The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

-Part 1: Dawn of Darkness [par1]
First off, once the game starts, you get to name your character and your 
horse. For simplicity's sake, I'm sticking with their respective original 
names, Link and Epona.

~Ordon Village~
After watching the opening scenes, talk to Fado(your goat herder buddy) once 
you gain control of Link. Take some time to get used to the Wii's control 
scheme, then when you're comfortable, leave and go north to the Ordon Woods.

~Ordon Woods~
Head north then east to get to the spring, where you meet Epona and Ilia(who 
you can tell totally has the hots for Link). Watch the scene, then go the 
nearby patch of horse grass. Play, you magic elf, play us a song! That grass 
is basically this game's Epona's Song. Climb on top of Epona, and head south 
to the main part of Ordon Village.

~Ordon Village~
To be honest, this is a small and boring place(well, only boring for now). 
Just head straight south to Fado's ranch. 

~Ordon Ranch~
Talk to Fado in the middle of the field. He'll get you to herd all the goats 
into the barn while riding Epona. Come to think of it, this is great practice 
for riding Epona anyway, and since you have no time limit, feel free to mess 
around. For actually herding them, try and "lead" them away from you and press 
A to shout and scare them away even more. Once they're all put away, Fado will 
put up some fences so you can practice jumping with Epona. Once you're done, 
jump the fence and head back north. 

~Ordon Village~
Next morning, a few of Link's little buddies will wake him up. Go outside and 
talk to Talo(the kid with the red bandana), Malo(the androgynous toddler), and 
Beth(the freckle-faced girl). You want that Slingshot they're talking about, 
you know you do... But if you go to the general store, you'll see that the 
owner is in no mood to sell anything. Her cat has gone missing... hmm...
As you leave the store, head to Link's right. A guy will talk to you from on 
top of a rock and point out that same cat. We're gonna have to lure it back to 
the store.

First off, go to the top of that rock and pick a piece of hawk grass. Whistle 
with it like you did with the horse grass and a hawk will come down to meet 
you. You can aim him with the Remote and release him, so release him on the 
bee's nest above Fado's house. It'll come crashing to the ground. You know, 
those bee larva would make great fishing bait...

Go to the river and talk to Uli, Rusl's wife(she's the pregnant lady with the 
red and white shirt). She's stressing over a cradle... Go back up to where you 
called the hawk, and leap onto the store's roof. Jump from there across 
several more rocks to one last rock spire in the middle of the pond. There'll 
be another patch of hawk grass, so call your bird buddy again and look off 
into the distance. There should be a monkey off in the center of the lake on 
top of a rock. Aim well, and loose the hawk on the monkey. If you aimed 
correctly, he should snatch the cradle right out of the monkey's arms and 
deliver it right into your hands! Bring it back to Uli and follow her back 
to her house. She'll give you a FISHING ROD as thanks! We're gonna bait that 
cat now...

Head to the stream where the cat is. It's behind the house with the paddle 
wheel. You can NOT catch that cat yourself, so don't even try. You'll have to 
catch a fish to coerce it. So, equip that rod to B and cast it into the water. 
You won't be able to acquire any bait yet, so just wait things out and once 
you catch a fish, flip it out of the water. I find the best time to catch one 
on the hook would be RIGHT when the bobber dips all the way into the water. 
This is probably the most annoying part of the game, honestly, so it's good 
we're getting it out of the way. Regardless, once you get a fish on the line, 
flip it out of the water. The cat should grab it and take it straight down to 
the shop. Return to the shop and talk to the owner to receive a nice reward: a 
BOTTLE! ...with milk. Now, the milk is decent, but it's the bottle that's the 
real prize. It can be reused indefinitely to store just about anything. Also, 
the store owner will start selling her wares.

