The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

Controls [cont]
*Note: This list assumes you have the Nunchuk already attached to the 

Control Stick -move Link around
              -move your horse around while riding. Push forward to gallop,  
               left and right to change direction, and down to stop and 
               turn 180 degrees
              -move viewpoint around in first person view
              -swap between selections on menus

Control Pad -assign items to B button with left, right, and down
            -activate wolf senses when in wolf form with left and right
            -dig holes in wolf form with down
            -talk to Midna with up. Also transform into wolf and warp once the 
             latter two options are gained

Wii Remote -swing back and forth to swing sword
           -attack enemies while in wolf form
           -aim with certain weapons
           -other assorted functions in minigames

Nunchuk -shake to perform a spin attack
        -flick forwards to do a Shield Attack once the move has been gained

A button -action button. Performs any number of situational tasks
         -jump attack while sword is drawn or in wolf mode(continue to press A 
           to maul opponents)
         -use certain other sword techniques
         -zoom in on map screen

B button -use equipped weapon
         -hold and release to use energy attack in wolf form
         -zoom out on map screen

C button -swap in and out of first person mode

Z button -both defend with your shield and target your closest opponent at    
            once(known as Z-targeting)

- button -bring up item selection sub-screen

+ button -bring up collection sub-screen

1 button -bring up map sub-screen

2 button -swap between hiding and showing mini-map display