The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

City in the Sky [city]
OVERVIEW: This city acts like a dungeon. You don't even get a new weapon in 
this one, just a copy of an old one. But that still allows you to scale even 
greater heights! In here, pay very careful attention to walls and ceilings, as 
you can use many things as Clawshot targets. You'll also have to deal with 
winds, rotating propellers you can use as Clawshot targets, and more Clawshot 
sequences that will make your stomach churn. Just don't look down...

WALKTHROUGH: As soon as you enter, you land in a pool of water. A large 
menacing dragon will fly overhead, a harbinger of things to come... If you're 
a bit short on rupees after paying for the cannon, drop down into the pool and 
grab some cash from the underwater chests. If you want, you could stop over at 
a shop to the west, but you never NEED to buy anything from them. If not, go 
north and hit the crystal switch above the door to gain access.

In the first room, there's nothing to worry about but the lighter floor tiles 
that will sink away(and Link with them) if you stand on them. Grab an 
Oocca(the same species as Ooccoo) and fly to the middle of the room. Dispose 
of the Iron Mask, then clawshot up to the ivy-covered pillar. Grab the Oocca 
off the wall and use him/her/it to fly to the north, then leave.

The next room will introduce you to another Zelda series veteran: The 
Helmasaur! These angry dinosaurs have armored heads that are impervious, but 
their uncovered backsides are vulnerable. The Back Slice is great for taking 
them out. Once you're eliminated him, use another Oocca to get to the eastern 

You're back outside now. Go immediately right and Clawshot across the gap to 
get to a Spinner slot. Turn the gears to open a bridge heading east. Clawshot 
across the gap again and head across the bridge to the east.

In here, you'll notice a treasure chest that is fenced off. There's a Clawshot 
target above it, so grapple up and let go to land right in front of it. Take 
the small key from it, then head west as far as you can go. As you go, that 
dragon you saw earlier will demolish the bridge you had extended. Dammit! 
Well, there's nothing you can do about it.

You'll eventually be outside, but to the west of where you encountered the 
Helmasaur. Go immediately left as you appear outside, and after passing some 
Red Deku Babas you will come across another Spinner slot. Extend the bridge, 
then open the locked door west.

The first thing you'll notice in this room is the fan. It emits a powerful 
wind, but there is one you can deactivate. Go around to the left to see a 
crystal switch. Clawshot it to deactivate a fan blocking your passage to the 
south. So go across the gauntlet of other fans(you'll have to use a 
combination of Iron Boots and the Clawshot to cross them all) and go through 
the east door.

Nothing in here to do but get the DUNGEON MAP! Go back west and through the 
southern door past that fan you deactivated earlier.

This room with the vertical currents and tile worms looks pretty packed, but 
all you have to do is leap across to the door leading south in the southwest 
corner. Just time your jumps so that you don't get thrown off by a wind 
current, and use your Gale Boomerang to deal with the tile worms.

Once you reach that southwest room, the doors will lock and you'll be 
confronted with two armored Lizalfos. Down them like you always have(it's 
easier to push them off the ledge rather than kill them- your attacks will 
typically knock them back), and once they're gone a gate high up on the south 
wall will unlock. Clawshot up there and take note of the globe on the roof. 
You can use that as a Clawshot target too, but it's a switch as well. Grapple 
onto it, and Link will weigh it down, which will open up a current in the 
middle of the room. Grab an Oocca and glide to the north door on the upper 
floor of this room. Go through it.

Just above you in this room, there will be a globe switch. Trip it, then grab 
the Oocca nearby and float to the opened alcove, which has a chest with 20 
rupees. Keep going around and over the wall to the northeast of the room. 
There is another globe switch there, hit it to create an air current going up 
in the northwest. Go over there and use it to get to the northwest door. Take 
it into the room to the north.

This room with the Ooccas, currents, Clawshot targets, Keese, and Deku Babas 
is only as difficult as you make it for yourself. Keep going down the room, 
using the Ooccas and Clawshot targets as necessary to reach the bottom. Once 
you do, go through the door on the west side.

There is a fan blasting air currents here, but you can stop that. Clawshot up 
to the globe switch on the ceiling and put on your Iron Boots to trip it. Drop 
down below the fan.