Now you can buy that Slingshot. Run around town and scrounge up 30 rupees. You 
can climb to the top of that tree the bee nest was in to get 15 rupees, but 
the rest you'll just have to find wherever. Busting open pumpkins is the best 
way. :P Once you have enough, buy the SLINGSHOT, then head north to Link's 
house. Those kids will be thrilled about the Slingshot, so you can do some 
target practice with the targets set up outside of Link's house. It's a good 
idea to get aiming down pat now, too, because you'll need to hit targets under 
a lot more pressure later on. Once you finish the display for the kids, head 
up into Link's house. However, there's a Skulltula lurking on Link's ladder. 
Use the Slingshot to knock it off, then climb up into your house. Open the 
chest placed there by Rusl and grab the WOODEN SWORD. It's your first main 
weapon in the game. Sweet! Once you leave your house, talk to the kids again 
and they'll give you a brief tutorial on how to use your sword. Once that's 
over, a monkey will appear... follow it! Keep heading north until you get 

~Faron Woods~
You're gonna have to call Epona here to leap over the gate. Once you do, keep 
going north, then northwest until you come across a cottage with a guy 
outside. This is Coro, your friendly neighborhood lantern expert. Talk to him, 
and he'll tell you about the dangers of dark caves up ahead... even better, 
he'll give you the LANTERN! Take it out in dark areas to illuminate things, 
but be careful of the oil level(represented with a yellow meter). You can 
refill the Lantern by using oil stored in a bottle, coming back here, or 
finding it in basins in certain dungeons. In any case, laugh at the bird's 
nest in his hair, then go back to that cave you passed up earlier to the 
northeast. There will be a Deku Baba in front of the gate, so slice it up. 
Once it dies, you can grab the nut it produces, and throw it to gain seeds for 
your Slingshot. Into the cave now... 

It's dark in there, so you'll have to whip out your Lantern to see your way 
around. Light the torches as you go, and you can even find a chest with 10 
rupees in it. Burn away the webs by swinging your lantern with B, and exit to 
the north.

<3 Heart Piece!!!<3
Once you emerge into the forest again, head to the northwest. You'll come 
across another small cave. Kill the Bokoblin inside, and open the chest for a 
small key. But that's not all... light the two torches in here, and a chest 
will appear on the upper ledge. Open it for your first HEART PIECE! Then get 
out of that cave and head southeast, carving up all who stand in your way. 
Open the gate in the southeast, and keep going.

Head north in this new area. You're just outside the Forest Temple, but you 
won't be getting in there for a little while. Also, take note of the large 
bridge that seems to have been dumped off here... remember it for later... 
Head north, and you'll see Talo and the monkey trapped in a cage. Kill the 
Bokoblins guarding it, then cut the cage to open it. After that, you'll see a 
nice wrap-up moment with Link returning the kids back to Ordon Village. The 
story automatically cuts to the next morning. 

~Ordon Ranch~
Now you get to herd some more goats. Same as before, but this time there's 
more- 20 instead of 10. Once you finish, head back into the main village.

~Ordon Village~
You'll see another scene here. Talk to the mayor again for a rather humorous 
sequence... a goat will get loose from the ranch, and you'll have to plant 
your feet with A and grab it by the horns. Keep in mind, you'll have to do 
this again later in the game. Once that's done, head north to the Ordon Woods 

~Ordon Woods~
The gate to the spring is closed because Ilia's pissed at Link, so search to 
the southeastern wall for a crawlspace. Enter it with A and emerge in the 
spring. After some dialogue, Link, Ilia, and the kids will be captured by a 
group of orc-like Moblins.

~Hyrule Castle- Twilight~
Once Link regains consciousness, you'll see you're chained up inside a cell. 
There's nothing you can do but wait, and eventually a strange little humanoid 
will come to talk to you. This little creature is Midna, and she'll be your 
ally for the rest of the game. She'll free you from your chain, but you'll 
have to get out of the cell at your own accord. Z-target so you're facing the 
pile of wood in the corner of your cell, and press A to charge and break it. 
Dig out of your cell, then head southeast to the exit. Midna will ride on your 
back, and she'll help you whenever she can(like pulling on that switch with A 
to open up the grating). Get used to your new wolf body, then head onward!

