The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

Temple of Time [temp]
OVERVIEW: The Temple of Time is long but linear, one of the few dungeons where 
it's hard to get lost. There are a LOT of floors, but they don't cover a lot 
of ground. The action is mostly going from floor to floor rather than room to 
room, so the dungeon's not as expansive as it seems.

WALKTHROUGH: Go into the center room and take notice of the statue to the side 
of the northern door. It looks lonely without a partner... turn into a wolf to 
see the "after-image" of a statue on the right side. I knew it! That's going 
to be our main objective here, looking for that other statue. For now, take a 
jar or small statue, or whatever, over to the switch nearby to hold it down 
and raise a platform to the east. Climb up it and circle around to the west. 
Light the two torches there for a chest containing a small key. Continue up 
the stairs to the southern door. As you go, you'll meet Ooccoo again. Use your 
key on the southern door to continue.

This part can be a little tricky if you don't know exactly what to do. Kill 
the one-eyed spider-like Gohma here, then look around a bit. You want to get a 
jar from off to the side and use it to weigh down the switch in the middle of 
the room. Doing so will open gates to the west and south, as well as close off 
your exit back north. Go into the southern alcove for a chest with a bundle of 
arrows(that was SO unnecessary), then go west and kill the Gohma on the 
stairs. There is still a gate closed up here, so take out your Clawshot and 
smash the jar holding the switch down. The door in front of you will close but 
the one behind you will open, allowing you to progress up the stairs.

As you go, you'll be attacked by a Lizalfos. These guys are old news now, so 
toy with him for a bit before killing him. Continue up the stairs for this 
next room. Here, there will be an entire group of Lizalfos waiting for you. 
The Jump Strike works wonders here. Once you're free of distractions, hit the 
statue in the corner to make it come to life. This would be an Armos, another 
staple enemy in the series. Smack him with your Ball and Chain to stun him, 
then hit him from behind to destroy him. Once he's gone, a chest with the 
DUNGEON MAP will appear. Use the two statues on a nearby ledge(open the chest 
between them for a red rupee!) to weigh down the two switches, then progress 
north then east through the door.

This large circular room has a lot to do, but we're not going to worry about 
all of it just yet.  For now, kill the group Lizalfos roaming around here and 
go up the stairs. You'll come across a spinner track along the wall, so go up 
that and go to the circular platform structure in the middle.

We'll be using this thing a lot later, but for now, circle around to the west 
of the structure and look for one of those small hollow statues. Take it into 
the middle with you and set it down. To move the platform, give the gear a 
clockwise push to bring it down. A counter-clockwise push will bring it back 
up. Bring it all the way down and get that second small statue down here. 
Bring them both up one level and over to the south end of the floor. Mind the 
spiky spinners along the way! Put them both on the switches to the south to 
raise part of the floor and grant you access to the door above.

As soon as you go into this room, the door will lock behind you. You'll have 
to kill the two Armos statues here, so use your Ball and Chain to stun them 
like before. Once they're both dead, a chest with a small key will appear. 
Grab it and go. REMEMBER THIS ROOM for later. You'll be coming back here to 
collect a Heart Piece later on. Once you leave, just go across the same floor 
to the north and open the locked door to the north.

Once you get in here, take note of the green crystal switch. Kill the Beamos 
here by shooting its eye like before, then go right next to it and shoot the 
crystal switch. The wall will slide over, so go into the middle part of the 
room. Hit the switch with an arrow or your clawshot again to move the walls a 
second time, then kill the Beamos and go past it for a chest containing the 
COMPASS. Fire one more arrow at the switch to move the walls one last time. Go 
northeast, then south into the next room.

This is another area with switch-activated moving walls. Kill the Lizalfos 
here, then arrow the switch to move the walls for the first time. Go into the 
middle of the room, kill the two Lizalfos in the middle(the Helm Splitter 
works great on the heavily armored one), then hit the switch again to move the 
walls a second time. Head to the south end of the room, kill another armored 
Lizalfos, then hit the switch again to move the walls and allow you access to 
the southern passage. Head on through to the next floor.

