The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

-Part 8: Showdown in the Palace of Twilight [par8]
~Hyrule Field~
There are still just three more things you can get to make your life easier 
for the last two dungeons.

<3Heart Piece!!! <3
There's still one more to get! Go to Kakariko Gorge, and look for the rock 
spire with the Clawshot target on it to the east. Use your Double Clawshots to 
get to the bottom of the spire and get a HEART PIECE out of the chest below. 
Congratulations, you now have all of the Heart Pieces in the overworld! The 
last two are in the next dungeon.

>>-<> Giant Quiver!!! <>-<<
Go to Hyrule Castle Town and play round two of the STAR game. If you forgot, 
it's the big blue circus tent. Since you have the Double Clawshots, you can 
now basically move anywhere within the cage, so getting all the spheres is a 
snap compared to last time. Dominate in round two(try your best to ignore the 
screams of the teenage girls) to win the GIANT QUIVER! Now you can hold up to 
100 arrows!

<><> Magic Armor!!! <><>
Now, see, this part is pretty weird. If you did the bridge repair side quest 
at Malo Mart(where you donated 1000 rupees to repair the bridge), Malo will be 
looking to open a new branch of his store in Hyrule Castle Town. Go back to 
Kakariko Village and donate up to 2000(!) rupees to get them to open up the 
store. Now, I'm not sure on this yet, but if you wait until after you finish 
the City in the Sky, they'll only be 200 rupees short of their goal. Pay him 
off, then go straight back to the center square of Hyrule Castle Town to find 
the new store. Check it out(the parallel with Wal-Mart is eerie to say the 
least) and you can buy the MAGIC ARMOR for 598 rupees. If your wallet is 
hurting from the donations, just hand off some Golden Bugs to Agitha again or 
something. The Magic Armor itself keeps you invincible by "making rupees 
magical". This means that it keeps you invincible, but drains 1 rupee for 
every second that you wear it. If you run out of rupees, it stops protecting 
you and weighs you down like Iron Boots. Your choice... but be smart and buy 
at Malo Mart! ;)

~Arbiter's Grounds~
Once you've gotten everything you need, warp back to the Mirror Chamber at the 
top of the Arbiter's Grounds. The Mirror Shards will be drawn back into place 
and a portal to the Twilight Realm will appear. After a heartfelt speech from 
Midna, as well as a few flashbacks, you can enter...

Palace of Twilight [pala]
OVERVIEW: For a dungeon so late in the game, the Twilight Palace is pretty 
easy. It's the boss fight that makes it so hard. To reach him, you must dispel 
the darkness and help Midna save her people!

WALKTHROUGH: As soon as you enter, head north. You'll come across what looks 
like a Twilight monster, but it will not attack. Midna will explain that they 
are just warped Twili. There are three ways to go here: northwest, straight 
north, or northeast. The only way accessible at the moment is northeast, so go 
through that door first.

In the first room of the east wing, you'll have to take on Keese, Deku Babas, 
and these floating heads that look like Zant's helmet. Kill them all, then 
open the resulting chest for a small key. Clawshot to the door leading north.

This room has an insidiously evil black fog that will revert you to your wolf 
form. No matter: Just kill the floating Zant head in here to reveal two 
treasure chests. One has the COMPASS, the other has a small key.  Clawshot to 
the north again and unlock the door.

In this far northeast room, the camera will zoom in on a "hand" clutching a 
glowing white ball. This ball is called a "Sol", and you need to bring it back 
to the first room of the dungeon. As you approach it, though, you get blocked 
off rom it! Yup, it's not a Zelda game without fighting a phantom version of 
the main villain! The shadow Zant will create a vortex from which he spawns a 
ton of enemies. Just kill as many as you can with a Spin Attack or something, 
then concentrate on attacking the shadow Zant himself. He will constantly 
appear and disappear, so track him constantly and attack him if he doesn't 
warp again. This is not a difficult battle at all. Once shadow Zant dies, he 
will leave a cloud of that evil fog behind. Go up to the Sol orb and attack 
the hand to free it. Take it to the middle of the room(the Sol orb will repel 
that evil fog) and place it in the shallow socket in the floor to open up a 
staircase out of the room. Beware! The hand that was holding it will come to 
life and chase you across the rooms here, so run up the stairs and Clawshot 
the Sol orb to get it back. Go back into the previous room.

