The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

XVII. Email Info

If you wish to email me about this guide, whether it be a comment or a typo,
or even a big error in the guide, then email me at my email listed at the top
of this guide. For those who are lazy, my email is Email
me there, and I'll add whatever it is I missed, or fix whatever it is I messed
up on as soon as possible. Please make the subject something to do with the
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XVIII. Credits

Credits go to you for reading this guide.
Credits go to me for taking the time to write this guide.
Credits go to Nintendo for making yet another great Zelda game!
Credits go to Homi Wan for pointing out a few mistakes in the Gem Locations
              section, which I corrected. Thanks for pointing them out.
Credits go to several people that have e-mailed me about a correction on how to
              defeat Blaaz. Thanks!


XIX. Copyrights

Do not copy this guide without my permission. If you attempt to do that
without my permission, you will be in trouble with the law. For permission,
email me at my email adress listed at the top of this guide, I may say yes, I
may say no, it depends. This guide is a Copyright (c) 2007, and was created by
Jesse Winstead. All rights reserved. The following sites have been allowed to
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