The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

Snowpeak Ruins [snow]
OVERVIEW: Welcome to the Yetis' humble home. They obviously have forgotten to 
check for pests here, as enemies run rampant. They have some odd stuff that no 
other married couple could have... the wife is sick at the moment, so we have 
to help her on order to get the Mirror Shard at the end.

WALKTHROUGH: There are no surprises in the first room except for a Poe. Kill 
it and take its soul(you have been doing that as you find them, right?) and 
enter the north door.

In the living room here, talk to the wife. She has a cold or something, but 
she tells you about the Mirror Shard she found and how she became sick not 
long after finding it. She asks you to find the key to the, er, bedroom on the 
third floor and gives you the DUNGEON MAP. She also points out a possible 
location for the key in red on your map. We're heading there first. Head west 
into the kitchen.

You'll see the husband here, and he's cooking some soup. Grab some with your 
bottle to get SIMPLE SOUP. It only replenishes 2 hearts per bottle. Kinda 
pathetic, but it'll get better later. Look into one of the jars to the 
southwest to reunite with Ooccoo, and go north from here.

Looks like we have ourselves a good old-fashioned block pushing 
puzzle(something this game has casually avoided up until this point). Push the 
southeast block west, then the northwest block east, south, west, than south 
in that order. It'll keep the switch down and allow you to go through the door 
in the east.

This thin room is just part of the courtyard. Dig under the wall and emerge 
outside. Once you emerge, you'll get a visual of the bedroom door up on the 
third floor. For now, deal with the White wolfos here and dig up a treasure 
chest in an obvious spot for a small key. Go through the door to the west.

The upper part of this room introduces you to Freezards. These cuddly little 
ice chunks will slide along most surfaces like hockey pucks, freezing you if 
they hit you. It's best to avoid them for now, but Spin Attacks work well to 
kill them quickly. Go through the locked door to the north.

Nothing fancy in this room, just kill the three Freezards here and go through 
the door to the west.

As you enter this room, you get a visual of the tempting treasure chest just 
one room over. Head towards the southern door, but it locks in front of your 
face! Two Ice Soldiers appear. Once you get this dungeon's big treasure, these 
guys are total paper compared to you, but for now they're a royal pain in the 
ass! Give them a one-two punch of a Shield Attack and a Helm Splitter to down 
them quickly, and use the Mortal Draw to get in a sucker shot or two once they 
lose their spears. Once you've killed them off, the doors will unlock and you 
can get to that chest. Open it for... an ORDON PUMPKIN??? What the hell? 
...well, we can still use this, so bring it back to the husband Yeti.

Back in the kitchen, talk to the husband. He'll shove you down and take your 
pumpkin(jeez, Link's having a bad day... he COULD have just asked nicely!). he 
will then add it to his recipe to create GOOD SOUP. This one tastes like 
pumpkin and replenishes 4 hearts instead. Go into the next room and talk to 
the wife again. She'll tell you where her next hunch for the key is... all the 
way north on the first floor. She'll open another door, one leading north into 
the courtyard. Keep on going!

You're now in the other half of the courtyard. Deal with the White Wolfos, 
then go through the north door to the east. There's not much we can do here... 

This maze-like skating rink is crawling(sliding?) with Freezards. Take the 
conveniently placed cannonball and throw it into them to kill them instantly. 
Take the cannonball with you and head to the cannon in the northeast corner of 
the room. To load it, place the cannonball inside it and to fire it, place a 
bomb in after it. You can also push it from side to side to aim it. Fire it 
west to open a path to a chest with Bombs, then fire it south to open a path 
to the door down there. Take the door south.

The floorboards are almost completely out here, so tread carefully. Especially 
beware the slippery, slanted parts, as you'll slide down them into oblivion if 
you're not careful. Use your Clawshot to send the Freezards down into the 
abyss, then cross the floorboards when the coast is clear to acquire the 
COMPASS in the southwest. Leave here the way you came. Thankfully, you can 
Clawshot back to the door. Head back to the courtyard.

Now that you have the compass, you can dig in the snow here! Dig where the 
treasure chest show up on your map. One of them will be a small key; use it on 
the door just to the east. It leads you into a side room with several 
cannonballs. We can use these for the cannon outside, but we have to take them 
out of the room first. See the apparatus on the wall next to the door. To 
bring a cannonball into the next room, pull the switch on it down, then place 
a cannonball in the tray. Go through the door to the other side and pull the 
switch again to send the cannonball into the other room. We only need one for 
now, so bring in into the main room and use the cannon to clear out that 
Sheegoth-looking(if you're a Metroid Prime player) ice monster to the north. 
Go through the door it was blocking. 

