The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

General Information [gene]
This section is a small primer for those who are COMPLETELY new to the Legend 
of Zelda universe, to get you all up to speed.

~Heads-Up Display~
basically, this is all the extra icons and such you see on your screen. The 
red hearts in the upper left represent how much life Link has. Once you run 
outta those, it's game over! You can increase the amount of life you have by 
either collecting Heart Pieces(5 of which make a new Heart Container), or 
earning a whole one by defeating the boss of a dungeon.

The control pad icon in the top right corner of the screen shows what items 
you have equipped at the moment. The one on the B button icon can be used 
immediately, but if you press a direction on the control pad, the 
corresponding item will be set to your B button. Some items won't require 
setting to your B button, those will be pointed out to you by the game as you 
collect them. 

Pressing up on your control pad will let you talk to your friend Midna. She'll 
always have a good bit of advice regarding your progress in the game, so talk 
to her if you're stuck and you need a refresher.

The lower left corner of the screen contains your map display. Helpful if you 
need some quick directions, not much else to say about that...
And the lower right counter displays the number of rupees(the game's currency) 
you have collected. They're very prevalent in this game, so no need to worry 
about cash flow.

~Basics of Exploration~
The game is ALL about exploring. The game world is massive- bigger than any 
other adventure game I've played, and I've played a lot. As you run around the 
overworld, towns, dungeons and the like, always pay attention to your 
surroundings. Look for unusual or suspicious parts of the environment- rocks 
you can blow up, Clawshot targets, switches- things of that nature. 

"Be vigilant" is the biggest piece of advice I can give if you want to beat 
this game without a hand-holding guide. Keep your eyes and ears open for 
everything. Even take notes at home if you see something odd or unreachable. 
Come back to it later when your inventory is bigger, and you never know what 
you might find.

And of course, experiment with your weapons and items. Almost all of them have 
more than one use, so see what else you can uncover.

You'll encounter many enemies in this game, some harder than others. Sometimes 
you'll have to pull out your sword and give a little ass-whipping, lest you 
take one yourself. Hold down the Z button to lock onto the nearest enemy, and 
use the Wii remote to attack your enemies just by swinging it around. Jump 
attacks(using the A button) do double damage, so make good use of them.

Some enemies will require the use of a specific weapon, item, or skill to 
defeat. Try everything until you find something that works! Naturally, I'll 
detail how to kill certain enemies as you encounter them in the walkthrough.

Lastly, there are a small number of TOUGH enemies- bosses and minibosses that 
guard key items or the end of dungeons. These ones will really require more 
strategy than force to kill. Always pay attention to your surroundings, and 
use recently acquired items- they almost always work like a charm. And if 
you're really stuck, Midna will always be there to give you a hint in the 
right direction.

~Link's wolf form~
Almost every Zelda game since Link to the Past has had some sort of major 
transformation for Link. Ocarina of Time had child/adult Link, Majora's Mask 
had the Deku/Goron/Zora masks, Minish Cap had Link's shrinking ability, and 
Twilight Princess has a new form for Link: a wolf. For the early part of the 
game, you transform into a wolf whenever you enter the Twilight Realm. Your 
abilities are drastically altered when you're in wolf mode. For one thing, you 
can't use any of your weapons or items. For another, you can't talk to human 
characters but you can talk to animals. Also, you cannot open most doors as a 
wolf(opposable thumb issue- or lack thereof). Later in the game, however, you 
gain the ability to shift back and forth from wolf to human. You can only 
shift back and forth when nobody's watching, though.

The rest... well, you'll figure it out as you go along. ;)