The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

Forest Temple [fore]
OVERVIEW: The Forest Temple is the first dungeon, only has one floor, and is 
fairly easy. Monkeys are your friends in this one, but to uncover everything, 
you'll need to harness the power of wind, free all the poor imprisoned 
primates, and deal with some rotating bridges and hungry plants.

WALKTHROUGH: Head north into the first room, and dispose of the assorted 
baddies lurking within(Keese, the Zelda universe equivalent to bats, and more 
Bokoblins). Once they're cleared out, cut the monkey's cage to free her. Go 
back and climb the ivy on the west wall to reach a chest containing 10 rupees, 
and head north into the next room.

Keep heading north, pausing to slaughter a Big Skulltula. On the ground floor, 
there is a Bomb Spider that turns into an explosive device once you hit it 
with your sword. Use it to blow up the nearby rock and gain access to a 20 
rupee chest(don't worry about the one hanging from the ceiling... we'll be 
back for that later). Light the four torches in the center platform to raise a 
staircase, then grab the DUNGEON MAP from the chest to the left and move north 
into the next room.

You're now outside. All looks well... until an evil monkey appears and uses 
some sort of tornado-generating boomerang to destroy the bridge! Oh well, 
we'll have to try another route for the time being. Go back to the previous 

I'm actually going to call this room with the four torches and the hanging 
chest the "main room", for reference's sake. Your monkey friend will move onto 
a tightrope and start swinging, allowing you to swing across with her help. 
Time it right and let go to cross to the platform to the west, and head into 
the next room.

Here, head to the right and use another Bomb Spider to blast away another 
rock. Smash one of the jars here to meet Ooccoo, a VERY creepy-looking warping 
chicken... ever see that South Park episode where Stan stays with PETA, and 
there are those human/animal hybrids? That's what she reminds me of... but I 
digress. You can use her to warp out of dungeons, say, to gather supplies, 
then warp right back to where you left, but you should never need to do that. 
Head to the main part of the room, and leap across the platforms to the north 
end of the room. If you care, you can make a detour into the water, then swim 
southwest to find a small cave with 10 rupees. Head through the northern door.

Keep going across the bridge here, but be careful: the bridge is affected by 
the wind here and will periodically spin 90 degrees, rendering it inaccessible 
until it spins back into place again. Tread across and head through the 
northern door.

All you need to do here is grab the small key out of the nearby chest and 
leave the way you came. Go two rooms back.

Go west in the water room and unlock the door. In this room, you'll see an 
imprisoned monkey. We're gonna have to free him, but as soon as you cross the 
bridge here, it'll break on you. Roll into the totem pole atop which the cage 
sits several times to send it tumbling down and free the monkey. Once you do, 
several Bokoblins will appear. Kill them, and leave the way you came. This 
time, you can use the monkeys to swing across the gap where the bridge used to 
be. Head back into the main room, but go east this time.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
First thing you'll want to do here is kill the evil Red Deku Babas. If they 
latch onto you, just Spin Attack to dislodge/damage them. Once they're dead, 
head up the stairs, taking note of the hungry, toothy flower halfway up. As 
you go, you'll see a Bomb Spider. Hit it, then throw it over the nearby ledge 
into the flower's mouth. It'll eat it, and... BOOM! Once it's gone, kill the 
Skulltulas crawling across the ivy, jump the gap and climb up on the same ivy. 
Don't go through the door yet, though! Hit the nearby Bomb Spider, then drop 
it down the nearby ledge to kill another hungry flower. Once that one's clear, 
jump down and open the chest to receive the HEART PIECE it was blocking. 
Circle back upstairs, then go through that door to the south.

You'll see another imprisoned monkey, but this one's under lock and key. The 
key is on the ground, but it gets quickly eaten by a large, angry plant. You 
know what to do! Move in close, then as it lowers its head to ram you, move 
back and Jump Attack it. Once the head dies, locate a nearby Bomb Spider and 
throw it into the body's gaping mouth to deal with it for good. Pick up the 
emerging small key(it's probably all sticky and covered with plant guts, I do 
NOT envy Link in these cases) and unlock the monkey's cage with it. Go back to 
the previous room and head east from there. You'll have to use a Bomb Spider 
to blow away a rock before you enter.

We're now in the easternmost room in the dungeon. Roll into one of the totem 
poles here to knock down a chest containing a small key, then move across the 
tile bridge. Be careful, though! There are worm enemies lurking under some 
tiles, and they'll pop you one good if you stand on them. You can't kill 
them(yet), so just avoid them. Light the two unlit torches here to raise a 
couple of ledges that form a staircase, then climb up and unlock your fourth 
monkey. Oh, and climb the ivy on the north end of the room to reach 20 rupees, 
if you care. Nevertheless, bring your emancipated primate back to the main 
room and head north to the outdoor bridge room.

Clever little fellas that they are, you can now cross where the bridge was 
destroyed earlier. Swing across with their help and enter the door ahead. Time 
for your first miniboss fight!

The first thing he will do is use that boomerang of his to knock down a bunch 
of Red Deku Babas. Deal with them first, then focus your attention on the Boss 
Monkey himself. He will constantly leap from totem pole to totem pole, 
throwing his boomerang from time to time. The trick here is to NOT Z-target 
him, and follow him as he leaps from pole to pole. Wait until he pauses and 
throws his boomerang, then roll into the pole to throw him off balance. When 
the boomerang comes back, it'll knock him down and stun him. Take out your 
sword and hack away at that giant red butt of his. There's not much else to 
this fight, after two or three rounds of attacking, the mind-controlling 
insect will fall off his head, and all will be well. Plus you receive his 
weapon: the GALE BOOMERANG!

