The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

-Part 2: Out of the Twilight, Into the Fire [par2]
~Faron Woods~
You emerge at the spring here. Your next mission is to head west to the Eldin 
province. Go north to Coro's shack, then continue north to...

~Hyrule Field~
There is no larger area in the game than Hyrule Field. It connects all the 
major areas of the game, and spans several provinces. For now, just head west 
to Kakariko Gorge. As you go, you'll meet an EXTREMELY freaky man known as the 
Postman. He'll hand off a letter to you(you'll meet him again as you get more 
letters) which you can look at in your Collection sub-screen.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
If you look at your map, you should see a small pond in the middle of your 
current area separated by a bridge. At the southern end of that bridge is a 
cluster of trees. Look up at the branches, one of them has a HEART PIECE 
resting in the boughs. Use your Gale Boomerang to acquire it. Afterwards, head 
to the west end of this section of Hyrule Field, and enter the Twilight Realm 

~Kakariko Gorge- Twilight~
Continue west here until you come across your old broken Wooden Sword. Turn 
on your senses, than sniff it to learn the YOUTHS' SCENT. You'll learn several 
scents like this over the course of the game, but you can only remember one at 
a time. Keep your senses on and follow the scent trail, but your search is cut 
short when you stumble across a trio of Twilight monsters. Kill them all, and 
you'll notice something else... the bridge is gone! Midna will show you your 
map and explain that whenever you kill a group of Twilight monsters, the warp 
point they used will stay open, allowing you to use it whenever you like in 
wolf form. Now where did we see a loose bridge before...? Warp to the north 
portal in Faron Woods.

~Faron Woods~
Approach the loose bridge and answer Midna's alert to get her to warp it back 
into place in the gorge.

~Kakariko Gorge- Twilight~
Just keep going along the scent trail until you arrive at a gruesomely 
bloodstained gate. Dig through it, kill the Twilight Bokoblins on the other 
side, than enter...

~Kakariko Village- Twilight~
the first thing you'll see here is another Twilight monster trio. Waste them 
to establish a warp point here, then head to the nearby spring. We're gonna 
have to go on another dark insect hunt.

Starting from the southwest and going up, here are the locations of the dark 

1, 2, and 3: Long Jump up to the top of the first house you come across. 
You'll fall through the roof and see a scene. Looks like the kids are closer 
than you think... anyways, once it's over, grab the stick in front of you, 
light it on the nearby flame, then jump across the platforms to light up four 
torches and open the route to the basement. Three of them are downstairs. Take 
them out, grab the tears, then Long jump out of the north end of the basement.

4: You'll emerge in the graveyard. Insect #4 is right in front of you, but 
you'll have to dig it up. Kill it, then head back into the main town.

5: Keep going north until you get to Barnes' Bomb shop(it has the sign in the 
front. Climb up the storage shed to the right of the shop, then leap through 
the window and inside. Go upstairs and dash into the cabinet to release insect 
#5. After you're done, leave via the second floor window.

6, 7, and 8: climb across the balcony to the land above and behind the shop. 
You'll see insect #6 crawl into a nearby building. Go through the crawlspace 
and inside, and light the fireplace inside. Sparks will fly, so GET OUT OF 
THERE IMMEDIATELY. The storage shed will explode, leaving the tears from bugs 
6, 7, and 8 all at once. Sweet!

9: While you're up here, move up the winding pathway nearby. Follow it along 
the rock wall and along the scaffolding, then dig at the side of the house to 
enter. Smash some jars in the corner to reveal insect #9.

10: Not far from the destroyed storage shed, there is a small wooden platform 
on the edge of a cliff. Drop off of it to the roof below, and fall through to 
get inside the house. Insect #10 is underneath a crate. Push it to coax the 
bug out, then kill it and leave with a Long Jump.

11: On the right side of the town, go to the general store(the southernmost 
building) and get inside through a crawlspace. Climb up the shelves and break 
one of the crates to get bug #11.

