The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

-Part 3: Mandatory Impossible Water Dungeon [par3]
~Kakariko Village~
You return to the spring here. Looks like we have to head north to the Lanayru 
province, but we have some item collecting to do in and around Kakariko 
Village. First, make sure you have at least 220 rupees, then go to Barnes's 
bomb shop and buy the BOMBS. The first Bomb Bag costs 120 rupees. Barnes will 
also tell you about a combo you can do with your Bow and Bombs. Just go into 
the item selection screen and press Z when you go over the Bombs to create 
explosive arrows. Each one you shoot costs both 1 arrow and 1 Bomb, so use 
them sparingly. Now we have some Heart Pieces to get.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Go back to the spring and look up and to the left. On top of the rock wall, 
you should see a small cluster of boulders and a single tree. Use a Bomb arrow 
to blast away the rocks and the Gale Boomerang to get the HEART PIECE that is 

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Right where you got the previous Heart Piece, look at ground level for another 
destructible rock. Blast it away, then go through the cave and to the back of 
the spring. Jump in, put on your Iron Boots, and sink all the way to the 
bottom. There's a chest at the bottom containing another HEART PIECE! Finding 
two so close to one another... very rare, that...

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Talk to the Goron in front of Barnes's bomb shop to get a boost to the roof. 
Go up the trail and scaffolding ahead, and talk to the Goron there. Get 
ANOTHER boost, climb up to the roof of the house, and talk to Talo. He'll 
marvel at your new Bow and offer you the chance to do a demonstration. The 
first two targets are easy enough, but the third... well, you'll see for 
yourself once you do it. If you hit all three, Malo will give you another 
HEART PIECE, but don't feel bad if you can't hit that third target(I managed 
to pull it off even though it cost me almost a whole quiver of arrows).

Once you complete that target test, go back to Malo's shop and buy the 
HAWKEYE, which costs 100 rupees. You can combine it with your bow in the same 
fashion as the Bombs, but it offers a zoom function instead. This is only 
available after you get the Heart Piece from the archery test. Did anyone 
say... Bow sniping?

**Golden Bug!!!**
Head west into the Graveyard and inspect one of the trees up the stairs. There 
is a tiny golden insect crawling around: a MALE ANT! Once we get to Hyrule 
Castle Town, we can trade him in for something, but just keep him for now.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Head back to Kakariko Gorge and go south until you see a conspicuous-looking 
bomb-able rock. Blow it away and enter the maze-like cave. Use your lantern to 
find your way around and get to the end for a HEART PIECE! You'll have to 
light two torches to get it to appear, though.

~Hyrule Field~
Once you've collected all that cool junk, leave Kakariko Village through the 
northeast and head out into the Eldin Province. Our destination is to the 
north, but we have one small detour to make...

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
As soon as you exit Kakariko Village, you should find a destructible rock 
blocking a rocky ramp on the left side of the trail. Clear the way, and climb 
up the ramp. Climb up the ivy, make a couple more jumps, and use a Bomb arrow 
to clear out another rock. Jump over, climb that ivy, and jump down two more 
platforms to Link's left. Down a bit from there is another HEART PIECE!

**Golden Bug!!!**
In the Eldin province, look in the grass-less brown area northwest of the exit 
from Kakariko village for a MALE GRASSHOPPER. It jumps around a lot, making it 
difficult to catch, so you'll have to Gale Boomerang it to stun it and bring 
it close enough to catch.

Now that's out of the way, so head to the northwest and run across the Bridge 
of Eldin to the far end. Blow away the rocks blocking the path past the far 
end, but before you can go any further, a portal will appear, take away the 
middle of the bridge, and spawn three Twilight monsters! Go back and take them 
out(to kill them all at once as human Link, use a well-placed Spin Attack), 
and continue northeast into the Twilight Realm once more...

There is something else I have to point out here: a potentially GAME-ENDING 
GLITCH!!! If you save and quit AFTER the bridge disappears but BEFORE you 
enter the Twilight Realm, once you resume your game, you'll be back at the 
entrance near Kakariko Village and unable to proceed. If you must save and 
quit at this point, just go into the Twilight Realm and then save, and you 
should be fine.

~Hyrule Field- Twilight~
Once you're in, follow the path until you see the satchel on the ground. Check 
it to learn the SCENT OF ILIA! Follow the scent trail all the way to...

