The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

Lakebed Temple [lake]
OVERVIEW: Every Zelda game has one hideously difficult dungeon; if memory 
serves me correctly, this isn't the first time it's been the water level. This 
temple follows the tradition of the Watergate Dungeon from Link to the Past, 
the notorious Water Temple from OoT, and the Great Bay Temple from Majora's 
Mask. This temple was, at least for me, the hardest overall in the game. Once 
you get the new weapon here, you can scale to new heights! And I apologize in 
advance if the directions seem too confusing, that's just the nature of the 
temple. I hope you don't get too lost.

WALKTHROUGH: As you swim in, you'll meet two returning faces to the Zelda 
series: Shell Blades and Baris. Shell blades are the angry-looking clams, 
slice them with your sword(yup, you can use your sword underwater, but only 
when wearing your Iron Boots) and hit the muscle in between their "jaws". The 
Baris are the electric jellyfish, and they can't be killed until you get this 
dungeon's big treasure. Just avoid them all for now and swim through the 
tunnel up to the temple proper.

Once you arrive in the first room, open the chest at the back to get 10 Water 
Bombs(in case you ran out earlier trying to blow up the rock blocking the 
entrance, I guess) and go up the nearby stairs. Jump off the ledge to grab the 
hanging golden handle, and Link's weight will pull the switch down and open 
the gate to the next room. While you're here, use a spare bottle to grab some 
red Chu jelly from the Red Chus here. It restores 8 hearts if you drink it, 
and a spare pick-me-up is always nice in a dungeon. Don't bother with the 
Purple Chu jelly, I drank it once and it brought me down to just a QUARTER OF 

Terrence Ray writes of the first room. Apparently, there are Blue Chus in 
here as well: "They are pretty valuable for people with over 8 hearts and its 
a good way to come back and get some blue chu jelly. At the beginning of the 
cave, after you distinguish blue from purple you can get the blue jelly that 
completely heals Link". Ha, guess I missed them my first time through. You 
have to act quickly to get them(or the Red Chus too), because if you don't, 
the Purple Chus will absorb the rest you'll just be left with one large 
Purple Chu... you don't want that.

The first thing you want to do in the next room is open fire with your Bow 
and shoot down every stalactite here. You'll have to use Bomb arrows, just 
use your regular Bombs and don't waste Water Bombs. Once they're all down, 
climb up them and go to the northwest corner of the room. Open the chest 
there for 10 Bombs. As for the enemies here, you've already faced Tektites 
before, and the fat little reptiles with the iron masks are called, 
appropriately, Iron Masks(I think- I've been giving enemies names based on 
similarities to enemies in past games, anyway). Just jump aside if they 
charge you and attack their backsides to kill them, but they're not a dire 
threat. Once you're done here, continue north into the next room.

You'll see a camera pan of this room just to see how vast the temple is, and 
you'll get attacked by a Lizalfos waiting here for you. This humanoid lizard 
is pretty easy to kill, but later incarnations will have more armor, so be 
warned! Once you finish him off(do the Ending Blow for a crotch-stab!), keep 
going north.

This next room is MASSIVE and connects every other main area in the temple. 
The staircase in the middle is rotate-able, you can use those hanging switches 
for that. If you jump and hang off of one, the top of the staircase will turn 
to match the switch you just pulled. On the lower floor, the bottom of the 
stairs will turn to meet you instead. The first thing you want to do is go 
down the stairs and circle around to the south side of the lower floor. Jump 
and pull down the switch there to rotate the bottom towards you, then climb up 
the stairs. Circle around west to a dead end; smash the jar here to meet Oocoo 
again. She's actually useful in this dungeon seeing as you can leave to get 
more Water Bombs if you run out. But it should never come to that. While 
you're on the top floor, pull the switch to the east to move the stairs again 
and go down them to the west. Head right and open the chest for the DUNGEON 
MAP. Go through the nearby door to the west.

In here, take out your Bow and shoot a Bomb arrow at the stalactite to stop a 
water spout below. Head through the tunnel to your right to the lower floor. 
Move across the ivy-covered rock pillar in the middle of the room until you 
end up on the west side of it. You should see another water spout nearby. Bomb 
arrow the stalactite above it to create a rising and falling platform, and use 
it to get to the chest containing a small key. With the key, head back to the 
main room with the rotating staircase.

Now that you're back here(I'm going to call the rotating staircase room the 
"main room" in this dungeon), go to the western door on the top floor. Unlock 
it and go in.

