The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

-Part 9: Hyrule Castle Reclamation: Denouement [par9]
~Hyrule Castle Town~
If you skipped over anything like Heart Pieces or any other upgrades, go back 
and do it now. Get a fairy in a bottle or a couple of Blue Potions, and when 
you're sure you're ready, go right in front of the barrier surrounding Hyrule 
Castle. Midna will use the Fused Shadows to complete her helmet, then... well, 
see for yourself. Once she's done, the barrier will be gone. Go on in for... 
the final dungeon.

Hyrule Castle [hyru]
OVERVIEW: The castle itself is surprisingly short and easy for a final 
dungeon. Perhaps the game is trying to lull you into a false sense of 

WALKTHROUGH: As soon as you enter the level, you'll be in the courtyard of the 
castle. The middle door to the north is locked at the moment, so you have a 
choice of either east or west. I picked east first, so here we go. As you move 
towards the northeast, you'll be trapped in an odd orange barrier. Once 
trapped, a series of Bokoblins will attack you. The fools... they have no idea 
how powerful you are by now! Once they're all gone, the barrier will disappear 
and you can go northeast.

Once you go through the northeast door, advance a bit and you'll be trapped 
again. More Bokoblins will emerge and assault you, so take them all out. Head 
to the top of this area, using the pull switch to open the gate. Once you get 
to the very north end, a very familiar foe shows up again... you've faced him 
before, so I'm not even going to bother with a strategy for him. Just do your 
own thing in killing him. Once you win, he will surrender and hand over a 
small key. You know, he just might not be so bad after all... Ah well, go back 
to the courtyard and head northwest this time(you'll be trapped again on your 
way there, but it's nothing you can't handle).

Open up the northwest courtyard area by breaking out your bow and slaughtering 
all the fire arrow-shooting Moblins up on the towers. Once they're clear, move 
around here until you find one of their boars. You'll still have to fight a 
few Bokoblins hanging around, though. Ride their boar mount and bash through 
the wooden walls with it to gain access to the outer rim of this area. Once 
you get to the far northeast, you'll see a caged-off room with some propeller 
towers in front of it. There is also a patch of ground with some leaves 
covering it. Turn into a wolf and dig them away to see an odd pattern on the 
ground. This gives you the order in which to hit those propellers with your 
Gale Boomerang. Start from the farthest one and work your way forward. Once 
the door opens, check the chest for the DUNGEON MAP! If you want, you can 
climb the ladder in here and get some rupees, but why bother by now? Go back 
to the main courtyard and head directly north.

As soon as you enter the foyer, you'll be trapped and forced to fend off some 
more Bokoblins- and some Lizalfos... Carve them all up, then turn your sights 
to the new treasure chest that appears on a top balcony. Clawshot up there, as 
you can use the chandeliers as Clawshot targets. Open the chest for the 
COMPASS. Then, Clawshot across two more chandeliers to get to a door leading 

As soon as you get in here, you'll have to fight another Darknut. He is 
completely unchanged from his Temple of time brother, so take him out with the 
Back Slice and Helm Splitter like before. Once you've shown him who's boss(and 
then killed him), take note of the torches here. The creators of the game try 
to play a nasty little trick on you here. If you light the two torches off to 
the side, parts of the floor will raise as if to allow you access to the ledge 
above, but you still won't be able to reach. And if you take aim at the lone 
torch with the Gale Boomerang and put it out, another platform will raise. But 
it will still be too high to climb up! What you wanna do(once you light the 
lone torch to put the platform back down if you need to) is stand next to 
where the platform will rise. Take aim and put out the lone torch with your 
Gale Boomerang, then quickly move onto where the platform will rise and ride 
it up. The chest contains nothing of worth(I forgot what it was, some sum of 
rupees), but you are now allowed access to the halls east and west of here. 
You'll only need to check out the west one.

This is a dark area, so you'll need to pull out your Lantern. A swarm of Keese 
will attack you, so eliminate them. Then focus your attention on the four 
torches here. You have to light them all to open the door ahead, but each one 
will only stay lit for a certain time, some longer than others. The trick is 
to test each of them and see how long each one stays lit. You need them to all 
be lit up at once, so hit the one that stays lit the longest, then the second-
longest, and so on in that fashion. Don't worry if you run out of oil, just 
return to the room where you fought the Darknut for a basin of oil. Once 
they're all lit, the door head of you will be unlocked. Go through.

