The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

-Part 4: Reflection in the Sand [par4]
~Lake Hylia~
As soon as you leave the Lakebed Temple, get ready for a rather interesting 
and unpleasant surprise. I don't mind admitting I TOTALLY jumped while 
watching that scene. You just get to see how evil and powerful Zant really 

Once the scene is over, you'll be stuck in wolf form again, and Midna will be 
stuck in physical form in the light world. Basically, she's dying... you need 
to seek help for her, and FAST! Go to Hyrule Castle, posthaste!

~Hyrule Castle Town~
You can't exactly get in there through the front door in your current state, 
so head over to Telma's bar. Try to go in, and you'll promptly be thrown out. 
Leave here, but Telma's cat Louise will talk to you and give you some advice. 
You can sneak in from above and go through the old waterway to the castle. 
Push the loose crate over to the others and climb in the window.

Once inside, climb over the tightropes, but step lightly. If you fall, you'll 
be quickly ejected from the premises again and have to start over. As you go, 
press A while above people to listen in on various thoughts of people inside, 
including Telma and her band of friends. Get to the end and you'll emerge in 
the treasure-packed house of a man named Jovani. He'll give you the job of 
killing the souls of 20 Poes, ghosts that haunt different areas of Hyrule at 
night. But for now, he'll open the way to the underground waterway.

~Hyrule Castle Waterway~
You've actually been here before. It's where you first met Midna in the 
Twilight Realm. Bite the hanging handle above the north gate, then swim on 
through. Once you reach the end of this path, kill the Skulltulas lurking 
around and grab a stick off the ground. Light on fire with a nearby torch then 
use it to burn through the web. Take it with you and light more torches along 
the way for a more permanent fire source. Burn through several more webs and 
climb up the ledges and continue north/west. Once you get to what looks like a 
dead end, turn on your wolf sense and dig in the patch of dirt.

This place look more familiar now? Go through the short tunnel ahead of you, 
then go up the spiral staircase. There are Moblins shooting fire arrows here, 
so be prepared to fight them off. Continue upwards like you did before, and go 
outside when you reach the top.

You're back on the roof. Head towards the end like at the beginning of the 
game. Apart from the enemies, there are no surprises here. Once you get near 
the part where you had to do the Long Jump, run across the banner nearby as it 
flaps in the breeze. Show up in Zelda's room again for another scene. Yes!!! 
we get to recover the Master Sword!!! After all is said and done, Midna will 
be healthy again(and able to survive outside of the Twilight Realm) and you'll 
know where to go. However, once you leave the castle, it will be surrounded by 
a yellow pyramid-like barrier! This must be Zant's work! We have more 
immediate concerns to worry about, though. Warp back to Faron Woods.

~Faron Woods~
head up towards the Forest Temple, but as you go, one of your monkey friends 
will show up, assaulted by several puppet enemies. Kill the Puppets, and the 
monkey will point out where you need to go. Go up to a bit of high ground and 
do a Long Jump past the Forest Temple and off to the side until you arrive at 
another forested area. Go past the rotating bridges and tightrope walk across 
where the tethered logs are swinging around. Careful not to get hit by those, 

0o Howl Stone!!! o0
Once you get past the swinging logs, there is a HOWL STONE right ahead of you 
in plain sight. Repeat the song(sounds just like the Prelude of Light from 
OoT), and the Golden Wolf will appear just south of Hyrule Castle. We'll get 
to him after the Master Sword.

Keep going down the path until you enter the...

~Sacred Grove~
This area is very weird. You have no automap, and the whole place mostly looks 
the same, which can be very confusing. In the beginning here, search left for 
a Howl Stone(not one that calls the Golden Wolf), and copy the song(Zelda's 
Lullaby) to summon the Skull Kid. He will call up a bunch of Puppets, open a 
pathway for himself, then disappear down it. Chase him as best you can, and 
look around for him. Listen carefully for the horn the Skull Kid is playing to 
find him, then hit him to make him retreat further into the forest. Keep 
chasing him down like this, and eventually he will come to a clearing where he 
keep summoning Puppets and jumping from trees stump to tree stump. Take out 
the Puppets first, then Jump Attack him to eventually defeat him. Once you do, 
go through the passage that opens up.

We are now in the heart of the Sacred Grove, among some nice-looking ruins. Go 
up to the Triforce symbol on the ground and howl that same Zelda's Lullaby-
esque music. The statues here will come to life and present you with a puzzle. 
You have to return them to the indicated tiles. The trick is, one will always 
face and move in the same direction as you, and one will always move opposite 
you. If they end up colliding, they will bounce back to where they stood 
before and not move, even though you did. And if one collides with you, well, 
you gotta try again. It took me FOREVER to get this part right and it looks 
like a lot of other people have trouble with it too, but if you're REALLY 
stuck, the quickest solution circulating so far is:

Down, up, left, up, right, down, down, down, up, up, left, up, up, right, 

Once the statues are back into place, go into the now open door ahead of you 
and grab the MASTER SWORD!!! As a side effect of getting so close to it, the 
evil spell Zant placed on Link will be lifted and he will be brought back into 
human form. Midna will take out that... thing Zant placed in you and keep it. 
Now, you can transform to and from your wolf form at any time. Just talk to 
Midna to do it. 

