The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

XIV. Fishing

In this section, I will explain all about fishing. You must first get the
Fishing Rod before you can fish (obviously). Start by going to Bannan Island at
the Northwestern Sea, but make sure you have the Boomerang. Enter the only
house on the island and speak with the Old Wayfarer. After his boring speech
about romance, go outside and wipe out every single monster on the island.
After that, look around all of the water until you spot a mermaid. If you get
too close to her, she'll move to a different location of the water. Stand a
distance away from her and throw the Boomerang at her head. You'll hit her,
then she'll scold you. Apologize to her, and she'll go pay the Old Wayfarer a
visit. Go to his house and talk to him again.

Now go back to your ship and talk to Linebeck. He will say that she talked to
him for a few moments, then ran off. Go back to the Old Wayfarer's home and the
mermaid will be in the pool. Speak with the Old Wayfarer and he'll give you his
Fishing Rod, which can only be used out at sea. While out at sea, tap the Menu
icon and select "Fish". This can only be done when you're over the shadow of a
fish on the map or near a fish shadow, however. Once you select the Fish icon,
Link will cast his rod into the water, and Link will be on the Touch Screen
while the line and the ocean will be on the top screen. Linebeck will explain
how to fish, although not very well. You have to pull down on the stylus to
pull the rod back, and you have to make circles on the Touch Screen to reel in.

When the fish hooks the line, letters saying "PULL!" on the top screen will
appear. Pull back on the rod when this happens to hook the fish, then you have
to draw circles on the Touch Screen to reel the fish in one yard. You'll have
to pull back on the rod to keep the fish in line, too. On the left side of the
screen (the top screen, that is) is the tension meter. Don't let it get all the
way down to red or you'll lose the fish. Sometimes the fish might jump out of
the water, then the words "LET GO!" will appear on the top screen. Take the
stylus off of the screen entirely if this happens, then when the fish gets back
in the water, continue reeling in. After you catch a Skippyjack, go back to the
Old Wayfarer and then go catch a Toona.

Once you catch the Toona, return to the Old Wayfarer again and your next target
will be the Loovar. After you catch all three of those fish, visit the Old
Wayfarer once more and he'll give you the Big Catch Lure. Now you can catch the
last three fish, but they're harder to catch and they're much bigger. Once you
catch the Rusty Swordfish, take it to the Old Wayfarer to get a Ship Part.
Catch the Neptoona he mentions to you, then take it to him and he'll give you a
Heart Container. Finally, catch the Stowfish and take it to him to get another
Ship Part. Here's a list of the six types of fish in the game.




Description: These are the most common types of fish you will find. They're
             really small, and do not look too tasty.



Description: A little bit bigger than the Skippyjack and other fish. These are
             also common among the open seas.



Description: The most rare fish of the basic three. The Loovar is very hard to
             find, and you may even have to catch thirty or so fish before you
             finally find it. Good luck, and don't give up!


Rusty Swordfish

Description: This is the first of the advanced three fish. You can't catch it,
             along with any of the last three fish, until you get the Big Catch
             Lure from the Old Wayfarer. This, like all other swordfish, has a
             sword-like pointy nose.



Description: Good luck finding this one. After getting the Big Catch Lure, you
             can find it, and it's probably just as rare as the Loovar. It's a
             big one, too, and resembles a whale.



Description: Another rare fish. The Stowfish can hook onto other fish, so it
             might look a little bit bigger than it really is when you find it.




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