Make your way through the sewers. There's really no way to get lost, but go 
northwest towards the circular room. As you go, there are several little 
alcoves to the west and south. Pull the switch along the way to lower the 
water level so you can continue, than the one to the south to raise the water 
level again so you can pass over the spikes to the north. In short, you want 
to make sure the flood gate on the west dead end is open, then swim across the 
spikes and go to the northeast dead end. Open that gate up to drain the water, 
then go immediately west from there. Midna will be waiting on the other side 
of a grating, but there will be a small hole you can crawl through. 

On the other side, you'll come across a large spiral staircase. Work your way 
up it, and you'll see another new technique- a Midna-assisted Long Jump! When 
you try to jump to the next edge, it'll crumble, but go back up to it, and 
Midna will alert you. Answer her with Up and she'll warp to the next ledge. Z-
target her and press A to jump towards her. You'll often do this several times 
in quick succession, so be sure you're comfortable with it here. You'll also 
come across tightropes you can only cross in wolf form. 

Once you get to the top of the stairs, stand on the bit of rubble on the 
floor, and do another series of long jumps to the top of the tower. Head 
outside, and move along the roof to the north. There are no surprises here, 
but edges of the roof will crumble if you stay on them too long, so watch it. 
You'll also have to push a crate with A to continue on. Once you reach the 
slanted roof at the end, climb up top into another tower. Go up the stairs and 
into the room to see Princess Zelda for the first time in this game, as well 
as a flashback detailing the first appearance of the pure evil that is the 
Twilight King.

Once that's all over, leave down the stairs for another scene. We'll be going 
back to Ordon Woods... but you'll still be stuck in wolf form. Midna will also 
disappear into your shadow, as she is unable to take physical form outside of 
the Twilight Realm. For now, head south to Ordon Village. Looks like we're 
going to have to find a new sword and shield...

~Ordon Village~
As you go south from Link's house, a squirrel will talk to you. Yeah, you can 
talk to animals as a wolf, so use this to your advantage. Go south in the 
village and you'll see the mayor and Rusl talking about a shield... hmm... if 
you try to get closer, they'll leave, so you'll have to sneak up on them. Go 
into the lake, climb out where you caught the fish earlier, then stand JUST 
inside the torchlight and listen in on them. You'll learn the whereabouts of 
both the shield and sword you want.

For the shield, you'll have to get into the waterwheel house from the roof. 
Stand on the rock in front of the shop, you can do a long jump up to the roof. 
Be CAREFUL, though. There's a guy on top of a nearby rock, and if he sees you 
in the nearby torchlight, he'll summon a hawk to attack you. You actually have 
to get him to see you once, I think, so once that happens, leave the area and 
come back. Then, you'll be able to do that long jump to the roof. Sneak up 
behind the guy, that'll scare him away. Then do another long jump series into 
the house. Once inside, climb onto the table, do a long jump the nearby ledge, 
then dash into the wall a couple of times to knock the ORDON SHIELD off the 
wall. Leave via the nearby open window.

The sword is a good deal easier. Remember Rusl's house? It's in the far east 
of the village. Go to the back corner of the house, but be sure not to get 
spotted by Rusl carrying the torch. Turn on your wolf sense to find a dig 
spot, and dig in it to get inside the house. Grab the sword from the sofa and 
leave the way you came. Now we're heading back to Faron Woods... where the 
Twilight realm has taken over.

~Ordon Woods~
Go back to the spring. After a short scene, a Twilight monster will appear. 
Kill it quickly! If you use your Jump Attack as a wolf, you can latch onto 
your opponents and bite them repeatedly with A. After this, you'll be briefed 
on what's going on by Ordona, the Light Spirit. Continue north to the Twilight 
Realm and enter...

