The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

-Part 7: City in the Sky: Beautiful, Breezy, UNPLEASANT! [par7]
~Sacred Grove~
You emerge back in here after beating the Temple of Time. As usual, to 
immediately get your next objective, you can head back to Telma's Bar, but 
there is ONE more thing we can get here.

<3Heart Piece!!! <3
When you get to the steps leading out of the Temple of Time area, look to the 
sides of the steps. There are two owl-like statues, one on each side of the 
steps. Use your Dominion Rod to remove the one on the right from its alcove. 
Go inside for a HEART PIECE!

As soon as you leave the Temple of Time, you'll meet Ooccoo again. She'll talk 
to you about returning to the sky and how the Dominion rod has lost is power, 
blah blah blah... so the next temple is in the sk- DOMINION ROD LOST ITS 
POWER?!?!? WHAT??? You're going to have to make sense of this anyway, so go 
back to Hyrule Castle town.

~Hyrule Castle Town~
As you enter, you'll get an important letter from the Postman. Looks like 
Renado has something important to tell you about Ilia's memory... we'll get 
there in a bit. For now, go back to Telma's Bar. Telma will tell you that Shad 
is back in Kakariko Village too, so you'll have to go back there anyway.

~Kakariko Village~
Go into Renado's house, and you'll see Chief Darbus, Cor Goron, Renado, and 
Ilia. Talk to Renado and he'll update you. Apparently, Shad is in the basement 
looking for clues about the city in the sky. He also mentions that Ilia knew 
something about a "rod of the heavens" before she lost her memory. Could it be 
the Dominion Rod? He will give you a letter to show to Telma in order to start 
this search. Before you leave, go downstairs and talk to Shad. You'll learn 
about the possibility that the "rod of the heavens", Ilia's memory, and those 
strange statues all have something in common... In any case, leave for Hyrule 
Castle Town again.

~Hyrule Castle Town~
Go back to Telma's Bar and show her the letter. She'll suggest you go see the 
doctor on the west side of town. She'll also give you an INVOICE for the 
doctor's tab at the bar. Go to the west side of the town and talk to the 
doctor. Show him the Invoice to scare him into submission. He'll say something 
about a wooden statue that Ilia had... bastard wanted to sell it! He mentions 
he spilled medicine on it, and it got stolen after that. He will then go back 
to his work. Check in the back of his office for a moveable crate. Push it 
back to find an odd green cloud. Turn into a wolf(don't worry, the doctor 
won't notice) and learn the MEDICINE SCENT. Follow it outside and through 
town, not worrying at all about the mass panic in the streets caused by a wolf 
and a little monkey-like freak such as Midna! Once you get to the end of the 
scent trail, you'll find Louise the cat. Talk to her and she'll tell you 
exactly what happened to the wooden statue. Some evil skeleton-like dogs took 
it, and they lurk outside of Hyrule Castle Town, to the south. But only at 
night. Run around town to cause more terror and get a good laugh, then when 
you're done, leave town to the south.

~Hyrule Field~
Once you're south of town, wait until night time. Once night rolls around, 
you'll be attacked by the large pack of skeleton dogs that Louise told you 
about. Kill them all and you'll get Ilia's WOODEN STATUE back. You know what 
to do with this!

~Kakariko Village~
Go back to Renado's house and show the statue to Ilia. She will get a little 
bit of her memory back, but she won't remember where she was imprisoned. Cor 
Goron, however, will! He tells you about the Hidden Village north of the 
Bridge of Eldin. The entrance was blocked by a rockslide a while back, but 
Darbus will volunteer his services to clear out the blockage. Cor Goron will 
mark the location of the Hidden Village on your map, so call Epona and go 

~Hyrule Field~
Go north of Kakariko to the Bridge of Eldin, and continue past that until you 
get to the red mark on your Map. The tunnel will be open, so go on in.

~Hidden Village~
You'll quickly see Darbus already at work in here, and he'll finish up as you 
go through the tunnel. Before he leaves, Darbus tells you about a group of 
Moblins that have overrun this ghost town, and you have to kill them all to 
save whoever's left in here! Looks like we got ourselves a showdown!!! Enjoy 
the best background music in the game as you on a psychopathic Moblin killing 

You have to kill them before they spot you, so whip out your Bow and Hawkeye, 
and snipe down as many Moblins as you can see from close to the entrance. You 
should be able to get seven or so of them form the entrance. Some of them are 
wandering the street, but many are up on balconies and such. Look through the 
windows, too! You CAN shoot an arrow through the windows! Just keep a sharp 
eye, and once you can't see any more, head on through the village. This part 
isn't difficult as Darbus would have you believe, so just go through the 
village and check inside and behind the houses and you should find and kill 
them all with little difficulty. Remember, you can kill them even if you only 
hit them in the arm, so look very carefully.