~Hyrule Castle Town- Twilight~
Keep following the scent through the town, until you reach an underground 
tavern known as Telma's Bar. Head on inside and look at the spirits nearby to 
see Ilia again, Telma, Telma's chest, and a Zora prince. Then go to the back 
room and listen in on the guards, and inspect the map on the table to see 
where they were headed. Looks like we have to check out the Spirit Spring in 
Lake Hylia next. Leave Hyrule Castle town through the east gate and head east, 
then south from here. 

~Hyrule Field- Twilight~
You'll come across the Great Bridge of Hylia, so head across it. Notice 
anything funny? All that odd liquid on the surface... you'll see a scene with 
a Twilight Moblin. Oh no... ooooooh nooooo...! FIRE!!! He'll start an oil fire 
from both ends of the bridge, so QUICKLY push that crate in front of you to 
the side and use it to jump off the side of the bridge, and fall into...

~Lake Hylia- Twilight~
The firs thing you'll notice about the lake is that the water level is 
dangerously low. If you use your wolf senses and listen to the Zoras here, 
you'll get a pretty good idea of what happened to the lake... looks like we 
have to check the Spirit Spring first, but the river is completely dried up, 
rendering it unreachable due to low water levels. The first thing we have to 
do is check the house nearby. Listen to the guy here, and he'll mistake a 
Twilight Moblin for a customer. Head north across the dried-up "river" to deal 
with him, and he'll mount a Twilight bird and attack you. Just jump around 
while circling him to dodge his fire arrows, and Jump Attack him when he moves 
close to the ground. You can latch onto him and do heavy damage. Once he bites 
the dust, Midna will corral the bird and score you a ride up the river.

~Zora's River- Twilight~
This part is a minigame of sorts. You'll be riding the bird, and all you have 
to do is aim the remote to steer the bird and press A to speed up. Don't hit 
the walls or obstacles too much, and if you fall, you'll have to start over. 
Pretty easy. Eventually, you'll arrive at...

~Upper Zora's River- Twilight~
You'll be dropped off near the boat rental cabin, not that you'll be able to 
make much use of it now. Drop down to the river bottom and head east to...

~Zora's Domain- Twilight~
Head north here, and take a Long Jump up the ice spires(where the waterfall 
would normally be). If any chunks of ice fall in your way, use your B button 
energy attack to get them out of your way. Do two more Long Jump sequences to 
move in the Zoras' throne room.

There's a trio of Twilight monsters waiting for you in the throne room. Kill 
them to establish another warp point. We're gonna have to use this to thaw out 
the Zoras and the river. Where can we get something really, really hot...? 
Warp to Death Mountain.

~Death Mountain~
Remember when we came here, and the large half-molten rock flew out of the 
volcano? Warp here, and get Midna to bring it back to Zora's Domain.

~Zora's Domain- Twilight~
Everything will now be halfway back to normal after the river gets thawed out. 
Leave here, but before you do, a scene will occur with the spirit of the dead 
Zora Queen, Rutela. She gives us a new mission: to save her son, Ralis. We'll 
get to him soon enough, but for now, go swimming back to Lake Hylia.

~Lake Hylia- Twilight~
You'll end up right in front of the Spirit spring. Go inside and talk with the 
last Light Spirit, Lanayru. We're going on one last bug hunt. Here are the 

1: Follow it up the bridge as you leave the spring, and that's one down 

2: Go back to the floating wooden island northeast of the spring for bug #2.

3: Head back towards the spring to come across another Twilight monster trio. 
Kill them to form another warp point, yeah, yeah, yeah. You know the drill by 
now. Climb up the rock area(it's a maze, I know) to get to bug #3.

4: Bug #4 is over on a remote little island to the west. Easy to find, easy to 

5, 6, 7, and 8: where you killed bug #4, howl at the patch of hawk grass to 
summon that bird to take you up Zora's River again. Take the ride, but keep 
your wolf sense activated the whole time. The bugs will be flying around along 
the way, Z-target them and charge into them with A to kill them and collect 
the tears in one fell swoop. You can get four bugs on the ride.

9: Once you get dropped off from the bird ride, listen to the lady with the 
big Afro in front of the boat house. Bug #9 will appear.

