The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

-Part 6: Walking on Sacred Ground [par6]
~Hyrule Castle Town~
You can go back to Telma's Bar again to immediately further the plot, but 
there are just a couple of Heart Pieces we can get, one with the Ball and 
Chain. I'll cover those now.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Go back to Hyrule Castle Town and go directly north of Hyrule Castle. In the 
rock area in the extreme north of Hyrule Field, you will find a rock in a 
wall. Bomb it to enter a cave, then use your Ball and Chain to crack open the 
ice blocking your path inside. Solve three block-pushing puzzles in a row to 
gain another HEART PIECE!

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Warp back to the top of Snowpeak and head back to that tree to meet the yetis 
again. They're so happy to see you, they'll challenge you to a snowboarding 
match to celebrate! Race the husband, then the wife, and you get a HEART PIECE 
once you beat them both.

~Hyrule Castle Town~
Once you're done with all that, head back to Telma's Bar and talk with the 
gang again. You'll quickly learn that Rusl has left to look for the Sacred 
grove back in Faron Woods! Leave and warp to the North Faron Woods.

~North Faron Woods~
go slightly north to the red mark on your map and talk to Rusl. He'll outline 
his plan, so agree to cross the gorge and find this "ancient power" he's 
talking about. Looks like we're going to be returning to the Sacred Grove! 
Rusl will summon the Golden Chicken of Destiny to assist you! Use the Chicken 
to glide from platform to platform instead of using the Long Jump like last 
time. Once you cross the platforms and get to the rotating bridge, put down 
the chicken and use your Gale Boomerang to align the bridge. Rotate it again 
to continue forth, and time a jump past the two swinging logs. Enter the 
Sacred Grove again.

~Sacred Grove~
The Skull Kid will appear in here again, so destroy the Puppets he summons and 
go after him. Keep running through the forest until you hear him playing his 
horn. Strike him and he will run again, so keep following him to the end. If 
he appears out of sword range, use your bow. Once you get to the end, you will 
have to "fight" him again. Since you're not stuck in wolf form this time, fire 
arrows at him whenever he appears. Once he gives up, he'll open an alternate 
path further into the grove. Take it.

Once you arrive here, push the block in front of you down into the gap. Jump 
down after it and continue north up to where you found the Master Sword 

**Golden Bug!!!**
Once you jump down after the block, look up into a dark corner of the wall. 
Use your Clawshot or Gale Boomerang to get the MALE SNAIL from its hiding 

Once you arrive at the exact spot where you found the Master Sword, press A to 
place it back in the pedestal. Once you do, a door will open back where you 
entered the area. Once you leave, five Twilight monsters will be dropped off 
for you to deal with. You know the drill. Once they're gone, climb back up and 
enter the door that was previously blocked off by a statue. Open it for a 
strange but cool black and white effect.

Once you're in... does the music sound familiar? It's the Freaking Temple of 
Freaking Time!!! Go north to the pedestal and press A to strike your sword 
into the Pedestal here. A stairway of light will form, go up it to enter the 
actual dungeon.

**Golden Bug!!!**
Once you go through the doors, check the left side at the bottom of the 
stairs. The FEMALE SNAIL will be resting there. Grab it before you go into the 
dungeon. How a snail managed to get through a magically concealed door to the 
Temple of Time is beyond me, though.