The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

Goron Mines [goro]
OVERVIEW: The Goron Mines is sacred ground to the rocky mountain folk, and as 
such, the elders live in here. You must seek all three out to gain access to 
the boss room, as well as use your Iron Boots to walk on the walls and 
ceilings here. The item you gain in here will be your second most valuable 
weapon in the game, after your sword of course.

WALKTHROUGH: Start off by jumping across the platforms on the lava. If you 
fall in, you lose 2 hearts as penalty, so be careful! Time your jumps from 
platform to platform to avoid the shooting lava plumes. As you move north, 
you'll come across a powerful stream of fire shooting out of the wall. Step on 
the nearby switch(you'll have to use your Iron Boots to trip it as well as all 
switches like it in here), then run past. Do this again with a second fire 
stream, then make a u-turn and move along the outside of the caged area you 
were in. Climb to the top of the cage, then jump across to the east ledge and 
head to the right. You'll come across a switch. Kill the nearby Torch 
Slugs(one is farther towards the fire stream- they're easy to kill off, one 
hit with just about anything), trip the switch, then run north past a third 
fire stream. Jump onto the nearby platform-like switch jutting out of the 
wall, and put on your Iron Boots again. The switch will go all the way down, 
allowing you to progress into the next room.

This large and impressive-looking room contains two large electro-magnets to 
which you can cling with your Iron Boots(you know, magnetism and all that). 
They need to be activated, though, but we'll get to that soon. First, jump 
down to the left platform below you and get the drop on a group of Moblins. 
Kill them, and take the small key from the nearby chest. Go up the ramp and 
continue on that general path, jumping over the rotating platforms. Leave 
through the locked door to the east.

Here, move down the ramp here and meet another old enemy: a fire-breathing 
gecko-like creature called a Dodongo. Attack its tail to kill it, but beware 
the nasty fire breath. Move across the platforms and get to the solid ground 
in the northeast. Demolish the other Dodongo here, then grab onto the nearby 
handle and chain and give it a hearty pull(you don't hold A with this, you 
press A to grab on, then press it again to release the handle)! This will move 
back the wall to which it's attached, so you have to move around, jumping 
across more of those platforms, and get through before the wall closes on you. 
You have to time this well, so the lava spouts don't keep you waiting. They 
all rise and fall at the same time, so use the ones you can see as a guide to 
your timing. Once you make it, head through the door past the moveable wall.

In this water-filled room, you'll have to do some underwater exploring. Put on 
your Iron Boots and sink to the floor. A blue meter will show up to show how 
much air you have left, so don't let it run out or it's game over for you! 
Trip the switch underwater, and a magnetic current will pull you out of the 
water and onto a shimmering blue magnetic surface. It's kind of disorienting 
to control Link on those surfaces, but you'll get used to it(try going into 
first person view, it's totally wild!). Go through the nearby door.

In here, you'll find one of the Goron elders, Gor Amoto. Talk to him to gain 
the first KEY SHARD. Laugh at his funny volcano head, then open the chest here 
for the DUNGEON MAP and second one for 20 rupees. Climb up to the second 
floor, then smash one of the jars up there to find Ooccoo again. Leave through 
the second floor door.

On the second floor of that water room, you'll have to walk along the walls 
with your Iron Boots. Actually, it helps if you tilt your Nunchuk to match 
Link's orientation when he's on the wall, it helps you get used to the 
controls more. Take out the Torch Slugs as you go, and continue to the next 

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
On the second floor here, hit the switch right in front of you and you'll be 
drawn to the ceiling. Head northeast along the ceiling, and you'll eventually 
come across a right-side-up chest with a HEART PIECE inside. Take it, then 
continue on to the second floor exit on the west side.

We're back in the large electro-magnet room. Head on over to the center, 
murderize the group of Moblins, then hit the switch to start up the first 
electro-magnet. Go under it when it stops and put on your Iron Boots to stick 
to it, and ride it to the platform to the north. Let go to drop onto it, then 
hit the next switch to activate magnet #2. If you're quick, you'll stick to it 
before the Moblins nearby can get to you. So long, losers!!! Drop down to the 
north again, then go through the door.

We're in another water room. Kill all the crab/spider-like Tektites jumping 
towards you, then drop down to the bottom of the pool and grab a small key 
from the chest to the west(that rhymes and you KNOW it rhymes!). Go to the 
east part of the room, outside of the caged off area, then drop down again. 
Push the block out of the way, then rise to the surface within. Hit the switch 
to start another electric current, then use it to go up to the ceiling. Drop 
down over the metal scaffolding, then hit another switch. Drop down to get 
caught by the sideways magnetic current, then move along the wall and drop 
down to the floor again. Open the chest for a red rupee, and hit the crystal 
switch to open up the gate below you. It only stays open for a few seconds, so 
hurry up! 

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Once you're through, kill the waiting Moblins and walk up the east wall. You 
can go north or south, go south to find HEART PIECE in a chest. Go north to 
get to a rope holding up a gate. Slice the ropes to gain access to the locked 
door below you, then go through it. Oh, and those blocky statues that shoot 
lasers at you are called Beamos. You can't kill them yet, but their uppance 
shall come!

You're outside again, and NOT in a good spot. North of your position are fire 
arrow-slinging Moblins waiting to tear you a nice new glory hole or two if you 
stand still for too long, so run your ass off to the east. You'll find a chest 
with a small key under the watchful eye of another Beamos, so just take it and 
run to the western locked door. Enter it.

Jump across the rotating platforms to find a single long rotating platform 
with several magnetic spots on one side. Wait until they are on top, then run 
across and attach yourself with your Iron Boots before it tips over again. 
Enter the door on the far end of the platform.