12 and 13: Go up the hill to the right of the general store, jump across the 
balcony and enter the inn. Drop to the ground floor and use the stick and 
torch to start a fire in the fireplace. You won't burn down the building this 
time, but you'll find bug #12. After that, go into the next room and kill the 
Twilight Moblins hanging around in there. Go up to the second floor and ram 
the nearby wall to shake bug #13 loose. The remaining three are on Death 
Mountain. Go back outside and leave town via the northwest exit.

~Death Mountain- Twilight~
14: Long jump up the first impassible barrier and continue up the mountain. 
Once you come across the steam vents, dig around for bug #14.

0o Howl Stone!!! o0
The first HOWL STONE is in plain sight among the steam vents. The wind will 
play a sort of melody, and you have to match it by holding A to howl and use 
the control stick to change your pitch to match that of the wind. Get it 
right, and you'll warp to this odd, ethereal plane where you have to repeat 
the song once more. Once you do, the Golden Wolf will appear again, and his 
position will show up on your map. He should be right in front of the spring 
of the Ordon Woods. We'll be tracking him down later.

15 and 16: Keep going up the mountain until you come across a circular 
clearing. Once you arrive, another group of Twilight monsters will appear. Due 
to the structure of the wall, you'll have to kill the enclosed one first, than 
the other three at once. Once the warp is formed, dash into the nearby steel 
grating to dislodge and kill bug #15. Do a Long jump up the grating, continue 
down the path, and do another Long jump to go even further up. Once you come 
across the Goron spirit up here, jump down into the hot springs and kill bug 
#16. You'll then be warped back to Kakariko Village and the Twilight will be 
gone from here.

~Kakariko Village~
After the conversation with the light spirit Eldin, you'll see a scene where 
you meet up with the kids again, and meet Renado, the village shaman, his 
daughter Luda, and Barnes the bomb maker. Take a moment to enjoy this very 
cool remix of the Kakariko Village theme, then go back up Death Mountain.

~Death Mountain~
the ladder is still broken, but you can still climb the metal grate. However, 
you won't be able to progress much further due to the Goron guard rolling into 
you. You can try to wrangle him like you did to the goat, but he'll knock you 
down anyway. Damn. Leave here for now, but as soon as you do, Renado will talk 
to you and discuss a possible plan to get up there... well, time to head back 
to Ordon Village! But before you leave the village, something very unexpected 

Epona's back, baby! But she's completely freaking out, so you have to restrain 
her. While riding her, just move the control stick in the indicated direction 
to slow her down, press A to seize her when prompted, and eventually you'll 
gain full control of her again. Now that you have your trusty steed back, head 
back to Ordon Village.

**Golden Bug!!!**
Since you're relatively free to go now, you can check things out in town if 
you want. But before you leave, go to the house just to the left of Barnes's 
Bomb Shop. Check on the floor for a FEMALE ANT.

<3Heart Piece!!! <3
While you go through Kakariko Gorge, go as far east as you can. You should see 
a rock spire with a round metal target on the side. On the top of that is a 
HEART PIECE, so use your Gale Boomerang to retrieve it.

0oGolden Wolf!!!o0
As you go through Ordon Woods, you'll see the Golden Wolf again near the 
spring. This time, he'll teach you the SHIELD ATTACK! You can only use this 
move on certain foes when the notice pops up on the bottom of the screen, and 
although it doesn't damage them, it leaves them open to other attacks. It can 
also be used to bounce projectile attacks back at enemies. Cool!