Midna then gets all buddy-buddy with Link and asks him to find something 
called the "Mirror of Twilight", the only thing left that can help them defeat 
Zant. Well, onwards! We gotta get out of here. There are a ton of things you 
can collect with the Clawshot and your wolf form, and the first thing is here 
in the Sacred Grove.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Go back to the clearing where you fought the Skull Kid, and blow up the rock 
in the middle of it. A Poe will come out of the destroyed rock, kill it and 
dig where the rock used to be to find a hidden cave. Kill all the Red Deku 
Babas in there to make a chest with a HEART PIECE appear.

We have a lot of collecting to do now. I'm just going to put different 
paragraphs for the items instead of listing them by area.

0o Golden Wolf!!! o0
You'll find him outside the south entrance to Hyrule Castle Town. Talk to him 
here to learn the HELM SPLITTER! When you fight a heavily armed opponent, do a 
 Shield Bash to knock them off balance, then press A to flip over them and 
bust their head. This will be a life-saver in the sixth dungeon and beyond!

>>-<> Big Quiver!!! <>-<<
Go to the circus tent close to the east entrance to Hyrule Castle Town. Pay 10 
rupees to play the STAR game(Worst. Acronym. Ever!). Use your Clawshot to 
climb back and forth in the cage and collect all the spheres before time runs 
out. If you win, you'll receive the BIG QUIVER! Now you can hold 60 arrows 
instead of 30. You can do another version of this game once you complete the 
seventh dungeon, but it's actually easier than this one. Go figure.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Warp back to Lake Hylia and go inside the Spirit Spring. There's a patch of 
ivy at the back; Clawshot to it and enter the door. Light the two torches to 
get to another HEART PIECE.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Go to any of the patches of Hawk Grass in Lake Hylia and talk to Plumm(the odd 
parrot bird) as Wolf Link. She'll challenge you to a balloon-collecting mini-
game. Despite the point values of the balloons(greens are worth 1, oranges are 
3, reds are worth 10), it's very easy to score 10000 points if you just grab 
the chain of red ones early on. Once you get 10000 points or more, she gives 

0o Howl Stone!!! o0
While you're still in Lake Hylia, you can find that Howl Stone we had to pass 
up earlier. It's on the cluster of land to the south. Copy the song and this 
time the Golden Wolf will appear in the as-yet unmarked eastern portion of 
your map. We'll be there soon enough, no worries.

!!!Bomb Bag!!!
Warp to Zora's Domain. Come back in human form and use your Iron Boots to sink 
all the way to the bottom. Use a Water Bomb to blow up the rock and free a 
Goron! Listen to how he got there, and he'll give you a third BOMB BAG! In 
theory you could fill each one with a different type of bomb, but Water bombs 
are too costly and Bomblings just aren't worth it. So, yeah! You should never 
run out of bombs anymore now! But you gotta wonder: How will that Goron get 
out of there?

**Golden Bug!!!**
Warp to Hyrule Castle and in the area east of the castle town, Clawshot up 
onto the ivy hanging over a nearby cliff. Check up there for a FEMALE 

**Golden Bug!!!**
Go to the north area in the Lanayru province(north of Hyrule Castle), and look 
on one of the trees. You should find a MALE STAG BEETLE on the side of one. 
Search closer to the east entrance to this area.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
I know this isn't on the way to anything, but go to the north area of Hyrule 
Field and circle around to the north end of the Bridge of Eldin. There should 
be a cliff on a nearby rock wall, Clawshot up to the top using the target. 
Enter the cave there and go through it(use your Iron Boots and watch the 
magma) to get a HEART PIECE at the end. 

**Golden Bug!!!**
On that same ledge close to the Bridge of Eldin, there is a FEMALE PHASMID on 
the rock wall. It blends in with the wall very well during the day, so you 
have to either look closely or wait until night time.

BIG NOTICE: There is another Heart Piece you can potentially collect now as a 
reward for a small side-quest starting in Kakariko Village. I won't cover it 
now, because you have to go to Malo Mart and donate 1000 rupees to restore the 
bridge west of Hyrule Castle Town first. I suggest you go and drop off as much 
money as you can afford at the moment. I'll cover how to get it in full after 
the next dungeon.

