The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

Arbiter's Grounds [arbi]
OVERVIEW: This place gives off the image of an ancient Egyptian tomb. This is 
the first time you'll have to switch between human and wolf form to 
successfully complete the dungeon, as you'll need to track down several Poes- 
ghost enemies- with your wolf senses. Once you get the treasure in here, 
however, this whole place becomes one giant skate park!!!

WALKTHROUGH: Go down the stairs and arrive in the first room. You get your 
first taste of what this dungeon will be like. Lots and lots of sand! In any 
case, Clawshot over to the platform to the right(you could roll over the sand, 
as long as you start the roll on the platform, you won't sink in right away). 
I should point out here that the sand in this dungeon acts like quicksand. You 
stay in it too long, you'll sink and be returned to the entrance of the room 
with less health. Also, if the sand worms here give you too much grief, you 
can pull them towards you with your Clawshot and kill them with your sword. 
With that in mind, jump across a couple of platforms to the northwest section 
of this room(the caged-off area). You'll have to roll across the sand to get 
to it, but you should just make it. Once you get there, take note of the pull 
switch there. If you go into the sand, you'll sink before you can pull it all 
the way, so pull it to you on land with your Clawshot and use it to open the 
gate to the north. Go on through. The door to the north is locked, but a quick 
jaunt through a short hallway to the east will produce a small key easily 
enough. Go on north.

This room is dark, so best take out your Lantern for this next part. The light 
will reveal the truth: Little skeletons advancing on you, with sand pits 
everywhere. Kill them all(one sword hit will suffice; a Spin Attack will take 
out entire groups), and light the two torches to the north to open the door. 
Go north through this door.

This room here is the "main room" of the dungeon. Approach the middle of it, 
and four Poes will steal the flames on the torches in the middle of the room. 
Three out of the four will leave for hiding places elsewhere, but the fourth 
one will stay and fight you. Turn into a wolf and activate your senses to see 
him. Wait until he turns slightly brighter in color, then Jump Attack and maul 
him. When he falls to the ground press A(kind of like the Ending Blow) to rip 
out his soul. One down, three to go! Before you leave, inspect the empty robe 
to learn the POES' SCENT! We'll be using it to track 'em down, but you won't 
need to follow your nose if you're reading this, right? :P 

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
This one couldn't be easier to get. While still in the main room, look in the 
northeast corner. There will be a treasure chest across a small pit of sand. 
Clawshot over and grab the HEART PIECE out of it. While you're here, look on 
the other side of the room for the DUNGEON MAP.

Okay, time to find our first Poe. Check the scent trails with your senses, one 
will lead straight into the floor of this room. Dig in the sand where the 
scent trail disappears into the floor to find a pull switch. Pull it to reveal 
a nearby staircase. Go down it and enter the door below.

Kill the flying skull down here, than take notice of the pillar in the middle 
of the room. grab the bar sticking out of it and give a big push clockwise. 
Doing this will do several things: it'll open a trapdoor in the ceiling above, 
reveal a treasure chest and a Redead here, and block the door you used to 
enter here. First, kill the Redead- his scream will paralyze you, however, so 
try to get behind him. If you get frozen, jam on the A button to free 
yourself. Once he dies(again- he IS undead, after all), open the chest here 
for a small key! Then, Clawshot up through the ceiling trapdoor I mentioned 
earlier. The pillar extends to the upper floor, Clawshot to a target on the 
side of it.

Up here, head through the exposed north door. The room will appear to be 
empty, but put on your wolf senses- the Poe was trying to hide beside the wall 
and pull a fast one on you! Kill him like before, and you're already half 
done. Go back one room, jump down to the bottom floor, and push the pillar 
counter-clockwise back to where it was before. Go back upstairs to the main 
room and go west through there. Go back through the pillar room and unlock the 
western door there.

This room introduces a new trap for this dungeon: spikes. They'll pop out of 
the sand and block your passage. If you stick to the north wall, they won't 
hit you. Climb up the platforms here and search around until you find a cage-
like block. Pull it back from its spot, then push it to the right from there 
into the alcove. Climb up to just above where you pushed it to find a pull 
switch. Pull it all the way back to raise a nearby chandelier(you'll go across 
the block while doing so- that's why you needed to get it there), then let it 
go and run under the chandelier before it falls back down. Run past it, and go 
upstairs to the south.

Once you get in this room, go to the south alcove and open the chest for the 
COMPASS! It's a bit weird to get it before the dungeon map, but whatever. Take 
the side of the statue in the middle of the room and push it counter-clockwise 
to open up the way both west and east. Go west for a Redead and a chest with a 
small key. Go east to unlock the door, and go through it.