After going through a small hallway, you'll emerge in a small part of a 
circular room. It looks like both ways here are sealed... but look up and to 
the right. Stalactites. Bomb arrow them both and climb on the ivy(getting the 
little height boost you need from the fallen rock). Drop on top of the wall 
and pull the switch down from the ceiling to open the gate below(we'll need it 
open later). Continue to circle around northwest and blow up the rock ahead of 
you. Keep going, kill the Iron Masks here, and enter the door to the west.

As you enter this room, a little grasshopper-like enemy will enter a large 
bubble of water and start jumping at you. Use a bomb to blow away the water 
and kill him off the grasshopper like any other enemy. Once he's gone, leave 
via the eastern door(the one to the south- there are two doors here, leading 
to separate halves of the room to the east).

Once you leave, jump down and kill the Chus and Keese roaming around here. 
Open the nearby chest for a small key, than enter the door to the middle of 
this circular room.

Jump on top of the large gear here and battle the Lizalfos. Don't fall down! 
You'll have to loop all the way back here if you do. And I HATE backtracking. 
Once he dies, leave to the north.

We're back in the outside of the circle again. Enter the northern door to the 
west and unlock the locked door in there(confused yet?). Jump down to the 
bottom of the room here and climb the ivy on the north wall of the pit you're 
now in. Once you get to the top of the ivy, run all the way up the spiraling 
pathway and open the chest for 10 Bombs. But the important thing here is to 
use the ladder to climb to the top of the nearby archway. Jump and pull the 
switch to open a floodgate above you and get a stream of water going. Go down 
the Super Happy Fun Slide to the now filled water pool at the bottom. Pull the 
switch at the small island in the middle of the pool to open another floodgate 
and get the water moving even further. Go back into the middle of the circular 
room with the giant gear and drop down to the lower floor.

The stream of water got the paddle wheel turning in the floor above, as you 
saw, and that means the platforms here are moving. Ride one of the platforms
to the platform to the north, and enter the door there.

In here, go slightly ahead, then to the left down a short pathway. Open the 
chest for a small key, then go back into the room with the rotating gear and 
hanging platforms and go through the west door this time.

Unlock the door in here and swim through the water-filled tunnel. Don your 
Iron Boots at the end and drop to the bottom, and use a Water Bomb on the rock 
covering part of that white webbing. Swim onward and upward to the surface at 
the end. Once you climb out of the deep water, the hole in floor you swam 
through will close up. Kill the two little tadpole enemies, then... look up. 
Surprise! You're in the miniboss room! And she's none too happy about what you 
did to her children...

This large amphibian will drop down from the ceiling and send a large swarm of 
tadpoles to attack. Keep your shield up and stay back against the wall. Try to 
take out as many as you can with a Spin Attack, and when they're all dead, the 
Giant Frog will leap in the air and try to land on you. Keep moving and watch 
her shadow so that she doesn't land on you. When she does land, Z-target her 
tongue and slice it up. Repeat this for three rounds or so, and that should be 
it. It's an easy enough battle, and the tadpoles sometimes drop hearts when 
they die, so it's very difficult to get killed here.

Once the Giant Frog burps up a chest and dies, open it and you'll get this 
dungeon's big treasure: the CLAWSHOT! This sort of new weapon takes the place 
of the Hookshot from previous games. You can use it to attach to those red and 
gold Clawshot targets you may have seen in the dungeon before. Once you 
grapple on to anything, you can raise and lower the chain(if the target is on 
the ceiling) or cling to it and drop with A(if the target is on the wall).

Now that we have the Clawshot, use it on the target here to exit the room. 
Once you hook onto the target, it'll pull down like a switch and open the gate 
here. Leave to the south and head back to the temple's main room.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
In the main room, there's a chandelier in the very top of the room. Clawshot 
up to it from the top floor and open the chest up there for a HEART PIECE!

Once you get the Heart Piece, jump back down to the top floor and go to the 
west door(with the water coming out of it). Clawshot up to the target there, 
which acts in place if those handle switches to move the stairs. The stairs 
now act as a water slide, sending the water down to the east wing of the 
dungeon. Go down the stairs and head into the previously inaccessible east 
side of the lower floor.

The next room is a bottomless pit with several large gears and many Clawshot 
targets. Try your new gadget out on the Keese here, it'll blow them away in a 
single hit! For now, just Clawshot onto the nearest target on top of one of 
the gears, and lower yourself to a platform with 10 Water Bombs in a chest. 
Clawshot from there onto the nearby ivy, then aim upwards to grapple onto a 
higher patch of ivy. From there, grapple to one more patch of ivy on the wall 
and go through the nearby door to the northwest.

Out here, you'll be faced by another grasshopper in a water balloon. Pull him 
out with your Clawshot and hack him to death. Then pull out your bomb arrows 
and knock down a stalactite above a conveniently placed water stream. Use the 
makeshift platform to get through the upper gap in the wall, and take 
advantage of the Clawshot switch on the other side. It'll lower the gate here, 
but for now, head to the eastern door.