FAIR WARNING: you are about to fight the mini-boss if this dungeon. He deals a 
TON of damage, so make sure your health is full when you enter the room. Go 
back and fill up on soup if you feel you need to, and when you're ready, go 
through the north door in the courtyard.

This room may not look like much, just two suits of armor idly standing 
around... head to the north door, but wait! Surprise! One of them comes to 
life to fight you, typical Zelda style! Time to kick some shiny metal ass!
This guy wields a ball and chain. A powerful one, too! He's immune to front 
attacks, so look up. Use the ceiling(there are targets, but you can use the 
whole ceiling) to Clawshot up behind him. Get behind him using your Clawshot 
and attack his tail(what is he under that armor? A Lizalfos? I'm not quite 
sure on this). As for his attacks, his only move is to whip the ball and chain 
around and throw it at you. It takes practice, but you CAN deduce the timing 
of his throws. If you're bold, you can forego the Clawshot strategy and roll 
to one side JUST as he throws. That'll give you the valuable opening you need 
to move around and attack him from behind. This miniboss is actually pretty 
challenging, so good luck!

Once you destroy him, you can take his weapon: the BALL AND CHAIN, one of the 
coolest weapons in the game, in my opinion. When you use it, you aim like the 
Clawshot, but it's a more powerful bashing weapon. You can power through just 
about ANY enemy in the game with this baby! The only catch is that Link moves 
slowly while he has it out, so become adept at putting it away when you're not 
using it(where Link stuffs it when he puts it away, I do not know. He still 
stores it on his person, but he is not slowed. It's these thoughts that keep 
me up at night wondering). Once you're done playing with your new weapon, go 
through the door to the north.

In here, you can use the Ball and Chain to power through the ice in here. If 
you use it on one of suits of armor, you can release an Ice Bubble(the flying 
skull). Kill it for an orange rupee, worth 100(!!!). Anyways, get the chest in 
here for a wheel of delicious ORDON GOAT CHEESE. You know what to do with it.

Once the husband yeti uses it in his soup(why does he need to shove Link like 
that???), you get a SUPERB SOUP that would put even TV cook/hottie Rachael Ray 
to shame(I just thought of something else. It can NOT be sanitary to store 
lantern oil, bee larva, Chu jelly, AND soup in the same bottle). Bottle some 
of it, then talk to the wife yeti again. She points out a room on the second 
floor this time. Well, off we go! Take the freshly unlocked door to the east 
of here.

Don't do anything in here yet. Go north into that side courtyard room and push 
the nearby block into the hole. Then go back in and bash the ice out of the 
way. There is another ice monster in a cage close to here, roll to dodge its 
breath as you make your way up. If you get an opening, you can kill it with 
your Ball and Chain. Do the same thing with the second ice monster further up. 
When you get to the upper floor, bust away the ice for a cannon, but we're not 
going to use it just yet. Go through the northern door.

As soon as you enter, you'll be assaulted by another Ice Soldier throwing 
spears at you. Don't take any crap from him, bust out your Ball and blow away 
his entire upper body with it. Once he's gone, smash the ice here for a 
Clawshot target. You'll need it in a moment. Lastly, turn your attention to 
the hanging chandelier. Hit it with your ball and chain to start it swinging. 
Ride it over to the other side and open the chest for a small key. Bring it 
back to the previous room with the ice monsters and the cannon. Use the key to 
unlock the southwest door.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
We're now in the second floor of the foyer. Hit the ice away for a Clawshot 
target, then hit the chandelier to start it swinging. Go over to the other 
side and kill the Ice Soldier before he can be a further threat to you, then 
go back on the chandelier. Wait for it to stop swinging, then hit the next 
one. Go across the three chandeliers in sequence to get to the south end of 
the room. Open the chest on the end platform for a HEART PIECE! Afterwards, go 
back to the first chandelier and head through the west door.

There is a whole gang of Freezards waiting for you here. You can mash them all 
up with your Ball and Chain, and once you do, destroy the ice here too for a 
Poe. Kill it and collect its soul, then leave here to the north.

We're back in the room with the block puzzle, so take the block up on this 
floor and push it downstairs. Follow it down and bash away both the block of 
ice in the middle and the ice covering a third push-able block. Facing north:

1. Push the left block up and the top right block left. 

2. Push the bottom block up, then the upper left block down. 

3. Push the top block right, then down, then left, than up. 

I hope the directions are easy to follow. That should hit the switch in the 
middle of the room. Climb back up to the top floor(using that block you pushed 
down earlier) and exit through the top floor on the east side.