As you enter this room again, you'll realize that the hand will follow you 
form room to room. Take the Sol orb and place it in the socket in the middle 
of the floor here to open up a spiraling staircase. This part's a bit 
trickier. It's best to watch where the top of the staircase forms, than place 
the Sol orb and run to the top of the staircase before it forms. If this is 
not possible, just try to get on the closest part of the staircase so that you 
don't have to go all the way up. Once you're up top, Clawshot the orb to get 
it back and go south again.

<3 Heart Piece!!! <3
Before you do the stairway thing in this room, take the Sol orb into the 
eastern alcove in this room to dispel the evil fog within. As a human, you are 
then free to grapple up to a ledge with a chest containing a HEART PIECE! Only 
one more to go... once you're done with that, you're free to just leave to the 

Once you're back in the entrance room, you'll see the effect of the Sol orb on 
the transformed Twili. Bring it to one of the sockets in the middle of the 
room and slot it in to make a platform of light appear. Ride it to the west 
wing of the dungeon.

This room has some evil fog in the bottom. Use your Clawshotting and platform 
jumping skills to reach the northern exit. Kill the floating Zant head to make 
a chest with a small key appear. Go on through to the north.

In this room, drop down to the bottom and kill the three Twilight monsters and 
the four(!) floating Zant heads to make a treasure chest appear. Clawshot to 
an alcove in the east and open it for the DUNGEON MAP. Then open the one in 
the west alcove for a small key. Take it to the north door and open it.

You'll be in a room with another Sol orb. Approach it and another shadow Zant 
will appear. Kill him the same way as you did in the east wing. Once he dies, 
you're free to take the Sol orb with you. Use it to dispel the evil fog in 
here, then make the steps appear same as in the east wing. Clawshot the Sol 
orb to take it with you, and head back south.

This room is kind of tricky. You have to socket the orb into the floor, then 
stand on what will become the top part of the staircase before it rises. Test 
it once to see what I mean, then do it again to get up top. Once you do, 
grapple the orb back to you and continue south.

The room with the platforms isn't difficult at all. Just leap across with the 
Sol orb until you get to the south end. Leave here to go back to the main 
room. Bring the orb into the presence of two crystal balls at the end of the 
sequence to create a platform that will taker you all the way back to the 

We're now back in the entrance room. Take the Sol orb to the middle of the 
room and slot it next to your other one to fill the Master Sword with a golden 
light! Now you can use it to swipe that evil black fog away. You're supposed 
to head north now, but a short detour is in order. Go back to the first room 
of the west wing.

<3 Heart Piece!!! <3
In the first room of the west wing(the one with the fog and platforms), use 
your newly light-imbued Master Sword to chase away the fog. A platform will 
appear in the west part of the room, take it up to an alcove enarby. Open the 
chest for your last HEART PIECE!!! If you followed my guide thus far, you 
should have nineteen heart containers! We only have one more to go, and guess 
who we get it from...

Once you get that last Heart Piece, go back into the main room and head 
directly north. There will be a waterfall of fog, a "fog-fall", if you will, 
blocking your path. Use your light-infused Master Sword to clear it out, than 
head straight north.

Next, use your sword to dispel more fog in the middle wing of the dungeon. 
Take the non-lighted Sol orbs and place them in the sockets previously covered 
by the for. Once both are in place, go up the formed staircase to find another 
light-activated crystal orb. Hit it with your sword to make a platform appear 
beneath you; ride it over to the east side of the room with three crystal orbs 
and four floating Zant heads. Dispose of the Zant heads to make a chest with a 
small key appear. Grab it, then move in the middle of the crystal orbs and 
Spin Attack to activate them all at once. Another platform will appear and 
take you to the exit to the east.

You'll end up outside. The Big Key is out here, so listen up to learn how to 
get it. This was another part that took me FOREVER to figure out... Spin 
attack to dissipate the shadow curtain in the middle of the room, than jump 
behind it. Clawshot up and up to get to a ledge with the BIG KEY in a chest on 
it. Jump back down and get on the other side of the shadow curtain, we're not 
done here yet. Clear out all the enemies you can, then go to the edge of the 
balcony and Spin attack to light up the two crystal orbs. Ride the platform to 
the lone area to the south, and kill the Zant head there. Killing that single 
head will make three more appear on the main balcony, so go back there and 
kill them off too. Once they're all dead, a chest with a small key will 
appear. Grab it and immediately use it on the north door leading west.