0o Howl Stone!!! o0
While you're in front of the Canoe Rental Cabin, go to the north riverbank and 
towards the top of an overhanging cliff. There is a HOWL STONE at the top, 
repeat the melody like before(Zelda fans will recognize it as the Nocturne of 
Shadow from Ocarina of Time) and the Golden Wolf will appear just east of 
Hyrule Castle. We'll get to him in as soon as you've cleared the Twilight out.

10: Warp back to Zora's Domain. Bug #10 is hanging out on a wall. Dash into it 
to dislodge him. Kill him, then leave here for now.

11, 12, 13, and 14: bugs #11 and #12 can be found on the odd lily pads in the 
pool at the bottom of the waterfall outside of Zora's Domain. #13 is on a 
strip of land a bit above water level. Do some Long Jumps to scale the 
waterfall, and move to its west side to find a chest with a red rupee. Jump 
down here to find it. Bug #14 is farther up the waterfall. Keep Long jumping 
until you find a trail of green rupees off to the side follow it, jump off the 
ledge, and follow that trail to bug 14.

15: I was stuck FOREVER on this one on my first playthrough, so listen up and 
learn from my shame. Outside of the boathouse, there will be the spirits of 
two Zora guards. Listen to them, and follow them in the stream moving 
southwest. You'll emerge in Hyrule Field, so head back into the Castle Town. 
ANOTHER Twilight trio will appear, so make another warp portal out of them. Go 
right outside of Telma's Bar(follow the Ilia Scent if you don't remember where 
that is). When you're outside, break open a few nearby crates with a Spin 
Attack and bug #15 will be revealed! Kill him, and there's one left... but it 
may be easier to find than you think. Midna will point it out on your map. 
This one's gonna be a doozy! Warp back to Lake Hylia.

16: In the middle of Lake Hylia... swim over to the white dot on your map, and 
you'll come across the biggest friggin' dark insect you've ever seen! Luckily, 
she's not difficult to defeat. To dodge her, just choose one platform to stand 
on. Stay far off to one side, and move to the other side of the platform as 
she swoops down on you. Wait until she stops emitting electricity, then jump 
onto her and bite her repeatedly. After a few rounds of attacking, she'll go 
belly up in the water. Jump on to her abdomen and use your energy attack to 
strike all her abdominal tentacles at once. With this battle done, you will 
NEVER have to collect the tears from any dark insects again! (Scattered 

~Lake Hylia~
No more Twilight!!! Yay!!! Talking with Lanayru the Light Spirit gives you a 
most interesting scene on the subject of the residents of the Twilight Realm, 
as well as a VERY creepy moment with a false Ilia... Once Link snaps out of 
it, head on over to floating island and talk to Fyer(he's the clown-like 
fellow with the gut). Pay him 10 rupees to launch you out of Lake Hylia for 

<3Heart Piece!!! <3
When you land from getting launched, head inside the nearby building and talk 
to Falbi, the puffy-panted clown up here. Pay him 20 rupees to play his game. 
Grab a chicken and use it to glide down to the platforms down on the surface 
of the water. Land on the second platform from the top(including the high 
rotating one) to get a HEART PIECE from the treasure chest.

Once you're done with chickens and cannons and clowns(oh my!), launch back up 
again and go back to Hyrule Castle Town. As you enter, you'll get some letters 
from the Postman. One of them is from Barnes; he has a new type of bomb in 
stock! We'll have to come by and check it out later. For now, enter the town.
Actually before you, I'll tell you how to get a couple more Golden Bugs.
Sorry if that disrupts the flow. 

0o Golden Wolf!!! o0
On your way in through the east entrance, climb up a rocky platform to meet 
the Golden Wolf again. This time, he teaches you the BACK SLICE! To use it, Z-
target an enemy, jump to the side twice to roll around to its backside, then 
swing your Remote to slice them from behind. This technique is a godsend in 
later battles!

**Golden Bug!!!**
One you're close to Hyrule Castle Town, go a bit southeast of the entrance and 
look for a patch of pink flowers. A MALE BUTTERFLY is among them.

**Golden Bug!!!**
Now that you can cross the Great Bridge of Hylia while not in wolf form, do so.
Check the north end of the bridge(near the pillars) VERY closely and you'll 
see a MALE MANTIS flying around here. Use your Gale Boomerang to get it.
Thanks to Mario Di Teodoro for pointing this out.