~Ordon Village~
Talk to the mayor to start a scene. You'll learn the secret to earning the 
Gorons' respect: Sumo wrestling! The mayor will teach you how to fight like a 
Goron. You step forward and push your opponent back with A, swing the remote 
around to slap them and leave them open to pushing, and move the control stick 
left and right to circle your opponent. If you start getting pushed yourself, 
mash the A button to escape your foe's grip. Practice by defeating the mayor 
twice, and he'll give you the IRON BOOTS. Those boots are the only thing that 
can make the Gorons respect your authoritah! Once you're done here, go back to 
Death Mountain.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
While you're in Ordon Village, head over to the ranch and talk to Fado. He'll 
have another goat-herding job for you, and once you get them all in, you'll 
get another HEART PIECE!

~Kakariko Village~
As soon as you enter the village, you'll see a scene. Looks like we won't be 
going up the mountain right away. We have to save Colin! Leave town through 
the northeast exit and chase down that gang of Moblins!

~Hyrule Field~
You'll be doing a massive horseback battle. You're probably not used to 
fighting on horseback yet, so ignore his minions and go after the King Moblin! 
You can use your sword while riding Epona, so keep up with him by dashing and 
slice him up. He moves as fast as you do, so you'll have to dash to keep up. 
Follow his movements closely, and Spin Attack to shake of his henchmen if you 
get surrounded. Damage the King Moblin enough, and you'll take the fight to 
the Bridge of Eldin, where you get to take him on in a good old fashioned 
jousting match!

<>Hylian Shield!!!<>
You'll basically be charging at each other. If he hits you, you'll get knocked 
into the gorge, so what you wanna do is charge him, but stay SLIGHTLY to one 
side. Hack away as you pass him(he'll try to swerve to hit you; you'll have to 
swerve more). If you hit him, great! If not, try again next pass. After you 
slice him twice, he'll tumble off into the gorge and Colin will be free! Enjoy 
that incredible victory pose while you celebrate. You can now head up Death 
Mountain distraction-free. 

Before you go, however, I STRONGLY suggest you go to the shop(which is now run 
by Malo- how a toddler can run a store is beyond me) and buy the HYLIAN 
SHIELD. That Ordon Shield you have now is wood, and you're heading up a 
volcano, so you need a good metal shield. It costs 200 rupees, which you 
should have by now. Once you're prepared, head up Death Mountain.

~Death Mountain~
Climb up the mountain like before, except now when the Goron sentry tries to 
charge you, put on your Iron Boots and wrangle him like the goats! He'll be 
out of your way, so you can progress up the mountain. Every so often as you 
go, another Goron will come rolling down, divert them the same as the 
sentry(the way Link dusts off his hands after shoving one is funny ^_^). When 
you get to the area with the steam vents, there will be Bokoblins on the 
cliffs above shooting fire arrows at you. You don't yet have a bow, so you'll 
have to improvise. Look for a patch of hawk grass and use your feathered 
raptor ally to knock out the offending Bokoblins. They all must have graduated 
from the Stormtrooper School of Marksmanship or something, because they won't 
be able to hit you unless you're like six feet away from them.

Once you arrive at the Goron settlement at the end of the trail, the Gorons 
here will still give you grief. Most of them will try to punch you, but if you 
guard then hit them with your sword(or Shield Attack them), they'll go off 
balance and curl up. You can then climb on their backs and get a boost upwards 
from them as they uncurl. Use this trick to get to the top of the area. It's 
all pretty straightforward, and if you get too hurt from the Gorons, you can 
rest in the nearby hot spring. Oddly enough, the Gorons resting there will not 
attack, indeed, they'll welcome you. Perhaps soaking in the hot water has 
cooled(?) them down? Oh, almost forgot: those steam vents won't hurt you, but 
they'll push you around. Unless you walk through them with your Iron Boots, in 
which case they won't even budge you(the heat will probably make Link sweat, 
and his tunic'll get all smelly and gross and all the NPC's will hate his body 
odor, but that's no business of ours).

Once you get to the top of the mountain, go on inside. Link, tactful man that 
he is, will inadvertently make tense race relations even tenser... until the 
elder, Cor Goron, decides to test whether or not Link has balls of brass in a 
you'll never win. Once you do, all will be well and you'll get access to