Just circle around then north here. There are a lot of small skeletons and a 
couple of Redeads here. Once they're all dead, turn into a wolf and check the 
scent trails here. One of them leads into the floor again, dig at that spot to 
uncover another pull switch. Pull it and a wall will slide back, revealing Poe 
#3! Head into the room north of here.

There's nothing here but for a small key. Jump down to the floor, then open 
the chest for it. Once you leave, though, the lights will go out. Once you 
move around, Link will start moving slowly. Transforming into a wolf and 
checking your senses will reveal the truth: Little ghost rats clinging to you. 
Spin Attack to shake them off, and jump across to the locked door, then go 
into the next room.

You're in the second floor of the main room now. Just move across the 
chandelier and go east into the next room.

In this room, go left and down until you find another cage block. Push it 
forward as far as it will go until it locks into place, allowing you access to 
the pull switch above it. Go to the right for a red rupee in a chest, then go 
up to the pull switch and pull it out to raise another chandelier here. 
Instead of rushing past it to the chest on the other side(which just contains 
another red rupee), go into the middle of where the chandelier would drop. 
Once it does, climb up the inside of it and jump east to the door and head on 

Use your sword to remove the wood blocking the entrance here, but when you try 
to leave to the south, a Stalfos- an animated skeleton warrior- will come to 
life and attack you. Just defeat him like any sword-wielding opponent, but 
when he "dies" and collapses, lay a bomb nearby to destroy his remains. If you 
don't, he'll just keep coming back. Once he's dead, search around here for 
some Bombs and Water Bombs(what good will they do here???). Leave via the 
southern exit.

Here is an interesting puzzle. There are five torches in a row, plus one extra 
in front of them. You have to light one of the five torches in a row, then the 
lone one to open the exit to the west. For me, it was the far right torch, but 
it might be random. If the far right one doesn't work, just go with trial and 
error. Once it works, go west.

This room has tons of blue lanterns on the wall. Turn into a wolf and seek out 
the Poe hiding here. This one will do something a little different: he will 
split up into four. Three Poes are illusions, one is real. After circling you 
for a while, they'll all disappear except for the real one. QUICKLY target and 
Jump Attack him, and after maybe two rounds of attacking, he'll give up the 
ghost(so to speak). That should be all of them! Head back to the main room.

Now that you killed all the Poes, we're ready to move on with the latter half 
of the dungeon. Move north to the next room.

In here, you'll notice a gear-shaped slot in the floor, along with some more 
gears. Don't worry about those for now, instead go west into the small but 
deep room there.

In this room with the spiraling pillar in the middle, drop all the way down to 
the bottom. The floor here is move-able. Pushing the bar on the pillar 
counter-clockwise will move the floor up, pushing clockwise will move it . 
First, move it up twice to get to a small key(you'll have to loop around from 
another passage, as spikes will pop up in front of the chest. After you get 
the key, push it down as far as it will go and unlock the door at the bottom. 
Go on in!

In this next room, stay in wolf mode. You'll need to sense and kill a lot more 
rat ghosts. Head to the south end of the room. It's difficult for me to tell 
you exactly how to get past the spikes that pop up, but just take things slow 
and you'll be fine. Once you get to the south end, go into the southwest 
corner and pull the switch to move the wall attached to it. You'll have to go 
around to go through the opening, but spikes will pop up and more ghost rats 
will show up to slow you down too. Make a practice run so you know where to 
go(and kill all the ghost rats), then go for real and slip past the wall. Once 
you're past it, head east. Be careful and slip past the spinning blades on the 
walls. If any of those insect swarms latches onto you, do a Spin Attack to 
dislodge and kill them. Go through the door facing north.

You'll be greeted in the next room by a swinging pole studded with spikes. 
Roll under it and go north from it until you meet a group of three Stalfos. 
Kill them all, and a gate west of that swinging spiked trap will open. Go back 
and head west and up the path from there. You'll pass over quicksand and more 
of those little black clingy insects before jumping across a long gap. If you 
get a good running start, you'll just make it. Go into the nearby door to the 

This menacing sword-wielding phantom is the first mini-boss you have to use 
your wolf form on. Take out your sword and try to cut the ropes holding the 
sword to make him appear. For the first part of the battle, go into wolf form 
and use your senses to see him. Move back and forth to dodge as he swings his 
sword straight down. Once he does, Jump Attack and maul him. After that, he'll 
make himself visible and start floating around, so turn into a human and aim 
an arrow at his head. Once you hit him with the arrow, he'll sink back down to 
the ground and try to cut you up again. Just dodge his swing and he'll keel 
over. That's when you take your sword out and hack at his empty calcareous 
head! Seems like all the enemies here are freakin' undead, where does it all 
END??? Just repeat the arrow-sword attack sequence a few more times(he won't 
go back invisible anymore), and he'll die for the (presumably) second time.

