The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

XV. Secrets

In this section, I will list all of the secrets I know in the game. If you know
of any other secrets (I mean true secrets, not stuff that's already covered in
other sections of the guide), please feel free to email me and I will add it as
soon as I can, giving you full credit for your submission. Thanks!

Secret #1 - Unlimited Rupees

On Goron Island, make your way to the chief (Biggoron)'s house. On the way
there, look to the left as you're going up the path. You should see a cracked
part of the ground. Dig there with the Shovel to uncover a Red Rupee. Get it
and enter the chief's house, then exit it and get the Red Rupee again. It might
be a little slow, but you can repeat this as many times as you desire.

Secret #2 - Quick Rupees

You can get Rupees slightly fast using this method, but it is not by any means
the fastest way. Randomly while traveling at sea, a squid enemy known as the
Biri might appear. These are completely harmless, and they float near your ship
and eventually float into the water. Shoot these with your cannon to send them
back up a bit and gain one Rupee. Shoot it as many times as you can to keep
getting in cash, and eventually it will split. You can then attack both of them
and get Rupees even faster, and if you keep it up, eventually they'll split
into a third one! See how many you can get before reaching your destination.




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