This room contains a large set of scales that we'll have to use in a moment. 
Kill all the enemies here to open a chest with a purple rupee(nice!), then go 
up the stairs and onto the scales. Step onto the right scale to tip it to the 
right, then grab the statue on there with you and throw it onto the left scale 
to even things out. Climb up off the left scale and head to the southern door. 
There's more we can do here, but it's best to wait until after you get the 
dungeon's big treasure, which is coming up soon. Leave through that southern 

In here, kill the Beamos directly in front of you and slip past the spiky 
spinners up the stairs to the west. Once you get to the top of the stairs, 
kill the group of Lizalfos waiting in ambush. Slip past the spiky rollers and 
bladed pendulum to grab a small key from a nearby chest. Go to the northwest 
corner of the room and take the small statue there. Bring it over to the 
nearby switch to deactivate the arcing electricity blocking your way north. Go 
on up the stairs.

Up here, kill all the baby spiders to form a chest with a purple rupee. Then 
kill the Armos to open the gate to the east. Climb on up and unlock the door 
to the east. You might be wondering what that bell-shaped device is for, and 
you'll find out in just a moment...

This room is the top room of the dungeon. You'll immediately see the statue 
you were looking for! Approach it and...
This armored warrior is my second favorite fight in this game after Stallord. 
Once you start fighting, you'll see there is NO real trick to beating him. All 
it takes is quick sword fighting skills and good use of the Hidden Skills you 
learned along the way. Just make good use of them, and you'll easily beat him 
without much difficulty. Use the Back Slice to great effect here. Try to loop 
around and hit him, and throw him off balance with a Shield attack whenever 
possible. He is also vulnerable when he does a vertical attack(before he lifts 
his sword back up).

As he loses his armor, he'll also ditch his shield and start parrying your 
attacks with a thinner sword. Use the Back Slice to throw him off balance, and 
continue your assault to finish him off. Also, Shield Attack will not shove 
him off balance easily, but Jump Attacks will. If you do one from far away, he 
will jump aside and put you in a world of hurt. But if you DO Shield Bash him 
and let him block that, he won't react to the Jump Attack in time. Try it!

Once you've kicked the Darknut in his dark... well, you get the idea... you'll 
get the DOMINION ROD! This awesome tool allows you to take control of several 
different kinds of statues found in here and in the overworld. Aim and 
activate it with B, and once the statue comes to life, it'll follow your 
movements. Also, if applicable, press B to "attack" with your Dominion Rod and 
have the statue mimic your attack. Press A to break the control over the 

Now that you have the Dominion Rod, use it on the statue on the ledge above. 
Move it under the bell structure here to transport it to the next room. Follow 
it along.

Have the statue attack with B to break the gates in the way. After that, put a 
jar on the floor switch to lower part of the floor. Move the statue onto that 
part, then move/destroy the jar to raise it again and continue onwards.

In the room with the rollers and pendulum, move the statue ahead of you to 
deactivate the electricity. Move it through here, and if you attack the 
rollers, you'll destroy them! Move back down east.

Destroy the Beamos statue in here to reveal a floor switch. Use the Dominion 
Rod on a small statue on top of the nearby pillar to bring it down. Move the 
large statue to the floor in front of the bell device, then send the small 
statue on the floor switch to bring it up. Send the large statue through the 
bell, then go back north.

We're back in the scale room. The first thing you have to do is take control 
of the big statue and place it on the left scale. The rest goes as follows: 

1.Cross the scales and look up in the wall. There is a ledge with three small 
statues sitting in a row. Use your Dominion Rod to bring them all down. 

2. Go look in the southeastern corner of the room; you should find a Clawshot 
target on the wall. Grapple on over and take the small statue there. Bring it 
back with the other small statues, and put them all on the right scale. 

3.Stand on the right scale too to balance everything out. Take control of the 
big statue and bring it onto the right scale, then throw all the small statues 
onto the left scale to balance things out again. 

4.Take control of the statue one more time and send it down the stairs and 
through the bell teleporter. 