Before I continue, here's how to use the Gale Boomerang effectively: when you 
use it with B, you aim with it like the slingshot. At any time while aiming, 
you can press Z to lock onto a target, up to five in a row. Once you throw the 
boomerang, it'll hit all the targets you locked onto, in order. The tornado it 
stirs up will be helpful in moving things around and hitting those propeller 
switches, like the ones on top of the bridges we saw earlier. You'll have to 
use it right away to open the door out of the miniboss room, just give the 
switch a few good winds and you're good to go.

Once you emerge from the miniboss room, use the Gale Boomerang on the bridge 
immediately to your left. Cross it, kill the Bokoblin there, and use the GB 
again to free another monkey. He'll leave for now, but you'll see him again 
later. We have some collecting to do.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Head back to the far east room of the dungeon, the one with the tile worms 
where you freed the fourth monkey. Use the GB to chew up the floor and remove 
all the tiles, then kill those worm enemies. Then, use it to put out all four 
torches in the room, and grab the HEART PIECE from the chest under the now 
descended wooden stairs. Head back to the main room, and Gale down the hanging 
chest to get the COMPASS, which in this dungeon shows us the locations of all 
the remaining un-freed monkeys. Head immediately west from the main room.

We're back in the water room. In the southwest corner of the room, there's a 
chest hidden behind a wooden gate. There are four poles in front of it, each 
with a propeller on top. If you look at the floor, there is a Z-shaped pattern 
on the floor, so mark each of the props accordingly, going along the Z. If you 
hit them in the right order, the gate will open and you can claim the BIG KEY. 
Now, all we have to do is free those last three monkeys. Go north two rooms, 
back to where you found the first small key.

There's a lot more to do here now that you have the GB. Hit the propeller 
switch on the bridge so you can access it, then again so you can enter the 
eastern room. You'll have to kill some more Bokoblins along the way, but 
they're as easy as ever(bonus points if you can knock one off the bridge!).

For this next monkey, you'll have to fall through one of the holes in the 
floor to reach the platform on which his cage sits. Deal with a couple of 
Skulltulas first, then find the hole ahead and to the left of the room's 
entrance. Burn the web away, then fall through and break him out. Go back to 
the previous room, then north.

The boss room is across from here, but you still need two more monkeys to help 
Link out. Go east, deal with a Bokoblin and a few Small Skulltulas, then climb 
the ivy up to the eastern door.

This room is very interesting. Dispose of the Red Deku Babas, then take a look 
around. To get the treasure chest off to the south, you need to lock onto and 
retrieve a Bomb Spider with the GB, then throw it at the hungry plant in front 
of the chest. Once the way is clear, hop on over and take the small key. We 
still have a monkey to free in here, though: lock onto a Bomb Spider again, 
then the big rock on the above ledge to the east. The GB will carry the spider 
right towards the rock and demolish it for you. Climb up, then retrieve one 
more bomb Spider with your GB. Destroy on last rock barrier, and the second-
to-last monkey will be free! Head back two rooms, to the one with the rotating 
bridge, and open the locked door to the west.

Begin here by opening fire with your GB and slaughtering all the tile worms 
within range. Once they're cleared out, look in the back corner of the room 
for a small tunnel. Run through it, kill some assorted Skulltulas at the end, 
and climb up the ivy to arrive right in front of the last monkey cage. 
Activate the two propellers to open the cage and free him, and grab the red 
rupee on the scaffolding on your way out. Head east, then north to the large 
room where all the monkeys have gathered.

All the monkeys will then form a chain, which you can use to swing across to 
the boss room. Enter...

Diababa starts out with two large Deku Baba heads emerging from a purple pool 
of water. There are several Bomb Spiders on platforms in the pool, too. Lock 
onto one of the spiders, then one of the Deku Baba heads with your GB to send 
the Bomb Spider into their mouth and destroy the heads. Be quick, or they'll 
try to take a chomp out of you! 

Once both side heads are destroyed, the central head and two new side heads 
will emerge. There are no more Bomb Spiders handy, but help arrives- in the 
form of the Boss Monkey! He'll be sliding across a rope with Bomb Spiders of 
his own, so move to the back of the room and ready your GB again. Lock onto 
the Boss Monkey, then one of the heads to retrieve a Bomb Spider than deliver 
it to one of Diababa's mouths. Once the two side heads are down, you'll have a 
clear shot at the center head. Send a bomb over to it, same as before, and the 
center head will collapse onto the floor. Rush in, then deliver Jump Attack 
after Jump attack for some heavy damage. When the head gets back up, it will 
spew some lethal-looking purple gunk at you. Just keep moving back and forth 
to avoid it, rolling under the spray if necessary. Repeat this strategy 2-3 
times to finish Diababa off for good.

Victory is yours, and you receive a HEART CONTAINER(you get one after every 
major boss battle) and your first FUSED SHADOW. Midna tells you that she needs 
all three Fused Shadows, but she won't say what for... no matter, we're done 
here. You just beat your first dungeon in the game, congratulations!