The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

The Trading Sequence

After getting all four Sea Charts, make your way to the Northeastern Sea (you
have to sail to the Southeastern Sea first, then directly up to get there).
Sail to the Traveler's Ship there, and once you board the ship, you will have
to fight some Octoroks and a fish knight. Defeat them and attempt to leave the
ship, then a man called the Man of Smiles will come down. Talk to him again
when he finishes talking, and tell him you want something mysterious. He will
give you the Hero's New Clothes, then he'll give you a Treasure Map along with
it. Now, go to the Northwestern Sea next, and go to the Traveler's Ship there.
Talk to the weird guy there and give him the clothes, and in return he'll give
you the Telescope. It's really just a kaleidoscope, though.

Go to the Southeastern Sea and enter the Traveler's Ship. Talk to the man on
the southwest, the only person without a telescope. Give the telescope to him
and he'll give you a Guard Notebook. Go to the Southwestern Sea and go to the
Traveler's Ship, then clear out all of the monsters. The guy playing dead on
the ground will then get up. After his speech, talk to him again and give him
the Guard Notebook. In return, he'll give you the Wood Heart. Make your way
back to the Southeastern Sea again (this is getting boring, huh?), and you'll
see that there are two Traveler's Ships. One has the Old Wayfarer on it. Board
it and talk to him, then give him the Wood Heart (talk to him twice). After he
scolds you, he'll thank you.

Attempt to leave, and he'll tell you that there's a treasure chest in his house
for you to open. Exit the boat now and sail to the Northeastern Sea, then to
the Traveler's Ship. Defeat all of the monsters again to save the Man of Smiles
once more. Talk to him twice and he'll give you a Prize Postcard. With this, go
up to a mailbox and you can put the postcard in there. Later, you can come back
to a mailbox and get prizes. Go to Bannan Island and enter the Old Wayfarer's
house. Inside, open the chest which contains a Swordsman's Scroll. You now have
the Great Spin Attack. To do it, do a spin attack three times in a row. Then,
you'll spin with an orange beam around you, and you can move around as well!




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