The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Ship Setups

Standard (Default) Set

Passable Prow
Normal Anchor
Standard Hull
Eddo's Cannon
Simple Handrail
Steady Bridge
Normal Chimney
Normal Wheel

Bright Set

Bell Prow
Bell Anchor
Bright Hull
Artistic Cannon
Arch Handrail
Restful Cabin
Elegant Chimney
Padding Wheel

Iron Set

Drill Prow
Iron Anchor
Iron Hull
Strong Cannon
Chain Handrail
Conning Tower
Parasol Chimney
Battle Wheel

Stone Set

Mermaid Prow
Ancient Anchor
Stone Hull
Ancient Cannon
Pillar Handrail
Peaceful Bridge
Stone Chimney
Stone Wheel

Vintage Set

Log Prow
Swim Ring
Vintage Hull
Meager Cannon
Worn Handrail
Barrel Shack
Strange Chimney
Simple Wheel

Demon Set

Demon Prow
Sickle Anchor
Demon Ship
Fear Cannon
Spiked Handrail
Demon Prison
Demon Chimney
Insect Wheel

Tropical Set

Tropical Prow
Shell Anchor
Tropical Ship
Seapony Cannon
Wood Handrail
Shell Apartment
Horn Chimney
Shell Paddle

Dignified Set

Tourist Prow
Weighty Anchor
Dignified Ship
Red Cannon
Utility Handrail
Practical Bridge
Tall Chimney
Red Wheel

Golden Set

Golden Prow
Gem Anchor
Golden Hull
Golden Cannon
Golden Handrail
Golden Bridge
Golden Chimney
Golden Wheel




Side Quests

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