Sorry for all the description. There are other ways to solve the puzzle, but 
that one requires the least moving around. While we're in the same room, raise 
one of the scales a bit to gain access to another Clawshot target on the 
ceiling. Let go and you'll see a Spinner track on the wall. Ride it along to 
the door leading west. Go on in.

The door will lock behind you here. Kill the Iron Masks and Armos here, then 
Clawshot up the higher ledge. Open the chest for a red rupee, then place the 
three statues on three of the switches(you'll have to use the Dominion Rod to 
bring one down from a shelf). You need something to weight the last switch 
down, so take one of the iron masks(left over from the dead enemies) and get 
it up here with your Clawshot. Once all four switches are down, you can jump 
down and get the now accessible BIG KEY! Go back into the scale room and 
continue down the stairs.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Once you get back into the room with the moving walls, take control of the 
statue again and move it north, hitting the switch to move the walls as 
necessary. Once you get to a floor switch, leave the statue on top of it to 
deactivate the electric barrier in the room. Go past it and open the chest for 
a HEART PIECE! Once you have that, move the statue down the stairs.

Good news! You don't have to worry about moving the walls in here! Just have 
the statue bash them to destroy them. Send it to the next room, than follow 

You're in the room with the rotating up-and-down platform, with the statue 
appearing at the top. Grab hold of the platform's mechanism and bring it all 
the way to the top. Get the statue on the platform and bring it all the way 
down. At the bottom, kill all the little spiders to deactivate an electric 
current, allowing you to pass to the outside of the room. Bring the statue to 
the outside of the room, and send it down one more floor.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
While still in the rotating platform room, go to the middle floor. Bring two 
small statues with you, and go to the south room(on the fifth floor on your 
map) the same way you went there to get the second small key earlier. When 
you're in there, use the Dominion Rod to guide two small statues along 
separate pathways and onto their respective switches. The resulting treasure 
chest has a HEART PIECE within.

Go down to the bottom floor in the platform room and go west to find the 
statue again. Clawshot over the gate and bring the statue downstairs. Have it 
destroy any gates in the way and move it into this last bell to bring it down 
to the first floor. FINALLY! Head back down to the first room.

Now that the statue is back, move it alongside its twin to the empty side of 
the door to open it up. Go on in and run through this obstacle course of spiky 
sliders, rollers, pendulums, and Beamos to the boss door. It only looks 
daunting, but if you just run through and time your jumps well, you'll emerge 
intact easily. About halfway down the corridor is a small statue hiding behind 
a pillar. Bring it with you and place it on the switch to open the front gate 
ahead but close the back gate. Go through the front gate and hit the small 
statue with the Dominion Rod. Move it off the switch, opening the back gate, 
and head straight to the boss room.

This impressively large spider is probably the hardest boss in terms of 
figuring out how to kill it. You'll need to use both your Bow and the Dominion 
Rod to defeat it. The best thing to do is stand in the middle of the room and 
pull out your bow. Keep a bead drawn on Armogohma's eye at all times, and when 
it stops over a beam of light from the ceiling, fire an arrow at its open eye. 
Be quick in shooting it, however. If you don't , it'll fire a concentrated 
heat beam at you that is very difficult to dodge. Once you hit it, it'll fall 
to the ground, stunned. Run over to Armogohma, then use your Dominion Rod to 
take control of the statue in front of it. Press B to make the statue swing 
its hammer, which will hit Armogohma's vulnerable underside and do damage. 
Once it recovers, Armogohma will spawn a bunch of eggs that will hatch into 
those white baby Spiders. Spin attack to take a ton of them out at once, and 
use your bow or Clawshot to take care of any stray little spiders. Once you're 
done with them, return your attention to Armogohma. Lather, rinse, and repeat. 
The fight shouldn't last more than three rounds of attacking.

After three smashes to the belly, a victory scene will play out... but 
Armogohma's not dead yet!!! The eye still survives in the form of a smaller 
spider. Amusing music will start to play, so just take out your bow and hit 
the big red eye spider three times to win the fight for real. Congrats, 
another temple is under your belt! Only one more Mirror Shard to go! Take the