Once they're all dead, you'll meet Impaz, the sweet old lady who is the sole 
resident of this village. After some conversation, she'll give you ILIA'S 
CHARM to take back to her. Show Impaz the Dominion Rod before you go, and 
she'll also give you the ANCIENT SKY BOOK. For now, you can head back to 
Kakariko Village, but there are some things to get here first.

0o Howl Stone!!! o0
Check behind the houses on the west side of the Hidden Village for the last 
HOWL STONE. Copy the song and your main man the Golden Wolf will appear right 
in front of Hyrule Castle. You can go to him now, but better to get this next 
Heart Piece first.

<3Heart Piece!!! <3
Once you've shown Impaz the Dominion Rod, talk to the chicken in the west side 
of the village(while as a wolf, of course). He'll challenge you to a contest 
where you have to talk to all the cats in town- all twenty of them. This is 
not difficult at all, but keep an eye out for places where you can Clawshot to 
balconies- this is the only way to get to some of them. Once you find all 
twenty, go back and talk to the chicken to receive a HEART PIECE!

0o Golden Wolf!!! o0
Go back to Hyrule Castle Town and go right to the front of the castle- the 
Golden Wolf will be waiting for you. He teaches you the last technique: the 
GREAT SPIN! It works just like a normal Spin Attack, but the power of the 
attack is greatly increased when your life meter is completely full. 
Congratulations, you now have all seven Hidden Skills! The Wolf leaves you for 
the last time... but how he referred to Link... could he really be...?!

~Kakariko Village~
Go back to Ilia and show her the charm. She will then remember everything, and 
give the charm back to you as the HORSE CALL. It's kind of obsolete now 
because of those warp portals, but sure! Why not? Now we still have business 
with Shad. Go back downstairs and show him the Ancient Sky Book. He'll try 
reading the book, but nothing will happen... right away. But he has a clue: he 
marks off the owl statues in the overworld on your map. He will then leave, 
but that writing DID do something: your Dominion Rod will get its power back! 
We gotta go check out those statues! Check your map for the locations, then 
call Epona and off we go!

~Hyrule Field~
The first statue is in Kakariko Gorge. Once you get to the it, bring it to 
life and move it out of its spot. You'll see a glowing spot where it was, step 
on it to find a "sky character". One letter will be added to that Ancient Sky 
Book. After finding them all, you have to bring the book back to Shad. While 
you're still here, maneuver the owl statue so you can pass across the strip of 
land above and get a chest with 100 rupees. I suggest you take them, we'll 
need a lot of money in a little while.

~Faron Woods~
The next statue is, of course, in Faron Woods. As before, check your map in 
the Faron Province, and you'll see it's not too far from Coro's Lantern shop. 
You'll have to bomb a rock out of the way, though. Move the owl statue out of 
the way and get another sky character.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
You can put the owl statue in Faron Woods to good use. Guide into the shallow 
hole nearby, then climb onto the rock. Do a small Long Jump series, then 
follow the path at the end to a HEART PIECE.

~Gerudo Desert~
The next owl statue is not far off from the Gerudo Mesa where you appear when 
you warp. Head a bit west for the owl statue and a small bit of ruins. Bring 
the statue down, then use it to get to the next sky character. You can also 
get 100 rupees here, take them if you have room in your wallet.

~Hyrule Field~
The next two owl statues aren't too far off from each other. Warp to Hyrule 
Castle and go south to find another one. You'll find it amongst some stone 
ruins. Bring it down and use it as a makeshift platform for both another sky 
character and 100 rupees. 

The next one is at the north end of the Great Bridge of Hylia. Position it 
under the hanging ivy, and Clawshot on top of it to reach the next sky 
character. You can also get another 100 rupees here if you need it.

For the last one, warp to the Bridge of Eldin. Go to the north end, and 
displace the owl statue there to find the last sky character! The book is now 
complete, so go back to Kakariko Village and show it to Shad.

<3 Heart Piece!!! <3
You can still use the last owl statue on the Bridge of Eldin, however. Bring 
it all the way to the south end of the bridge and use it as a platform to 
reach a HEART PIECE at the top!

~Kakariko Village~
go to the basement of Renado's house and show the Ancient Sky Book to Shad. 
He'll repeat the same passage from it, and the statue in front of you will be 
able to be moved now. Get it out of the way, then check the room behind it to 
find the ancient Sky Cannon. Go towards it and Midna will suggest warping it 
out of here... but Shad is in there with you. Talk to him and he'll leave you 
to work. Who do we know who's a cannon expert...? Warp the cannon to Lake 

~Lake Hylia~
Go to Fyer's cabin in the middle of the lake. Talk to him for a special 
repairs option, and cough up 300 rupees for repairs(that's why I told you to 
get those chests earlier). After a quick fixing montage, it'll be good as new! 
Clawshot into the back to load yourself into it, and you'll be shot up to...