**Golden Bug!!!**
Go south of the Bridge of Hylia until you see a rocky arch with Chus(those 
jelly slug-like enemies) dropping down. Check a nearby wall for the FEMALE
MANTIS. Use your Gale Boomerang to get it down. Thanks to Mario Di Teodoro
for pointing this one out, too! As a side note, I feel sorry for that poor
Male Mantis once you deliver them to Agitha. do you know what the female
mantis(in real life) DOES to the male during mating? Look it up!

~Hyrule Castle Town~
There is quite a bit of interesting stuff to do here, but we can't access most 
of it yet. Here's what we CAN get:

<>Big Wallet!!!<>
When you enter from the east, head immediately south and enter the first 
building you see(not the tent, we'll get to that later). Try not to get put 
off by the creepy cradle music, and talk to the perky little Insect Goth girl 
inside. This is Agitha, and she has to be the most unhealthily obsessed 
entomologist/nut case in all of Hyrule. Maybe her parents didn't give her 
enough love when she was a(younger) child... Regardless, she gives you cool 
stuff, so I guess she's okay in my book. Give her any one of the insects you 
found earlier, and she'll return the favor by giving you a BIG WALLET! Now you 
can hold 600 rupees instead of just 300. If you picked up the female ant too, 
she will express her gratitude by giving you 100 rupees! We'll give your 
wallet a workout in the next paragraph...

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Near the east entrance to the town, there is a priest(?) In a green robe that 
asks for donations. You can give rupees in increments of 30 or 50. Once you 
give a total of 1000 rupees, he'll give you a HEART PIECE. You probably don't 
have 1000 rupees to urinate away now, so just give what you can and save at 
least 100 rupees for Barnes later. Come back here whenever you get some spare 
cash and you'll have the Heart Piece before you know it.

Once you're done playing around, go to Telma's Bar to meet Telma in the, uh... 
flesh, so to speak... hey! Hey!!! Her face is up there, buddy. You'll also 
meet Ralis, the currently dying Zora prince and be united with Ilia. She won't 
remember you, though, as she has currently lost her memory. Link and Telma 
will get to talking, and you'll be conscripted to escort Ilia, Telma, and 
Prince Ralis to Kakariko Village.

~Hyrule Field- Wagon Escort~
Remember when I said that bobber fishing was the most annoying part of the 
game? Well, I lied. THIS part is the most annoying. You have to follow their 
wagon as it goes, and kill any enemies along the way that might threaten it. 
There will be Moblins, and yes, they WILL have fire arrows. If the wagon 
catches on fire, Z-target it and use your Gale Boomerang to put out the 
flames. Do it quickly, too! The wagon has a health meter, and if it stays on 
fire for too long, you gotta try again. Just kill the enemies as they come and 
stay close to the wagon so you can react to anything.

As you go across the Great Bridge of Hylia, you'll face off against the Moblin 
King again! He does not know when to quit... it'll be the same as before, but 
your sword will be useless against those new twin shields of his... approach 
slowly this time, and pull out your Bow instead. Fire off a shot at him(if you 
miss and run out of ammo, Telma will give you more), then swerve to dodge his 
attack. Once he takes another plunge, you'll continue on. 

As you continue on the trail, you'll come across Moblins on boar mounts, as 
well as evil birds. Stay close to the wagon and Spin Attack them all if things 
get too hairy. Remember, protecting the wagon should be a higher priority than 
killing the enemies. Do the Gale Boomerang trick I mentioned earlier, and 
you'll reach Kakariko without it being TOO hard...

~Kakariko Village~
Good news! Ralis will recover in due time. ^_^ He doesn't yet know about his 
mother's death, though... Regardless, after you finish talking with Renado, 
Colin, and Telma, Rutela's ghost will appear again. Follow her to the 
Graveyard(you'll have to go through the crawlspace at the back after that 
tombstone disappears- again, keen Zelda fans will notice the Zora's Sapphire 
design on it) and talk to her again in the beautiful pool in the back. After 
some more dialogue, she will cross over, but not before giving you the ZORA 

Apart from making Link look like a real dork out of water, it allows you to 
swim freely and have unlimited air underwater. The catch-22 is that you are 
more vulnerable to fire and ice attacks, but as long as you don't wear the 
armor when you don't need it, there's no danger of that. While underwater, you 
can use your Iron Boots to walk around like usual without fear of losing air. 
You can use your sword underwater, too.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Head up the Death Mountain trail from the village and talk to the second Goron 
you meet up the way. He'll offer to launch you up the cliff here; take his 
offer but instead aim to the right. You'll grab onto an otherwise inaccessible 
ledge. Follow the upper path here until you find a small cave on the right. 
Drop down here and get the HEART PIECE out of the chest.

