The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

VI. Side Quests

In this section, I will list all of the side quests in the game, along with
info about how to do them and such.


Romantic Fishing

To start off this side quest, sail to Bannan Island at the Northwestern Sea.
Make sure you have the Boomerang. Once you arrive at the island, enter the
building to the north, which is the Old Wayfarer's house. Talk to him inside,
and he'll tell you about a mermaid. He says it only appears when there are no
monsters. Go outside and defeat every enemy you can find, then look around all
parts of the water until you find a mermaid. If you get close to her, she will
move to a different location of the water. Don't get too close to her, then
target her with the Boomerang and throw it. You will hit her head. Apologize to
her, then she'll go and visit the Old Wayfarer. Go back to him and talk to him,
then go to Linebeck and talk to him next.

Go back to the Old Wayfarer's house and the disguised mermaid will be in the
pool. Talk to the Old Wayfarer and he'll give you a Fishing Rod. You must now
catch three types of fish. Check the Collection screen (press Select) to see
which ones you'll need to catch, then catch them out at sea and talk to the Old
Wayfarer after you catch each one. After you give all three to him, he will
tell you to go catch a certain fish. Catch it and take it to him, and then
catch the last one he tells you to and give it to him. He considers you a true
romantic fisherman now, and gives you a Heart Container for your efforts.




Side Quests

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