The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

XII. Multiplayer

In this section, I will explain all of the aspects of multiplayer. First,
select your file and choose "Battle". Then, a list of options will come up. The
top screen shows your stats, such as your win/loss ratio, your Battle Points,
and more. The Touch Screen has a few options, which are: Multiplayer, Nintendo
WFC, DS Download Play, How to Play, Change Name, Friend Roster, and Big Plays.
The "Multiplayer" option allows you to play with a friend of yours, but that
person _must_ have the cartridge to play. "Nintendo WFC" allows you to connect
to Wi-Fi, where you can play with people from across the world. "DS Download
Play" lets you and your friend play even if said friend doesn't have the game.
"How to Play" gives you a tutorial on how to play the multiplayer mode.

"Change Name" is self-explanatory. It allows you to change your name for Wi-Fi,
but not for your actual file. "Friend Roster" allows you to add a friend, check
your Friends List, and check your own Friend Code. Finally, "Big Plays" gives
you a list of all of the Big Plays you've won, which I'll explain later. When
you connect to Wi-Fi, the below options will appear:

"VS. Friend"

Description: Allows you to search for someone on your Friends List to battle
             with. This person must also be using the same option in order for
             you to find each other and battle.

"VS. Rival (North America)"

Description: Allows you to search for an opponent in North America, but only
             one with a record like yours.

"VS. Rival (Worldwide)"

Description: Allows you to search for an opponent worldwide, but only one with
             a record like yours.

"VS. Anyone (North America)"

Description: Allows you to search for an opponent worldwide with a record of
             any kind.

"VS. Anyone (Worldwide)"

Description: Allows you to search for an opponent in North America with a
             record of any kind.

Select any of these options to begin your match against an opponent. When you
find an opponent, the game begins. There are eight stages, and either you or
the opponent will be given the option to select a stage. Once a stage has been
chosen, you'll play on that stage. There's a red base and a blue base, and your
color determines what base you'll have. Your objective is to take Force Gems,
big and small, to your base and score points as Link. I won't go totally
in-depth about all of this, because you can find a Multiplayer FAQ on GameFAQs
anyway. You get to play as Link and three Phantoms. You and your opponent
switch between the characters every round. As Link, you have to move on the
Touch Screen and avoid the Phantoms. Once you put a Force Gem in your base as
Link, that Force Gem changes to your color.

Then, you earn points for it. There are small, medium, and large-sized gems.
The smallest ones are worth 1 point, the medium ones are worth 5 points, and
the biggest ones are worth a whopping 15 points. If a Phantom hits you, then
you lose that round and you play as the Phantoms while the opponent plays as
Link. As Link, the only way you can see where the Phantoms are on the map is by
having a Force Gem in your hand. As the Phantoms, you have to draw a path for
them to take (you have to do it for all three of them). You can see Link on the
map at all times unless he's in a safe zone , and you must chase him down. If a
Phantom walks up to Link, it will hit him automatically. Link and Phantoms can
also collect powerups that will randomly appear throughout a stage.

You can destroy an opponent's powerup by walking onto it. The powerups do
different things, and they'll really help you in your match, so be sure to
collect them. Once three rounds as both characters for both players are over,
the match ends. The person that has the most points at the end of the match
wins, and the winner gets Battle Points added to his or her score. If you did
any Big Plays during the match, those also get added to your score.

Big Plays

These are very useful, and many people that play Wi-Fi try to get them. These
are basically certain tasks you must perform during a multiplayer match, and
once you get four Big Plays, you can go to Eddo's apprentice in Adventure Mode
on Cannon Island. He will give you a Golden Ship Part, and Big Plays are
probably the easiest way to earn them. He gives you a new one each time when
you get four new Big Plays done. However, there are only 16 Big Plays, meaning
that you cannot get all of the Golden Ship Parts this way, but only half of
them. The other parts can only be gotten randomly in Adventure Mode, from
chests in the sea and such. With that said, here is the list of Big Plays. You
must do the specified task and win the match to get the Big Play.


No Items

Description: Do not collect any powerups. You can still destroy the opponent's
             items and still get the Big Play, however.


No Dribble

Description: Win the match without dropping your Force Gems. You can drop them
             in bases and safe zones, though.



Description: When playing as the Phantoms, you must hit Link during the last
             twenty seconds of the round twice.



Description: On your first turn as the Phantoms, hit Link with one Phantom



Description: To get this one, you must successfully destroy ten of the
             opponent's items.



Description: This one is the exact opposite of the previous one. Collect ten
             powerups to get it.


Perfect Master

Description: Do the "Perfect" and "Limit" tasks in the same match.



Description: As the Phantoms, hit Link before twenty seconds is up twice.



Description: You must win the match having only one point to get this one.


Get Everything

Description: Put every Force Gem in your base and win the match successfully.



Description: Win the match and prevent the opponent from getting any points.



Description: Do the "Get Everything" and "Guardian" tasks in the same match.


No Miss

Description: Avoid getting hit for the entire match while playing as Link.


Guard King

Description: Make sure you hit Link once every round as the Phantoms.



Description: Do the "Master" and "Guardian" tasks in the same match.


Battle Master

Description: Do the "Limit" and "Master" tasks in the same match.


Trading Items

Yes, there is a way to trade things with someone else in Phantom Hourglass.
First, go to Mercay Island. On your way to the Temple of the Ocean King, you
should come to a cracked wall. Place a bomb there to blow it up, then enter the
cave. Inside, follow the path across the ledges, then shoot the eye on the wall
on the last ledge. This makes a bridge extend. Cross it and defeat the monster
there, then exit the cave. Back outside, follow the path and head up the steps,
then go left. Shoot the eye on the wall to make a strange statue appear. Hit it
and then tap it, then move it so that it faces the Temple of the Ocean King. Go
to where the light is and place a bomb directly by it to blow up the wall. Go
through and make your way out the cave to the other side.

Talk to the man here, which is Freedle. After he talks about his magic boxes,
press the switch nearby to extend a bridge as a shortcut for getting here. Now
you can place up to three things in the boxes, and once the person you want to
trade with does the same, you'll have to battle with him/her. After the battle,
whether you win or lose, you will both get the traded items. That about covers
up the Multiplayer mode. And please, don't email me asking me for my Friend
Code or asking me to trade you a Golden Ship Part. =P




Side Quests

Item List