The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

-Part 5: Snowboarding and Superb Soup [par5]
~Gerudo Desert~
You can go back to Telma's Bar and advance the plot whenever you choose, but 
there are a couple of Heart Pieces we can get with the Spinner.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Warp to the Bridge of Eldin and head north, then northeast from there. A long 
ways down the path, you'll come to a wooden bridge. On the far side, there's a 
Spinner track. Go down the track, turn into a wolf, and dig in the middle of a 
grass circle. You'll end up in a cave. Kill the three Stalfos inside the cave 
to get a HEART PIECE!

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Warp to Hyrule Castle and check your map. You'll see that in this area, 
there's a stretch of pathway northeast of the castle town that we haven't 
explored yet. Go through it(you'll have to Bomb either side open), and look 
around in here. On the north end of the trail, you'll see the beginnings of a 
Spinner track. Go up the track(you'll have to jump back and forth between the 
two rock walls) and at the end, you'll get a HEART PIECE for your trouble.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Remember how I mentioned restoring the bridge west of Hyrule Castle? You have 
to start this side-quest by donating 1000 rupees to rebuild the bridge. You 
can talk to the Goron elder within the store in Kakariko Village to donate. 
Once you reach the 1000 rupee mark, go to the now accessible west entrance to 
Hyrule Castle Town and talk to the Goron there. He's too tired to move, and he 
wants spring water to revitalize him. Warp back to Kakariko village and talk 
to the other elder meditating outside. He'll give you a barrel of the stuff to 
deliver to the Goron outside of Hyrule Castle Town. You have to carry it 
manually, so that means going across Hyrule Field to do it- on foot. It's not 
difficult, just stick to the edge of the field and hope most of the enemies 
don't notice you. Once you get to the end, throw the barrel on the tired Goron 
and he'll roll off. Mere seconds later, he comes back to drop off a HEART 
PIECE as a reward.

~Hyrule Castle Town~
Once you've collected all you want/need to get, warp back to Hyrule Castle 
Town and go to Telma's Bar. Talk to everyone there as before. Telma will 
mention that Ashei has gone exploring on the northern mountain. Check the map 
on the table for her location. Well, then! We're off to Zora's Domain. Warp 

~Zora's Domain~
Go to that red target on your map at the base of the waterfall. This part as 
blocked by ice before, but it's open now. Talk to the guard nearby to hear 
rumors of a beast exploring here lately... hmm... in any case, head east 
through that nearby tunnel to arrive at...

This is the end of the earth. Colder than anywhere else in Hyrule, and just as 
bleak... the white-robed figure up ahead is Ashei. Talk to her and she'll 
bring you up to speed. She'll tell you more about the beast on the mountain, 
and how he's been seen in Zora's Domain lately searching for his favorite 
fish. She'll hand off a sketch of the beast for you to show around. You could 
show it to all of the Zoras here, but none of them have a damn clue. Hmm... 
where is there another Zora...? Would a certain Zora prince know anything 
about this?

~Kakariko Village~
Warp back here and check out the graveyard. More specifically, check out Queen 
Rutela's grave at the back of the graveyard. Prince Ralis is still there. Show 
him Ashei's sketch and he'll immediately recognize it. He'll tell you about 
the Reekfish- a certain fish that only lives in Zora's Domain. He'll also tell 
you where to find it: close to the Mother and Child Rocks. He will also give 
you the only bit of bait that can catch it: the CORAL EARRING! He also decides 
to return to Zora's Domain and take his rightful place as ruler. Sweet! We got 
a new lead! Go back to Zora's Domain.

~Zora's Domain~
Go to the base of the waterfall and look for a twin rock spire with one spire 
smaller than the other. It's just across from the entrance to Snowpeak. Those 
are the Mother and Child Rocks that Ralis mentioned. So head on over to that 
side of the basin, whip out your Fishing Rod for the first time in what seems 
like ages, and go fishing. It's the same as the beginning of the game. Pull 
the Remote back as SOON as you see the bob sink a ways down, and you should 
catch one almost immediately. Once you catch a Reekfish, quickly transform 
into a wolf and learn its scent. Yummay... Check the scent trail starting from 
here and follow your nose!

**Golden Bug!!!**
Before you go, check off to the side of the Mother and Child Rocks on land. 
You'll see an a MALE DRAGONFLY flying around, pick it up before you head off 
to Snowpeak.

Follow the scent to and through Snowpeak. Once you arrive, Ashei will already 
be gone... This whole area is pretty straightforward. Stay as a wolf for this 
part, as you will sink into the snow in human form(not to the point of dying, 
you'll just be slowed down a great deal). Jump across the ice floes and keep 
heading up the mountain and kill any enemies that may get in your way. 
Returning are the White Wolfos, dog-like enemies that drift in and out of the 
snow. They are best fought in wolf form. 

As you go, a blizzard will limit your visibility. This can be countered by 
staying in sensing mode as a wolf. If the scent just goes straight up a cliff, 
look to the sides for hills or an extra path. Once you get to what looks like 
a dead end(a cliff with some snow hanging over it), headbutt the wall to bring 
the snow down and clear a path.

0o Howl Stone!!! o0
As you follow the scent past that snow overhang, look at the edge of a cliff 
you pass by. There is the second-to-last HOWL STONE here. Copy the song and 
the Golden Wolf will appear at the Kakariko Graveyard. We COULD go see him 
now, but that would mean backtracking like hell. I suggest you wait until just 
a couple of minutes form now when we can warp back to Snowpeak.

In any case, continue up the mountain until the scent trail comes to a dead 
end... or DOES it? Dig where it ends to find yourself in a short cavern. Do 
NOT touch that ice! It'll freeze you solid and do some nice damage to boot. 
Climb up the ladder and keep going. You'll also have to deal with Ice Keese 
here, which are bats enchanted with cold magic. If they hit you, you'll be 
frozen, which is VERY annoying. Kill them as you go. Open the circular hand-
printed door at the end and you'll emerge at the peak of the mountain!

Out here, advance a bit and a Twilight monster trio will show up. Aren't you 
getting tired of these mother****ers? Once you get the warp portal from these 
guys, you could go back and check the Graveyard for the Golden Wolf. I will 
assume you did.

0o Golden Wolf!!! o0
Once you can warp back up to the top of Snowpeak, warp back to Kakariko 
Village and check there to find the Golden Wolf. We're almost done with him 
now... for your penultimate technique, he shows you the JUMP STRIKE! This one 
is more effective against multiple enemies. It works like a Jump Attack, but 
you hold A to charge power before releasing it. One more skill to go... we'll 
get it before the seventh dungeon. Warp back to Snowpeak.

When you're back, go up to that hulking white-furred fellow near the tree. 
Yup, they included a Yeti in this game! Sweet! I just love this guy! After 
introducing yourself, he'll invite you to his house at the bottom of the 
slope. Roll into the tree to produce an ice slab, then get on and show off 
your mad SSX moves! There are no real tricks or surprises here, but if you 
make some jumps on the tops of trees, you can get some rupees for your 

Once you reach the bottom, head inside his nice-looking mansion...