This bloodthirsty fellow should have invested in a better shield, or at least 
one that Link couldn't have used as a Clawshot target. Because that's just 
what you have to do to defeat him. Just keep him Z-targeted and your Clawshot 
at the ready. Let him circle you but stay close enough, and when he puts up 
his shield and prepares to attack, fire off your Clawshot to drag him down 
towards you and hack away at him. Once he comes to his senses and dances 
around on the floor, do NOT try and pull him towards you. Instead, you will be 
drawn towards him, or, more accurately, his waiting sword. Just wait until he 
takes to the air again, and repeat the process. 

Eventually, he will leave the room through the gaps in the upper wall and show 
up randomly through another. He will be poised to attack right away, so you 
have to be quick in locating him and pulling him down again. Just run in a 
circle until you see him, then quickly Z-target him and Clawshot him down to 

Once he gets sent to that big miniboss room in Lizalfos heaven, a grate will 
open up in the wall. Clawshot on in and grab a second Clawshot. Now you can 
wield DOUBLE CLAWSHOTS! In a word: SWEEEEEEEEEET!!! basically, this entails 
using your second Clawshot while already clinging to or hanging from another 
target. Like Spider-man, only slightly slower. Use them to leave this room the 
way you came.

Now you're back in the room with all that crazy crap in it. Grapple up to the 
very top of the room(with your new Double Clawshots, it should be easier than 
Paris Hilton). Latch onto the globe switch at the top to open a gate about 
halfway down the room. Lower yourself to the gate than Clawshot on in.

Next, you'll see some pillars hanging from the ceiling with more Clawshot 
targets on the sides. You need to use them to grapple across to the east, but 
you have to be fast, lest the sections with the targets on them sink from your 
weight. You can Z-target the, er, targets, so it's not going to be a pain in 
the ass to aim, anyway. So swiftly grapple to the eastern platform and open 
the chest for the COMPASS. Go through the waiting door.

You're back outside! Check the bridge above you, that's the underside of the 
one you extended earlier. Hit the Red Deku Babas down into the abyss so they 
don't interfere with your grappling, then go on across to the top of the 
bridge. You're back outside the main room again, so go to the east where the 
dragon knocked out the bridge.

Since the bridge is out, you'll have to use the flying plant-like Peahats to 
cross the gap, a feat only possible with Double Clawshots. Go across to the 
other side then through the door to the east.

You're back in the room where you got the Dungeon Map. Either Clawshot or jump 
down to the lower floor in this room, then go across another sequence of 
falling Clawshot targets. Once you get to the last one, just let it fall and 
you'll be dumped onto solid ground. Take aim at the next target in plain view 
and go across. Go from target to target and eventually to the grating, and 
jump across to the next platform. Clawshot down from there onto the wall 
grating, then drop onto the platform below that. Take aim at the ceiling above 
you to take down those two Red Deku Babas, then grapple onto the target they 
occupied previously. Lower yourself so that you are in plain view of the gate 
nearby and the crystal switch on the opposite side. Hit the switch then 
grapple through the open gate, then onto the grating above, then a target, 
than another target on the ceiling. Drop down after that long sequence, and go 
through the door to the north. You should be on the first floor.

<3 Heart Piece!!! <3
In here is another evil hungry plant the likes of which we have not seen since 
the Forest Temple. We've come so far, haven't we? Ah, the memories... well, 
let's get to killing him, just like before! Get your Bombs out! Once you've 
exterminated him, start scaling the room. When you reach the very thin wall, 
it's best to grab it by the edge and shimmy across rather than trying to walk 
very slowly across it. Once you get to the end of the first part, open the 
chest for a HEART PIECE, then continue up the room. Once you get to the top, 
Clawshot to the middle of the ceiling, then drop in on the waiting Lizalfos. 
He's difficult to defeat in close quarters, so you might want to run past 
him... just this once. Whatever you choose, go through the door past him.