You'll emerge in front of two armored Lizalfos. Teach them a lesson in pain, 
then continue through the door leading outside once you're done.

Once you're outside, go straight ahead. You'll be trapped, and a Flying 
Lizalfos will appear to do battle with you. Deal with him the same way you did 
in the City in the Sky. Once he dies and the way is clear, continue on your 
merry way to get a small key from the chest inside the turret. If you check 
your map, there is one more chest. Go into the turret on the east side and get 
it too. Once it's in sight, the door ahead will open, but wait! WAY too many 
enemies are in your way. You're doomed! ...or ARE you? If you think you are, 
you've got some attitude, mister. Once the scene is over(yeah, I've revealed 
too much already), continue to the BIG KEY, then double back to get into the 
locked door up here.

This is the last leg of the dungeon... can you feel the electricity in the 
air?!?!? You'd do well to take this room on in wolf form. Ghost rats will 
cling to you, so turn on your senses and Spin Attack to shake them off. Once 
that's done, take notice of the ghost soldiers in here. They only appear when 
your senses are active. The tiles in this room will sink into a bottomless 
pit(even though the foyer is one floor below?), taking you with them. It's 
best to suspend disbelief for now, and follow the gazes of the ghost soldiers. 
They face in the right directions where none of the tiles will fall, so follow 
the direction the first one is facing straight to the next one, and so on to 
the stairs.

Just go up the stairs from here. Parts of the stairs will have been knocked 
away, so you'll have to jump across at some points. You'll get to a room with 
two Lizalfos, so open up a Bottle of whoop-ass on them. Keep going, and 
Clawshot up to the wall torch on the left side of the wall. Alternate between 
Clawshotting to the torches on the two sides of the wall. Once you get to the 
end of the Clawshot sequence, you'll fight two more Lizalfos. I swear, when 
will the bad guys hire quality enemies, like more Darknuts? Once the Lizalfos 
are gone, whip out your Spinner and race along the track on the wall. There 
are spiky spinners here, so jump from wall to wall accordingly.

Speaking of Darknuts, there is just ONE more to take down before you can enter 
the boss room. You are beyond walkthroughs for the likes of him now. Prove 
your worth. Once he falls to you, savor the moment. Reflect on what a crazy 
adventure you've had and how far you've gotten, then open that boss door... 
this is gonna be a BARN-BURNER!!!

You are now at the very top of Hyrule Castle. Go up the stairs to find an old 
foe... after some dialogue the likes of which I will not reveal, your old 
rival Ganondorf will use some strange new Twilight powers to possess Zelda! 
For the first time in a Zelda game, you must *gulp* fight Zelda!
This first form of Ganondorf is not as hard as the plot or previous games in 
the series would have you believe. Zelda floats beyond the reach of your melee 
weapons, and any ranged weapons will be quickly dodged. But remember... in 
every battle with Ganondorf, there is always some time where you have to 
return his magic! This is that time. I must warn you, however: In addition to 
the magic I mentioned, Zelda has some other nasty tricks up her sleeve. 

Eventually, Zelda will raise her sword, create a ball of magic energy, and 
fling it towards you. Swing your sword to swat it back at her. She won't make 
it easy for you though, so you'll probably end up batting it back and forth 
like a bright deadly ping-pong ball before it hits her. This is the key to the 
fight, make every effort to hit her with her own magic. Other than that, she 
will occasionally raise her sword and create a triangle of light on the 
ground. You can look forward to losing a whole heart if that happens, so keep 
moving and quickly jump to the side if she uses that attack. Sometimes, she 
will dive at you sword-first. This attack is negligible and easy to dodge. 
Basically, hit three energy balls back to Zelda to free her from Ganondorf's 
control. Then it's onto form two...

Ganondorf takes on his Twilight form here, akin to Link's wolf form: A giant 
boar-like creature. This part of the fight will be done in two stages. For the 
most part, Ganon will run around the room tearing stuff up. Just stay out of 
his way for the time being. Once he disappears into a portal, that's when you 
have to take notice. Several exit portals will appear around the room. Watch 
them, eventually, one will be left over and turn blue. When you see the right 
one, take out your Bow! Ganon will come charging out of the portal right 
towards you. Take aim and fire at the jewel on his forehead, then roll out of 
the way as he collapses with some forward momentum. While he is stunned and 
vulnerable, take out your sword and slash the odd glowing gash on his stomach. 
Watch out at all times, though! He may appear over you and deliberately land 
on top of you. Just repeat the process for a few hits.