~Faron Woods- Twilight~
Head north, and you'll be trapped by several more Ing-esque(if anyone's played 
Metroid Prime 2) Twilight monsters. You now have to take on three at once, but 
you'll quickly learn about fighting them three on one. You kill two, the last 
one revives them. What you'll have to do, once Midna points it out, is hold 
the B button to use your energy field attack and take 2 or all 3 out at once. 
You'll have to do this a lot over the game, so make sure you're comfortable 
with that too. Once you've killed them all, continue north to a spring not far 
from here. Check it to talk to the light spirit there: Faron. Looks like you 
have a new mission: to kill all the evil electrical bugs in the woods and 
gather the tears they drop.

This part isn't too hard. The bugs all show up on your map as white dots, but 
you'll need your wolf sense to see them. Bugs one and two are right down the 
path from where you start. Head to Coro's cabin to find number three on the 
side of said cabin. Dash into the wall to dislodge it, kill it, and climb up 
and Long Jump into the house. Use your senses to see Coro cowering in the 
corner, and bugs four and five will be revealed. Kill them too, then leave the 
way you came. 

Go back to the entrance to the dark cave. The door is locked, but you can get 
around that by digging below it. Kill bugs number six and seven here, then 
continue through the cave. Luckily, it's pretty bright in here. Nothing 
special in here, just exit to the north. An insidious purple fog now covers 
most of the ground here. Bugs eight and nine are on the wall to the left, and 
once you've killed them, go to the edge of the fog on the left wall to start 
another Long Jump sequence. Head towards the overhanging cliff and two more 
rocky spires, then Long Jump across them onto the platform in the center of 
the area. Bugs ten, eleven, and twelve are all on this center platform. After 
taking them all, go to the east edge of the platform for four(!!!) more Long 
Jump sequences in a row. Once you reach the end, there'll be bugs thirteen and 
fourteen in the ground. These ones, you'll have to dig up. Head east to the 
entrance to the Forest Temple.

Once you change areas, you'll find more Twilight monsters. Kill them like 
before, then continue towards the entrance of the Forest Temple. Bugs fifteen 
and sixteen are in plain sight here(in a manner of speaking). Once you've 
killed them both and collected all the tears, you'll be transported back to 
the spring, brought back to your human form(with some absolutely BADASS new 
clothing), and the Twilight Realm will be gone! ...for now.

~Faron Woods~
Once you regain control of Link, head straight to Coro's shack. He'll give you 
the small key needed to open the gate to the north Faron Woods. He'll also 
have a new offer, a BOTTLE full of lantern oil for 100 rupees. If you have the 
cash now, drop it for the bottle. If not, it's safe to wait until after the 
Forest Temple to do it. But the bottle is definitely worth it. If you don't 
have enough to buy the bottle, at least get a refill, because you'll need it 
in a moment.

In any case, head through the dark cave towards the north. The evil fog is 
still there, however, but you can get it out of your way by swiping your 
lantern. You won't get that chance, though, because as you head towards it, a 
monkey will steal your lantern! Basically, just follow her through the fog, 
killing any enemies that happen to show up, and once you reach the end, you'll 
get your lantern back, empty of oil. If you didn't buy the bottle, I hope you 
have some extra oil, because you'll need it to get into the Forest Temple. 
Even if you have none, there's a small store run by a sentient(?) bird near 
the Forest Temple. Fill your bottle with Lantern Oil if you need it, but you 
better pay him, lest you get pecked to death. When you're prepared, go north 
to the entrance to the Forest Temple...

On your way, however, you'll come across a mysterious Golden Wolf. After a 
scene with him, you'll learn your first Hidden Skill: the ENDING BLOW! 
Basically, you use it on enemies who have fallen to the ground to kill them 
instantly. Use it often, use it well. Continue north and burn away the web 
with your Lantern to enter the...