Kill two more grasshoppers-in-bubbles here, then Clawshot onto the ivy on the 
ceiling. Move hand-over-hand over the wall, then Clawshot over to the other 
side of the pool(ivy again) and go up the water ramp. As you go, experiment 
with the Clawshot on enemies. Use it on the Iron Masks to pull their masks 
off! You can even throw the mask at them to hurt them! I find such a tactic 
hilarious but not as good as the sword. Once you get to the top, open the 
chest for 10 Bombs, then Clawshot up to an upper ledge to get the COMPASS! 
Once that's done, climb up the arch and grab the hanging switch like before to 
start another waterfall. Slide back down and swim to the switch in the center 
of the pool at the bottom. Mind the evil little fish, though! If you move 
quickly, they won't get to you in time. Pull the switch down to open a 
floodgate here. Follow the water stream and go into the room with the several 
large gears.

Grapple back down the ivy patches and Clawshot onto one of the targets on the 
 west gear's underside. Once you pass over a platform, drop down and Clawshot 
onto the east gear. Drop down once you get close to the east door, and head 
through it. We activated both the waterfalls,; all we need to do now is get 
the Big Key. And we're on the way to doing just that.

We'll arrive in a water-filled maze-like room. Jump in and swim around, 
explore as much of it as you can. It's a difficult maze to describe, the 
best advice I can give here is just look for spots you can use Water Bombs 
on. Try using the clawshot underwater, you can use it while freely swimming,
without the Iron Boots! Try hitting a Bari with it, and you'll pull out its 
brain and kill it instantly. Don't do it while it's emitting electricity, 
though: you'll just get a nasty shock if you do that. As for the maze, try 
to make your way to roughly the middle of the room and look for a bombable 
rock. There will actually be live(?) Water Bombs swimming around close to it,
so put on your Iron Boots and strike one with your sword to start their 
countdown. Just use one of them to blow away the rock, then swim on in. Drop 
to the bottom again, and look for another destructible rock. Blow it up, then 
swim to the surface for a gap you can climb through to get to dry land. Go 
through the door there to the south.

After killing another bubble grasshopper here, look around a bit. There's a 
Clawshot switch on the ceiling. It only stays activated as long as you hang 
from it, though, so rather than drop into the hole below, lower yourself 
through it to the platform below. Open the chest on front of you for the BIG 
KEY! Celebrate your find by killing the Piranhas in the water below, then 
leave through the underwater door. Head back to the main room.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
The water level is high enough now for you to go into the middle of the main 
room and go into the boss room, but we have one more thing to get. Rotate the 
stairs once more so that the water flowing from the east side of the dungeon 
flows to the bottom floor on the west. Go west on the bottom floor into the 
room with the one large gear, where you got the first small key here. The 
water level in this room will rise, taking a floating bridge with it. Go 
across that bridge and stand on the switch on the far end to open up a gate. 
Kill the Lizalfos that emerge, then stand on the switch to open the gate 
again. Clawshot into the closed-off area, and get the HEART PIECE waiting for 
you. Finally, Clawshot your way back out.

Now that you've got everything you need, head back to the main room and open 
the boss door. Put on your Iron boots and drop to the very bottom of the 

Morpheel starts out as a mouth poking out of the sand surrounded by tentacles. 
If you played Ocarina of Time(and who hasn't?), the first part of the battle 
is very similar to Morpha, the boss of the Water Temple. To hurt Morpheel in 
the first part of the battle, take out your Clawshot and Z-target the eye 
moving through the tentacles. Pull it out and attack it with your sword. Once 
you damage it, it'll release some swimming Water Bombs, so deal with them 
before returning to damaging Morpheel. If you get too close, it'll grab you 
with a tentacle and eat(!!!) you(not a game over, it'll spit you back out). 
After 3 hits or so, the... rest... of its body will emerge from the sand and 
the REAL fight will begin!

Is this thing not THE BIGGEST BOSS YOU HAVE EVER SEEN?!?!?!? It'll start 
swimming around the lair, so take off your Iron Boots and swim alongside it. 
Z-target the single eye on the top of its head and Clawshot yourself towards 
it when you're close enough. You'll straddle its back, so wave the Remote back 
and forth to carve up its eyeball before you get thrown off. Repeat the 
process maybe twice more to turn it into sushi, and the battle will be over 
before you know it.

The last FUSED SHADOW and another HEART CONTAINER will be yours. Midna will 
hint that Zant... is a false king... hmm... In any case, leave here for now.