Eventually, he will wise up to your arrow tactic and simply disappear if you 
aim at him. If you try to hit him with an arrow a few more times, Midna will 
point out a new strategy: Match sacred beast against evil beast! Turn into 
your wolf form and take his next charge head on! Z-target Ganon and Midna will 
ready her hair(yes, I KNOW it sounds silly) to stop his charge. Hold A(you 
have to have VERY good timing for this) to stop him, and move the Control 
Stick either left or right to shove him to the side. Once you do that, you'll 
be free to attack his stomach again. After a round or two of this, he will be 
defeated- or WILL he? Dun dun duuuuuuuun!!!! 

Watch the scene- this time, it's MIDNA who does the ass-whipping! Hoo-rah! 
Very satisfying and cool to watch. After this, you'll be teleported to Hyrule 
Field. Watch the destruction take place, and the subsequent events that 
unfold. Now, you and Zelda will double team him! On horseback!!!

I hope you've been brushing up on your cavalier skills, because you'll be 
needing them here! Both you and Zelda will be riding on Epona for this battle. 
There are two big things to note here: 

1) Stay close to Ganondorf, but NOT TOO CLOSE. There will be points where you 
have to charge him, but swerve to dodge his attack. You will likely have to 
dodge him several times in a row. If you get within range of him, he WILL 
attack you and possibly knock you off Epona if he hits. If you get knocked 
down, you'll be at a HUGE disadvantage. So, um, try not to do that.

2) KEEP GANONDORF Z-TARGETED. You have to be at medium to close range for 
this, and as long as you have Ganondorf Z-targeted, Zelda will keep firing 
Light Arrows at him. This is the only way do make Ganondorf vulnerable.

Your job is basically to trail behind Ganondorf and keep up with him, dashing 
as necessary to keep up. Ganondorf will release ghost horsemen behind you if 
he gets far enough ahead, so if he does that try to go between them or swerve 
around them entirely. Trail him as long as you can until Zelda scores a hit. 
Once she does, dash up to him, and slice him with your Master Sword. after a 
few sword hits on him, the final confrontation will commence.

This is it... the FINAL final battle! Link and Ganondorf, mano a mano. He's 
big and has a lot of physical power on his side, but Link is faster and more 
agile. All in all, this is actually a pretty even fight. Seriously, I find it 
both hard and easy at the same time. It's kind of difficult to describe...

First, I have to tell you about Ganondorf's attacks. He will use all manner of 
melee attacks with both his sword and various limbs(I've seen him kick Link 
off balance, as well as elbow him). Sometimes, he will disappear, reappear on 
Link's vulnerable side, and do his own version of a Spin Attack. If he 
disappears, roll away to avoid his Spin Attack. Don't try to Shield Attack 
him, he will just kick Link and throw him off balance instead.

He will also raise his sword and charge at you from time to time. This it the 
time to attack: When he does this, a command will appear at the bottom of the 
screen. QUICKLY press A to "chance", or lock your blade against his. The two 
of you will push against each other in a cool standoff; mash the A button to 
press back his attack. If you are successful, he will lose balance and become 
vulnerable. Take the opportunity and cut him up. Using mostly the chance 
tactic is the honest way of defeating him.

Now, here's the cheater way: Just cheese him to death by using the Back Slice 
and similar surprise moves. Either way, just use your best judgement and 
hopefully quick reflexes to get the job done. And yes: You CAN use the Mortal 
Draw to surprise him a few times and make him vulnerable. Keep in mind you 
leave yourself open to a world of hurt if you do so, so use that trick at your 
own risk.

Eventually after damaging him enough, you'll get him down on the ground. You 
know what to do here: When you see the command, press A to do the Ending Blow 
and finish off Ganondorf... once... and... for... all.

Congratulations, you have just beaten The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess! 
Watch the ending for some nice wrap-up moments, then go downstairs and have a 
granola bar or something. You've earned it. Good job.