Once you get into the next room, guess what? Twilight monsters! If you're 
lucky, you can take them out with a single Spin Attack(or Great Spin if you're 
lucky enough to have full health). Once you've killed the group for the 
zillionth time, slice through the fog to get at a group of four crystal 
switches. Spin attack to activate them all and send a platform upwards- with 
you on it. As it rises, several more platforms will appear around you. Go on 
the one to the east and ride it forward. Take the north(left) one, then ride 
it upwards. Clawshot onto a nearby platform, then take the platform next to 
that. Once yo get in range, hit the Clawshot target on the ceiling and drop 
onto the next platform as it passes beneath you. Jump down to a nearby solid 
platform to the west and kill the Zant head there. Clawshot back to the 
ceiling target and go to the other solid platform to the east. Kill the Zant 
head there to make a chest appear; open it for a small key. Lastly, jump onto 
he platform closest to the chest and ride it up to the locked door at the top. 
Go through it and get out of this crazy room...

This last room before the boss has you fighting group after group of Twilight 
monsters. Take them out one after the other and eventually you'll be free to 
head north into the boss room...

Zant lets out another one of his creepy screams as you approach him. There's 
some more dialogue as Midna acts all tough on Zant, and Zant taunts both her 
and Link. Eventually, the long-awaited brawl between you and him begins!
Before I start this strategy, I must point out one thing: Zant is literally 
INSANE! He fights like an absolute nut case! Pay attention, Nintendo: This is 
how main villains SHOULD be!!! But, as for how to defeat him: Zant goes 
through a large number of forms, each loosely mimicking a boss you fought 
previously. The big trick is: USE THE WEAPON YOU USED ON THE BOSS THAT HE 
MIMICS. I will split up this fight into separate paragraphs:

You're back in the Forest Temple where you fought Diababa. Zant will start by 
floating over the water and launching rapid-fire blasts of dark energy at you. 
Despite what Midna may lead you to believe, do not try to reflect them with 
your sword. You will only take damage if you try that. Just think back: what 
weapon did you use to defeat Diababa? Whip out your Gale Boomerang and launch 
it at Zant to bring him down to the ground. He'll start leaping around, but 
use the chance to attack him with your sword. After enough rounds of 
attacking, onto form two.

We're in the miniboss room of the Goron Mines. Zant will jump up and down on 
the platform, so use your Iron Boots to steady yourself. Just keep him 
targeted and block his dark blasts with your shield. Eventually, he will stop 
and catch his breath. That's when you take off your Iron Boots, then move in 
and attack. After this...

You take him on in Morpheel's room now. Put on your Zora Armor and Iron Boots, 
then whip out your Clawshot. Several large Zant helmets will pop out of the 
sand, and one will open to reveal Zant himself. Quickly use your Clawshot to 
pull him out of the big helmet once you get an opening between volleys of dark 
blasts, then continue carving him up. He will even try swimming away! C'mon, 
he has to give you more credit than that! Next...

For some reason, we're back in the Forest Temple. Do what you did with the 
Boss Monkey, just roll into the totem pole he stops on a couple of times to 
knock him down. Attack his... butt... okay, Zant just totally lost his air of 
demented menace there. You could practically hear it disappear. Regardless, 
continue your attack until...

This one is really weird. Zant will grow to enormous proportions, then float 
above you. The camera angle will change so you can see his reflection in the 
ice. Dodge him as best you can as he tries to stomp on you, then take out your 
Ball and Chain and smack Zant in the foot. He will shrink to about half his 
normal height and start jumping around, so intercept him and slice him up. 
Once you do this enough times...

You'll now be outside of Hyrule Castle. Zant, having nowhere else to go, will 
take out twin swords and go crazy on you. He'll spin like a top, do a one-two 
slice on you, and use a sort of blind "I'm-going-to-run-around-while-flailing-
my-swords-and-if-you-get-hit-it's-your-own-fault" attack. Every time you hit 
him, he'll teleport away only to appear next to you on your unguarded side. 
Whenever you do hit him, roll away immediately so that he doesn't hit you, and 
continue your assault. Whenever Zant spins to attack you, jump to the side to 
avoid it, lest you get knocked up against the barrier at the edge of the arena 
here and take a lot of damage. Whenever he finishes his spin attack, he will 
get dizzy and become vulnerable. There's your chance! Beyond what I outlined, 
the rest is up to you. You got this far, he shouldn't be too hard at all.

Once Zant FINALLY dies(I find his ultimate death absolutely hilarious!), grab 
the last HEART CONTAINER in the game. Congratulations, you now have all twenty 
Heart Containers! You are now more than ready to take on Hyrule Castle. Leave 
this place- and the Twilight Realm- for good.