Here, you can talk to Gor Ebizo, the second Goron elder, and get the second 
KEY SHARD off of him. Open the nearby chest for a yellow rupee, then climb to 
the second floor and leave.

Go along the magnetic trail on the top floor here and drop down at the end to 
find the miniboss...

This battle is very similar to shoving the Gorons aside as you went up Death 
Mountain, except a bit more involved. He'll start shaking the platform you're 
on, but the Iron Boots will keep you firmly in place. You'll have to keep your 
Iron Boots on for this whole battle, and my strategy assumes you do. He'll 
eventually give you that "bring it on" hand motion that's so popular in pop 
culture nowadays, so go up to him and he'll prepare to punch you. His stomach 
is unguarded during the windup before his punch, so attack it with your sword 
to get him to curl up and roll around. He'll go right for you, so break your 
Z-target and roll out of the way yourself, causing him to change direction and 
come at you again. Hold A to brace yourself and push against him. You'll throw 
him aside, hopefully into the magma below. Three dips in the magma will cause 
him to give up and allow you access to their great treasure. 

Move into the room south of here to receive the HERO'S BOW, quite possibly the 
most overall useful weapon in the game. Congratulations, your Slingshot is now 
completely obsolete! You'll have to use your new Bow here to sever the rope 
holding up the nearby bridge and enter the next part of this room. Once you're 
there(mind the Torch Slug on the ceiling), approach the southernmost Beamos to 
make them ALL spring to life and start shooting their lasers at you. Find a 
safe spot(the dead center of the room is good), take aim and fire at their 
eyes to kill them one by one. Once they're dead, grab hold and pull them back 
to reveal both the COMPASS and passage into the room to the west.

Here, talk to the unnamed black Goron elder and get the final KEY SHARD. The 
BOSS KEY is complete now, so we're off to the boss room! Before you go, grab 
the purple rupee in the chest here. That probably belongs to the Goron elder, 
but he wouldn't have left it lying around if he didn't mean for you to take it 
right? Keep telling yourself that... THIEF(I salute your Zelda knowledge if 
you get the reference)! For now, go back into the Beamos room and head south.

There is no better room in the dungeon in which to practice your aim than this 
one. Whip out your Bow and fire at the Torch Slugs hanging on the 
stalactites(and the Dodongos), then roll into the grating blocking your 
passage to break it down. Jump across the platforms and go past the gate to 
find a switch. Hit it with your Iron Boots to get drawn up to the ceiling, 
then move around so you can hit the crystal switch above the gate. Drop down 
to the floor and go through the door.

We're back in the electro-magnet room again. Raid the nearby chest for another 
purple rupee, then leap down onto the platform below you in a vertigo-inducing 
plunge(how Link does not break an ankle or something when he does that is 
beyond my reckoning). From where you are now, head all the way back to that 
outdoor room to the north where the Moblins were shooting fire arrows at you.

Now you can remove the aforementioned Moblins from their short mortal coils by 
firing back at them. You could go to the center of the room to get a closer 
shot, but c'mon! Be a badass and snipe them from the entrance. It's a nice 
challenge(and deceptively easy if you have a decently steady hand like me), 
and think how impressed your friends will be! Actually, they probably won't 
care, but do you live your life to please them? No? Didn't think so. Once 
they're gone, go over to the east and kill off that Beamos close to that small 
key chest you found earlier. Pull it out of the wall to find a hidden path up 
to the top of the room. Keep going, but be CAREFUL here! Those barrels along 
the way that are marked with a white X- those are explosive, and if the 
Moblins hit them with a fire arrow... well, stay back and snipe them down. 
They even have a TNT barrel hidden behind them! Aim for that instead for 
amusing results. Once the coast is clear, continue to find a switch that 
activates the nearby electro-magnet. Ride it over to the nearby bridge gate, 
then arrow the rope to drop it. Drop down from the magnet onto the bridge and 
enter the next room.

As soon as you get a clear view in this room, open fire and slaughter every 
Moblin you see. Once they're clear, fire an arrow to drop the next bridge 
gate. This releases a small army of more Moblins. Go Keanu Reeves on their 
asses, then enter the boss room.

As with many bosses in the Zelda series, Fyrus only LOOKS intimidating... 
until you figure out how to kill him, then he becomes very easy indeed. You'll 
need both the Iron Boots and your Bow for this fight. As the battle starts, 
he'll try to whip you with his chains. Get as far away from him as possible, 
and take aim with your Bow. Fire at the Eye of Sauron-like gem on his 
forehead, and he'll be momentarily stunned. Take the opportunity to grab the 
handle on the end of either of the chains on his ankles, and put on your Iron 
Boots. Pull him around, and eventually he'll trip, fall, and lose the fire 
covering his body. Make a bad trip/fall one-liner("have a nice TRIP!" or "see 
you next FALL!" will do), then take off your boots, let go of the handle, run 
up to him and attack his head to cause damage. 

You don't need to worry too much about his attacks, just stay away, be 
prepared to shoot before he can charge you, and get ready to roll out of the 
way if he draws his arm back to whip you. Repeat for about 3 rounds of damage, 
and that should do the trick. By the way... anyone think he resembles the Cave 
Troll from Fellowship of the Ring(I know, I was in a Lord of the Rings mood 
when I wrote this part of the guide)?

Chief Darbus is now back to normal, although he doesn't remember a damn thing. 
Grab the HEART CONTAINER and the second FUSED SHADOW, and Midna will tell you 
more of her story. And reveal to Link the true name of the Twilight King: 
Zant. Best to get out of this place for now.