~Hyrule Castle Town~
Now! Once you're done all that collecting, warp back to Hyrule Castle and go 
back To Telma's bar. Sometimes you just have to go where everybody knows your 
name... Enter the bar(Link: "Hey everyone." Everyone: "LINK!!!" Telma: "how's 
life treating you, honey?" Link: "Pour." Telma: "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that." 
Link: "No, just pour me a beer." :P) and talk to Telma. She'll introduce you 
to the gang(who should get their own spinoff game in time, not that annoying 
Tingle): Shad, the bookwormy nerd of the bunch and Ashei, an unintentionally 
rude but good-hearted Emo/Goth warrior girl. And you'll also meet up with Rusl 
again! Awesome! After talking to everyone here and checking the map on the 
table, you'll get a pretty good idea of what you need to do next: We have to 
go meet Auru, the fourth member of the group, back at Lake Hylia. Leave town 
and warp there.

~Lake Hylia~
Go back up that nearby ladder and past the Howl Stone, you should come across 
a thin stone tower(if you can't find it, check the red target on your map). 
Climb to the top to introduce yourself to Auru. He'll show you a view of the 
Gerudo Desert to the east, as well as share the story of the prison there. He 
speaks of a mirror... perhaps it's the Mirror of Twilight? Only one way to 
find out! Before you leave, Auru gives you a memo to give to Fyer, that clown 
who operates the cannon. Go to Fyer's island cabin and show him the memo by 
equipping and using it. After a short conversation with Fyer, he'll agree to 
launch you out of the cannon(for free- this one time only) to...

~Gerudo Desert~
Once you arrive here, Midna will explain some more about the Fused Shadows to 
you... and just how dangerous they can really be. And what happened to those 
who used them last, as well as the origin of the Twilight Realm... a sobering 
story. When Zant took control, Midna- a descendant of the original denizens of 
the Twilight Realm- was banished to the world of light. I honestly think that 
this is a great source of pathos for Midna, but we must press on anyway.

The Desert itself is, truth be told, a large and boring place, but there are 
two big points of interest. The first is to the far southeast. As you go, 
beware the little worm enemies that constantly burrow and leap out of the 
sand, move quickly to avoid them and roll out of their way if they annoy you.
Once you get to the southeast, look for a large impossible-to-miss rocky 
structure. Clawshot up to a tree, then to a Peahat(a flying plant-like 
creature) to get to the top of the rock. Once you do, another group of 
Twilight Monsters will appear on you. It's easy to kill them all at once in 
such close quarters, but don't take too much damage here. When they die, take 
a look at this HUGE ASS structure on top? Look familiar? It's the missing 
middle part of the Bridge of Eldin! Turn into a wolf and answer Midna's hail 
to warp it back to the rest of the Bridge of Eldin(the little yell she gives 
while psychically lifting heavy objects is adorable). Once that's done, head 
back north in the Desert.

I should also point out that there is a cave you revealed by warping that 
chunk of the bridge back to its proper place. That's the Cave of Ordeals, an 
optional 50-floor endurance dungeon. You can't get to the end right now, so 
don't worry about yet. It's best to wait until after the next three dungeons 
or so until you can get all the way down.

**Golden Bug!!!**
In the middle south area of the desert, look for a MALE DAYFLY flying around. 
Ironically, it's much easier to spot at night.

Head to the northeast and you'll come across a Moblin settlement. You know 
what to do... kill as many as you can, and when you're free of distractions, 
take and ride one of their boars. Press A to charge and break through their 
wooden walls and structures, revealing countless treasure chests with rupees. 
Ride a boar further north, and break through the walls to gain access to the 
furthest north area here.

0o Golden Wolf!!! o0
On your way north, you'll come across the Golden Wolf again. This time he 
teaches you my personal favorite skill: The MORTAL DRAW! To use it, do NOT Z-
target your opponent, sheathe your sword, and let an enemy get close to you. 
Then, press A at JUST the right time to attack with a quick draw! I love this 

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Press on north into another Moblin encampment. This is a pretty 
straightforward area, just run through and kill every Moblin that attacks you. 
In the northwest corner of the fort, there is a boar roasting on a spit. Carve 
it with your sword to get a HEART PIECE out of it. Was it the boar's actual 
heart? Sadly, we as an audience may never know. Also grab the small key next 
to the spit.

Use the small key to get to the middle area of the settlement, and guess who 
shows up for round three? The King Moblin! Dammit, you can NOT kill this guy! 
Well, we beat him twice before, we can do it again. This time you fight him on 
foot. Backflip or jump to the sides to dodge his heavy axe blows(they really 
do hurt a lot!). The Back Slice technique works best against him, and you can 
use the Mortal Draw to get in a cheap shot or two. Once you beat him, he will 
retreat again and you can ride the boar hanging around in here. But wait! As 
he leaves, his henchmen will set fire to the place, so mount the boar(no 
jokes, please) and charge out of this room! You'll automatically bash through 
a series of gates and end up at the Arbiter's Grounds. No surprises out here 
or anything, just go in.