<3 Heart Piece!!! <3
We're outside again. Check around here for some Red Deku Babas and kill them 
off. Scan the skies for a Peahat, then grab onto it with the Clawshot. Ride it 
over the wall to the south, then drop down. Look for another Peahat, then ride 
it further south. Drop off again and look for a third Peahat going north and 
south, this time over a wall with a tiny gap in it. Take that Peahat and lower 
yourself so that your Clawshot chain passes through the gap, and ride it 
north. As it passes to the north side of the gap wall, hitch a ride on ANOTHER 
Peahat. Position yourself so you pass right through the hole it passes over, 
then get off to the north. Drop off that one and take the north door leading 
west. Out here, take the chain of Peahats leading to the southern door and go 
on through. Open the chest in front of you for a HEART PIECE. 

Now, go back out to the room with the chain of Peahats. Take it all the way 
west and go through the door.

We're almost at the end of the dungeon. Clawshot onto the ivy on the outer 
wall of this room. Snipe the birds out here, then move across the tightropes 
to reach the top floor door leading inside the area here. Go into the room in 
the very center of this area(check the map, you'll see what I mean. Sorry if I 
didn't describe it well).

Inside, you'll come across a pair of Helmasaurs and a vertical wind tunnel. I 
know space is limited, but kill them as best you can. Once they're gone, 
grapple onto a conveniently placed circle grate on the ceiling, then onto a 
globe switch. Use your Iron Boots to weigh it down and stop the air current. 
You are now free to acquire the BIG KEY from the treasure chest in here. Once 
you have it, drop down one floor(where the actual fan is) and Clawshot onto 
the grating above you. Lower yourself down through the fan and into the "main 
room" of the dungeon.

Don't drop down yet! There is one more globe switch you have to trip, to the 
north of where you lowered yourself down. Put on your Iron Boots to trip this 
one as well(that extra weight can NOT be good for Link's shoulder), and the 
fan outside to the north will activate. Drop down and go outside to the north.

Look at the ahead of you. There will be some slow-moving fans ahead with 
textured surfaces on one side, you can Clawshot across these and go through 
the door at the north end of the fan sequence. Just be sure to kill the birds 

Once you get into this room, two more Winged Lizalfos will attack you. Deal 
with them both as before, then focus your attention onto the slow fans when 
you're done. In this final sequence, Clawshot up all the fans to the very top 
floor. Once you get to the first fan, hit the crystal switch above the wall 
fan to start it moving and allow you access to the other fans. There are no 
more dangers or surprises here, just reach the top. You'll have to hit one 
more crystal switch to get the very top fan rotating and allow you access to 
the boss room... which is actually outside.

There's always a dragon boss. Our first order of business is getting his armor 
off. Watch as Argorok circles the arena, and as he swoops in on you, wear your 
Iron Boots so you're not pushed off the edge from the resulting wind. As 
Argorok hovers and flaps his wings to push you off the edge of the arena, don 
your Iron Boots again and Clawshot onto his tail. This should drag him down to 
the ground and rattle free most of his armor. Repeat this process, only the 
second time will require you to Clawshot up the textured pillars a little bit 
to get at him. Once you bring him to the ground a second time, his armor will 
be taken off completely, and a bunch of Peahats will uproot themselves and 
encircle the arena from above. Now begins the very fun part two of the fight.

Clawshot your way up the pillars and get onto those Peahats. Clawshot your way 
along them, and try to get behind Argorok. He won't make it easy, what with 
his incredibly bad breath of fire. Just be quick and he shouldn't hit you. 
It's actually better to stay in one place for a while and let him prepare a 
blast of flames. He will rear his head back, so there's your chance to 
actually get behind him. Once you do, Clawshot onto his back(you may have to 
aim manually for this) and wave your Remote back and forth to repeatedly stab 
the weak spot on his back, sort of like when you fought Morpheel. As you 
damage him, Argorok will start to move faster and fire flames ahead of you, so 
keep on your toes(such as it were) and continue your attack.

Once Argorok finally falls, another HEART CONTAINER and the last MIRROR SHARD 
will finally be yours! We're in the home stretch! Midna also mentions why Zant 
could not shatter the mirror completely. Only the true ruler could do that, 
which is proof of his false kingship. Now we have to go straight for the 
Mirror Chamber at the top of the Arbiter's Grounds. Leave here and head back 
to Earth.