After Death Sword is gone, go through the now open gate ahead of you. Jump 
down and open the chest ahead for the SPINNER! The Spinner is a large 
mechanical platform resembling a giant gear top. You hop on with B and get off 
with A. While riding it, you can press B again to attack with it by lashing 
out with the gear teeth. But its most useful function is riding along the 
rails in the wall, which we'll need to go to get out of here. While riding 
along the rails, press B to jump off onto an opposite rail(if there is one), 
and A to put it away and drop down.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Outside of Death Sword's room, use the Spinner to get into the room up east. 
This room is a MAJOR opportunity to practice your Spinner skills. Just follow 
the tracks and you'll come across a HEART PIECE in a chest close to a spiky 
swinging pole in here. Continue up the track and you'll come across a large 
"half-pipe" with two more Stalfos and a chest with a yellow rupee. Climb up to 
the top of the half pipe and use the track up there. Use the dual track there, 
you'll have to jump back and forth to avoid the spiky sliders already in 
place. Once you get to the far end, go through the door.

As you emerge from the track room, you'll see the chest with the BIG KEY right 
in front of you. Grab it, then go along the track to find yourself back in the 
room with the gears in the floor. Take out your Spinner and move over that 
gear slot to fit it in. Press B repeatedly to move the wall on the outside 
edge of the room around and open the area to the north. Go in there and ride 
up the track along the wall, and jump off onto the platform in the middle. 
Slot the Spinner in this platform too and raise another track. Go up this new 
track to end up right in front of the boss room.

When you first show up in the boss room, Zant will appear and taunt you again. 
He will then shove his sword into the skull of that massive pile of bones, 
which will come to life! Don't worry, although Stallord is not particularly 

You fight this giant skeleton in a pit of sand with a Spinner track on the 
outside rim. Stallord will be in the middle, breathing toxic gas and swiping 
at you. So get on the Spinner and ride the track! There will also be spiky 
spinners going along the track so prepare to jump when you see one coming. As 
you go around, he will spawn smaller, human-sized skeleton corpses from the 
pit. Try to avoid those. They can be taken out with a single hit from the 
Spinner(you'll have to press B for the hit to count). When the coast is clear, 
jump off of the track and ride the Spinner towards Stallord. Aim for the base 
of his spine and run into it with the Spinner. Attack his spine with B to 
damage him, and after three hits, it will all be over.

Once Stallord collapses, the sand will drain from the room. Head to the middle 
of the platform and slot your Spinner into the space in the middle. Raise the 
platform by doing so, and... wait! It's not over yet!!! Stallord's head will 
come back to life(in a manner of speaking) and push you off the platform into 
the bottom floor below. He disrespected us, so we gotta pay him back!!! Whip 
out the Spinner again and race along the track on the inside wall. Stallord 
will be floating ahead of you(no pun intended) spitting energy balls at you. 
When he shoots one off, jump with B onto the track on the outside wall and 
continue your chase. Once you're close to him, jump off and collide with him 
to knock him to the ground and stun him. Now's your chance! Take out your 
sword and attack the sword Zant left in his forehead. Once he gets back up, 
follow him up the track again. On the second trip, spiky spinners will be 
going along the inside track, and the outside track as well during the third 
trip. Repeat the process about 3 times to destroy that sword and finish him 
off for good.

~Arbiter's Grounds- Aftermath~
In a rare move for a Zelda game, you don't get anything for beating this 
dungeon but a HEART CONTAINER. Finishing it just moves the plot along. Head 
outside and you'll be on the top of the Arbiter's Grounds. Head up to the very 
top to enter the Mirror Chamber.

Once you're there, a group of five Twilight monsters will appear. I find it 
best here to kill all but two of them, then transform into a wolf and use your 
Energy Attack to kill the remaining two. Once they're gone, you can warp up 
here too. Take out your Spinner and ride up the statue , then use it on the 
gear spot on top. The Twilight Mirror will be revealed. But it's broken!!! a 
group of ancient sages will appear and tell you the story of a dark entity 
that lurks in the Twilight... one who stole the power of the Mirror and 
shattered it... Ganondorf. You knew he'd be in the game sooner or later! After 
the scene is over, your next objective seems clear: to gather the pieces of 
the Mirror of Twilight and piece it back together! Only then can you reach 
Zant in the Twilight Realm and defeat him. 

Well, we're done here, so warp out anywhere. We have a bit of collecting to do 
first. Oh, you'll notice I didn't find Ooccoo in there, but like you'll ever 
really need her, right?