While we're here, go over to Barnes's Bomb shop and buy some WATER BOMBS. 
These are identical to regular bombs, but work underwater. The thing is, you 
can only carry 15 in your bag and you still only have one bomb bag. 
Regardless, you'll have to sell back your regular bombs to make room. If 
you're still short on cash after buying them, just go to the spring and test 
them out on some underwater rocks. You may uncover a purple rupee or two. 
Buy as many as you can, then head aaaaall the way back to Lake Hylia. Call 
Epona and ride, postman, RIDE!

Actually, we're not gonna be able to go STRAIGHT to Lake Hylia. Go north of 
Hyrule Castle and go as far north as you can from there. At the northernmost 
point in Hyrule Field, you should find a rock barrier. Blast it down and you 
should end up in Zora's Domain. 

~Zora's Domain~
We can pick up a few things before heading to the Lakebed Temple. Here, go 
south to the Upper Zora's River area and check out the two businesses here: 
the canoe rides and the fishing spot!

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Go to the fishing spot, and go, well, fishing(Link's face upon entering the 
hut is hilarious). Meet Hena, the owner of the fishing hole, and she'll 
explain everything. You can get some cool fish here, but the real prize is 
much better. There is a rock sticking out of the middle of the pond with a 
HEART PIECE in plain sight. Use your fishing rod to catch it. The aiming is 
tricky, so it may take a few tries. You can fish if you like, but there's 
nothing else interesting here.

**Golden Bug!!!**
Well, not exactly. There is the FEMALE DRAGONFLY you can catch just outside of 
the canoe rental place. It's flying above the water, so you'll have to use the 
Gale Boomerang to get it to you.

!!! Bomb Bag !!!
Also, while you're here, wander around to fight a Twilight monster trio and 
form a convenient warp point. The owner of the canoe rides, Foxy Cleopatra, 
er, I mean Iza, will be impressed with your fighting prowess and invite you 
inside. Offer to help clear the rocks from the river and Iza will lend you 
some regular bombs. Use them as Bomb arrows and clear the rocks from inside 
the cavern, and you'll go on a little white water canoe ride! Just go down the 
river, whistle along with the nice music here, using your bomb arrows to clear 
out debris here as you go(you have unlimited arrows and bombs for the ride). 
Once you get about halfway, you'll see an unnamed female Zora who will show 
you the blockage up ahead. Blast it away, follow her to the end, and you'll 
end up back in Lake Hylia. You also get to keep the extra BOMB BAG when you're 
done! I suggest using one for regular Bombs and another for Water Bombs.

~Lake Hylia~
We're almost ready to go to the Lakebed Temple, but we have just one more 
thing to collect in Lake Hylia first.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Climb up the rocky structures in the south of the lake, until you get to a 
ladder. Climb up it, and you'll see a Howl Stone off to the side. You couldn't 
have gotten this as a wolf, but we'll return for it after the Lakebed Temple. 
Instead, blast open a nearby cave. Navigate through it with your Lantern until 
you get to the end and receive a HEART PIECE. This is a long cavern, however, 
but you can replenish your Lantern oil by killing the Yellow Chus(those yellow 
slug-like jelly enemies) and scooping up the puddles of stuff they leave in 
your bottle.

Now that you're back in Lake Hylia, you can test out your Zora Armor even 
further.  Swim down to the bottom of the lake towards that dungeon marker on 
your map. Another fair warning: you're going to HAVE to use your Iron Boots a 
lot here, and you'll need to use them in order to use your Water Bombs 

You're going to need Water Bombs to blow open the entrance to the dungeon, but 
don't worry if you didn't get them from Barnes or just ran out while playing 
with them: There's a Zora just outside of the dungeon who will sell you some 
more if you need them. Go up to the entrance and you'll see it's sealed off 
with a boulder. Take out those Water Bombs and destroy that rock-like circle 
on the lake floor in front of the temple. That'll start up a current, drop 
another Water Bomb to carry it up and, with proper timing, destroy the boulder 
blocking the entrance. Take off your iron boots and swim on in.