We're on the second floor of the courtyard now. Before you do anything, TAKE 
NOTE OF THE CANNON ON THE NEARBY PLATFORM. We'll be able to transport some 
cannonballs up to it in a while. For now, jump to the top of the nearby wall 
and take on the Ice Soldier. Kill him, then kill his two comrades to the 
north. Once they're all gone, Clawshot through the gap in the wall, than go 
through the door to the left.

Hit the ice here for another Clawshot target in case you screw up. Hit the 
chandeliers one by one to get across them, and reach the treasure chest to the 
south. Open it for a small key. I know just where to use it. Go through the 
nearby door to the south, then south again to the room with all the Freezards. 
Open the locked door to the east from there, and go on in.

<3Heart PIECE!!!<3
There are two big ice monsters in here. Kill them both, then focus your 
attention to the nearby blocks in the eastern wall. Push them both in to 
create access to the room where those two ice monsters were in the cages. Go 
to the south here, and use your Ball and Chain to smash through the 
floorboards in the corner of the room. Open the chest in the floor below for a 
HEART PIECE, then Clawshot back up.

Well! Now that we opened a way into the second floor from here, we're able to 
use the cannon on the second floor of the courtyard. Go back to the courtyard 
on the first floor from this room and grab a cannonball. Take it through the 
wall transporting thing and carry it up to the second floor of that cage room. 
Load and fire it to the west onto the ledge above the blocks. Transport the 
cannonball to the next room through the wall device, then again north into the 
courtyard's second floor. Turn the cannon so that it faces towards the ice 
monster in the northeast, then load and fire to destroy it. Jump down to the 
ground floor, then climb up the ladder in front of where it used to be. Take 
the door to the east.

You are now in some sort of chapel. The doors will immediately lock behind 
you, so you know you're in for some fun. The icicles hanging from the ceiling 
will become Ice Soldiers and drop down if you get too close, so try and bust 
them from as far away as possible. If they do drop to the ground and form, 
take them out! Just don't let them gang up on you. Once they're all dead, you 
can access the final item here: the amusingly-shaped BEDROOM KEY! Bring it 
back to the wife yeti.

Actually, as you emerge from that room, she will be waiting for you! Follow 
her up to the bedroom and unlock it. Anyone feeling seduced by that yeti wife 
yet? Hopefully husband yeti doesn't know she's a player. ;)

Once you're in the bedroom, the wife yeti will show you the Mirror Shard. 
Strangely enough, she will get possessed by it and scare the crap out of the 
average player!
Blizzeta goes through many phases, most of them pretty aggressive, but you can 
easily counter them by being equally aggressive. First off, she IS just a mass 
of ice, so take out your Ball and Chain and smack her around. After taking a 
few good hits, she'll spawn a TON of Freezards. Curiously, most of them will 
dissolve. Now smaller, she will begin to try and ram you, so time your Ball 
and Chain attacks well! Keep hitting her, and eventually she will have to form 
a new body of ice. 

Now, for her third big form! She will be floating above ground and trying to 
land her ice spires on you. The camera angle will change so you can see her 
above you. Just keep moving and they won't hit you. Once they land, break up 
as many as you can with your Ball and Chain. There are nine ice spires to 
start out, count how many fall so you know when it's safe to stop moving and 
attack them. Sometimes, she'll try to trap you in a circle, if you have 
already broken some of the ice spires, you shouldn't have a problem. Once the 
last of the ice spires are gone, she'll still try to land on you. Move out of 
the way, and bash her again with your Ball and Chain. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO 
DESTROY ALL THE ICE SPIRES TO HURT HER. It just makes getting a clear shot at 
her easier. After every hit, though, she'll create more new spires.

Actually, the best strategy is as follows: move around and let her drop all 
her ice spires. Destroy one or two to create a gap when she forms a circle. 
Watch the reflection and move out of the circle through the gap as she drops. 
When she's on the ground, smack her with the Ball and Chain. Just repeat this 
simplified version of my strategy, and you'll be fine.

Once you deliver the final blow, the yeti wife will return to normal. You 
receive the second TWILIGHT MIRROR SHARD, the husband yeti will run in and 
see his wife lying prone on the ground, and a heartwarming moment immediately 
follows. Grab the HEART CONTAINER they, uh, produce, and get out of here. 
Hehe... yetis need their sleep. ;)