The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

Walkthrough [walk]
This is it, the meat of this FAQ. Here, you'll find everything you need to do 
to beat this game, in order. I hope everyone finds my directions clear enough 
to follow well, and I apologize in advance if the writing styles of different 
sections don't "mesh" together as well as you'd expect. That's what I get for 
writing some parts of this thing at three in the morning. Nonetheless, I hope 
everyone finds it useful. In the walkthrough, I will periodically point out 
collectables like Heart Pieces, Golden Bugs, Howl Stones, and the locations of 
the Golden Wolf as I came across them. Those paragraphs are strictly optional, 
but I HIGHLY suggest you pick them up. They'll make the game more enjoyable. I 
was going to put in a list of the regular items, but decided against it. I 
mean, you get stuff like the Clawshot or Iron Boots as the story progresses 
anyway. That sort of list would only be a waste of space... you know. 

Also, for the upgrades such as the additional Bomb Bags, quivers, and the big 
wallet(I have not yet found the next wallet size) are in the walkthrough 
rather than having a separate section. The same goes for the bosses. I mean no 
offense to anyone when I say this, but when people write walkthroughs and put 
all the bosses in a separate section near the end and leave them out of the 
main walkthrough, it just feels broken. Everyone's style is their own, but if 
you need help with a boss, just scroll through the walkthrough section. I have 
the boss strategies easily sectioned off and noticeable. I point out all the 
big upgrades and bosses anyway, so if you need one particular item or such, 
just scroll through until you find the appropriate heading.

I can't think of anything more to say here, so enjoy the game, and my guide!