenly spaced in this game.

1. Faron Woods
There is a cave with the small key in the northwest corner of the woods. Use 
your Lantern to light the two torches here to make the treasure chest appear 
on a ledge. Climb up the ledge for your prize.

2. Forest Temple
There is a room to the east of the main room(northeast of the entrance) with a 
lot of evil hungry plants. Drop a Bomb Spider down one's throat to reveal a 
chest behind it.

3. Forest Temple
In the far east of the temple, there is a room with lots of Tile Worms and 
four torches. Use your Gale Boomerang to blow out all four torches and lower 
the steps to reveal the chest.

4. Hyrule Field
In the area of Hyrule Field just north of the Faron Woods, there is a bridge 
over a pond. Check the southern end to find a Heart Piece resting in the 
branches, use the Gale Boomerang to bring it down.

5. Hyrule Field- Kakariko gorge
Go to the far east of the Gorge to find a rock spire rising out of it. A Heart 
Piece is visible up top, Gale Boomerang it down.

6. Ordon Ranch
Once you've cleared the Twilight Realm from Kakariko Village, go back to the 
ranch in Ordon Village and do some goat herding. Once you're done, Fado will 
give you a Heart Piece as a reward.

7. Goron Mines
After talking to Gor Amoto, use your Iron Boots to walk back several rooms 
along the walls and ceiling. Go to the northeast end of the room where you 
walk along the ceiling to find your prize.

8. Goron Mines
In the room past the crystal switch, you'll find two Beamos and a magnetic 
wall. Go up the magnetic wall to the south platform to find the Heart Piece.

9. Kakariko Village
When facing the spring, look up and left to see a cluster of rocks on a cliff 
above. Use a Bomb arrow to clear your view, then use the Gale Boomerang to 
take the piece.

10. Kakariko Village
Right where you got the previous Heart Piece, at ground level, there is a rock 
you can blow up. Take the path behind it to get to the back of the spring. 
Sink down with your Iron Boots to get the treasure below.

11. Kakariko Village
Once you complete the Goron Mines, get to the top of the village to find Talo. 
Talk to him and he'll challenge you to an archery test. Hit all three targets 
to claim your prize.

12. Hyrule Field- Kakariko Gorge
Once you have Bombs, go to the gorge and look to the far south to find a bomb-
able wall. Go inside and use your Lantern to find your way through the cavern. 
A Heart Piece lies at the end. You'll have to light two torches to get the 
chest to appear.

13. Hyrule Field
Exit Kakariko Village to the northeast. You'll find a destructible rock on the 
left side of the trail. Blow it up, climb up the path, use a Bomb arrow to 
blow up the rock above the ivy, climb up the ivy and jump down to the left for 
another Heart Piece.

14. Lake Hylia
Launch up form Fyer's cabin to end up next to Falbi's cabin at the top of the 
cliff. Pay him 20 rupees to play his game. Grab a chicken and glide down to 
the platforms on the lake's surface. The second one from the top contains a 
Heart Piece.

15. Hyrule Castle Town
Near the east entrance to town, there is a man in a green robe who will ask 
for donations of rupees. You can pay in increments of 30 or 50, and once 
you've given him 1000 total, he will give you a Heart Piece.

16. Death Mountain
Head up the Death Mountain trail from Kakariko Village. Talk to the second 
Goron up the trail and have him launch you up. Aim to the right to grab onto a 
high ledge, and walk along the path. Drop ito a cave to the right to end up 
next to a treasure chest.

17. Zora's River- Fishing Spot
Head on into the Fishing Spot and go out fishing. There is a Heart Piece on 
the rock in the middle of the lake, use your fishing rod to retrieve it. It 
can be difficult to aim the rod, but repeated tries will eventually get it.

18. Lake Hylia
Climb the rocky structures to the south to find a bomb-able wall. Go inside 
for another long dark cavern, use your Lantern to reach the end and get the 
Heart Piece by lighting two torches at the end.

19. Lakebed Temple
In the main room, there is a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Use your 
Clawshot to get up there and acquire it.

20. Lakebed Temple
Once the water level is to the top of the main room, move the stairs so that 
it flows into the west wing of the dungeon. This will raise a bridge in one of 
the west rooms. Go across that bridge and stand on a switch at the far end. 
Clawshot into the opened area to get the Heart Piece, but kill the Lizalfos in 
there first.

21. Sacred Grove
In the clearing where you fight the Skull Kid, Bomb the rock away and dig in 
its place. You'll come across a hidden grotto. In the grotto, kill all the Red 
Deku Babas in there and you receive a nice reward.

22. Lake Hylia
Go inside the Spirit Spring here and look for some ivy in the back. Clawshot 
to it, climb up it, and check the room in the back. Light the two torches in 
here to make a chest appear. In it... well, you know.

23. Lake Hylia
As a wolf, go to any of the hawk grass patches in Lake Hylia and talk to 
Plumm, the bird that appears there. Complete her balloon-busting mini-game and 
score over 10000 points to win a Heart Piece(but not because she likes you or 

24. Hyrule Field- Bridge of Eldin
Near the north end of the bridge, there is a Clawshot target on top of a 
ledge. Go inside and make your way to the bottom of the cave using your wits, 
Iron Boots, and another vertigo-inducing drop(not necessarily in that order) 
for a Heart Piece.

