The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

XIII. Mini-Games

In this section, I will list all of the mini-games in the game, along with info
about how to play them and such.


Cannon Game
Location: Bannan Island
Price To Play: 20 Rupees
Reward(s): Green or Blue Rupee (0-1499 Points), Green, Blue, or Red Rupee
           (1500-1999 Points), Big Green or Red Rupee (2000-2499 Points), Bomb
           Bag (once only), Big Green Rupee or Ship Part (2500+ Points)

How To Find: Once you have the bombs, go to Bannan Island and enter the cave on
             it. Inside, head north and blast away the wall with a bomb, then
             follow the path out to the other side of the island, where you'll
             find Salvatore. He will let you play the Cannon Game.

How To Play: Your objective in this game is to shoot the red and blue targets
             scattered throughout the course. Linebeck controls the ship
             automatically, so your objective is just to shoot. The red targets
             are worth 20 points, but you can shoot them over and over. The
             blue ones are worth 100, but get destroyed after one shot. Keep
             shooting as much as possible and turn around often; don't miss any
             targets! If you get 2500 points or more, you get a Bomb Bag
             upgrade, which is a nice reward.


Shooting Gallery
Location: Molida Island
Price To Play: 20 Rupees
Reward(s): Treasure (1300-1699 Points), Quiver (once only), Ship Part
           (1700-1999 Points), Heart Container (once only), Ship Part (2000+

How To Find: After you get the bow, return to Molida Island and enter Romano's
             hut. He has set up a shooting gallery that you can play for a fee
             of 20 Rupees.

How To Play: Many people hate this mini-game to the fullest, due to the way the
             game makes you aim. On the top screen are wooden targets that will
             flip over, where you can shoot them. You have unlimited arrows,
             and you must shoot the Ghost targets _only_. Shoot many of them in
             a row to score up to 50 points max, per one you hit. If you hit a
             Girl target, you lose 50 points. The reason people hate this game
             so much is because you pretty much HAVE to get every single Ghost
             target, and no Girl targets in order to get the biggest prize,
             which is the Heart Container.


Goron Game
Location: Dee Ess Island
Price To Play: 50 Rupees
Reward(s): Blue or Red Rupee (45+ seconds), Blue, Red, Big Green Rupee (45-36
           seconds), Bombchu Bag (once only), Ship Part, Treasure, Big Red
           Rupee (35 seconds)

How To Find: Before you can play this game, the Temple of Ice must be finished.
             Once you've beaten it, go to the Southeastern Sea and sail all the
             way south, and slightly east of the rocks on the left side of the
             map. You'll find an island that looks like a ruined Nintendo DS.
             Dock there and jump down where you'll find a Goron. Talk to him,
             and you can play the game for 50 Rupees.

How To Play: This game is played with Gongoron only. Your objective is to roll
             through the course and break the blue gems. There are also Rupees
             scattered throughout the course. Look on the map to see which ones
             you're missing, and look on the left side of the screen to see how
             many gems you have remaining. Roll onto the arrows to get a boost
             of speed, allowing you to break gems faster. After you break all
             of the gems, the blue door at the end of the course will drop down
             and act as a bridge. Roll down this door to reach the goal.


Digging Game
Location: Harrow Island
Price To Play: 50 Rupees
Reward(s): Rupees, Treasure Map (x4)

How To Find: Sail to the Southeastern Sea, then look on the map. Sail slightly
             north of the formation of three rocks to find a hidden island.
             This is Harrow Island. Dock there and hit the gossip stone ahead.
             It'll let you play a digging game for 50 Rupees.

How To Play: After paying the fee, a wind gust will appear. Ride it up to a
             wide area where you must dig. You are to dig up ten treasures
             before the game ends. Digging up no treasure, but just dirt, does
             not count. When you find something, your shovel will hit the
             treasure. You will either find some Rupees or Rupoor. I've found
             10 and 50 Rupoor, but I'm not sure if that's as high and low as it
             gets. Sometimes when digging, you will discover a strange voice.
             This is Lucky Lee, and for 50 Rupees he will ask if you'd open a
             big or small chest. Take your pick. Depending on your choice, the
             creature will give you a certain amount of Rupees. You can also
             find up to four Treasure Maps.


The Maze Game
Location: Maze Island
Price To Play: Varies with Difficulty
Reward(s): Wisdom Gem (Beginner), Treasure Map (Normal), Heart Container

How To Find: Go to the Northeastern Sea, and set a course north and a little
             west from the Isle of the Dead. You will find a hidden island,
             which is Maze Island. Hit the gossip stone and you will be able to
             start the game. You have to go from the easiest to the hardest

How To Play: Once you pay up, step on the switch to open the door and start the
             game. Your objective is to go around and hit the gossip stones,
             while going through the maze. Each difficulty gets harder, and it
             is kinda hard for me to explain what to do in words. That, and I
             haven't had much experience with this mini-game. There are maps
             available for all three difficulties at GameFAQs. At the end of
             the maze, you get to choose your prize. Good luck!




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