25. Gerudo Desert- Moblin encampment
In the northwest section of the Moblin camp, there is a delicious-looking boar 
roasting on a spit. Carve it up with your sword, wipe the drool off your lips, 
then grab the Heart Piece from its remains.

26. Once you get to the room where the Poes steal the four blue flames, 
Clawshot over to the northwest corner of the room. You'll land right next to a 
chest. Three guesses what's in it.

27. Arbiter's Grounds
Right after you get the spinner, you'll end up in a huge room with a ton of 
Spinner tracks. Once you end up past a spiky spinning bar, open the chest near 
it for a Heart Piece.

28. Hyrule Field
Head north of the Bridge of Eldin until you get to a small wooden bridge. On 
the far end is a Spinner track, take it down to a ledge halfway down the 
gorge. Dig in the center of the circle of grass to find a secret cave, then 
kill all the Stalfos inside for a Heart Piece.

29. Hyrule Field
There is a stretch of pathway northeast of Hyrule Castle Town that houses a 
series of Spinner tracks. Go up the tracks and open the chest at the end for a 
sweet reward.

30. Kakariko Village/Hyrule Field
Donate 1000 rupees at Malo Mart in Kakariko Village to repair the bridge west 
of Hyrule Castle Town. Check the new bridge out to find a tired Goron there. 
He wants spring water to revitalize him, so go back to Kakariko Village and 
talk to the meditating Goron elder in front of Malo Mart. He'll give you a 
barrelful of spring water to take across the field back to the tired Goron. 
Once you get there, dump it on the Goron to rejuvenate him! He will roll away 
to gather some supplies, then return seconds later to drop off a reward for 
your trouble.

31. Snowpeak Ruins
Once you get the Ball and Chain, go to the second floor of the foyer and use 
it to send the chandeliers swinging. Go south across several of them to a 
platform just above the entrance to the dungeon. A treasure chest rests there, 
a Heart Piece lies within.

32. Once you get to the room to the east with the two ice monsters in the 
cages, head to the second floor of that room. Use your Ball and Chain to break 
through the floorboards in the corner, and open the chest below.

33. Hyrule Field
Straight North of Hyrule Castle, in the rocky area of the field, there is a 
cave hidden by a bomb-able rock. Go into the cave, clear out the ice with your 
Ball and Chain, and figure out three block-pushing puzzles in a row to get to 
the end... and a Heart Piece!

34. Once you've cleared Snowpeak Ruins, warp back to the top of the mountain. 
Talk to the husband and wife yetis and challenge them to a snowboarding race. 
Defeat the husband, then the wife for a Heart Piece.

35. Temple of Time
In the room with the moving walls, use the statue to bust through those move-
able walls. Have it rest on a switch to deactivate an electric barrier, 
allowing you to get a chest with a Heart Piece.

36. Temple of Time
On the fifth floor of the dungeon on your way down after getting the Dominion 
rod and the statue, look in the southern room. Use the Dominion Rod to 
maneuver two small statues along their paths to two switches. You will have to 
throw one up onto the ledge. Once both have weighed down the switches, a chest 
with a Heart Piece will appear.

37. Sacred Grove
this one is JUST outside the Temple of Time. When facing the steps out of 
here, check the owl statue to the right. Use the Dominion rod to get it out of 
its alcove and access the Heart Piece behind it.

38: Hidden Village
Once you've done everything(story-wise) you need to do in the Hidden Village, 
talk to the chicken on the west side of town while as a wolf. He will 
challenge you to a min-game where you have to find and talk to all twenty cats 
in town. Once you find them all, talk to the chicken again and he'll give you 
exact instructions on how to get your prize(he leaves it in front of Impaz's 

39: Faron Woods
Northeast of Coro's shack, there is an owl statue you can move with the 
Dominion Rod. Move it into the shallow hole nearby, which allows you to do a 
Long Jump sequence. The sequence deposits you in front of a chest. Open it up 
for a super fun mystery prize!

40. Bridge of Eldin
Take control of the owl statue on the north end of the bridge. Bring it all 
the way to the south end and use it to get across to a ladder. Take it to the 
top of the bridge to get a Heart Piece!

41. City in the Sky
Eventually in the dungeon, you will come across a giant evil hungry plant. 
Kill it off, and climb up the room. You'll have to grab a couple of ledges and 
shimmy across along the way. The chest with the Heart Piece should be right on 
the way.

42. City in the Sky
when you end up outside just after the previous Heart Piece, you'll eventually 
end up having to Clawshot across a series of flying Peahats. Instead of going 
straight across the gap, Clawshot to the one on the left and follow them to 
the previous room. Open the chest there for a pulsing crystalline life essence 

43: Hyrule Field- Kakariko Gorge
remember where you got Heart Piece #5? Go there and use your Double clawshots 
to descend the spire and cliff wall. Get onto the ivy below and climb over to 
the other side of the small spire for a Heart Piece.

44: Palace of Twilight
Once you get the first Sol orb, return with it to the first room of the east 
wing. On the east side of the room is an alcove with evil fog, use the Sol orb 
to pass through it and Clawshot up to the ledge here to get your prize.

45: Palace of Twilight
In the west wing, there is a room with moving platforms. Come back in here 
after you've infused the Master Sword with the light energy. Use your 
energized sword to dispel the fog on the floor and reveal a platform. Take it 
up to get to the last Heart Piece in the game.