The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Bellum (Dark Phantom)
Found: Ghost Ship

Boss Strategy: Get ready for the final fight against a possessed Linebeck!
               Ciela will tell you that Bellum is the target, which is on the
               back of Linebeck's body. He moves really slow, so stay far away
               from him and Ciela will give you a Phantom Sphere. Grab it and
               tap the hourglass icon, then draw the small hourglass again just
               like before. The time will stop, so go behind him and try to
               attack his closed eye. Ciela will say that there has to be a
               point where it opens, so she'll move his back to the top screen.
               Bellum will then snatch Ciela, and then she says to continue
               fighting him. Keep attacking him and you'll have to rub the
               Touch Screen to knock him back.

               At this point, attack him and Bellum will lose his grip on
               Ciela. She'll give you a Phantom Sphere now. Take it and tap the
               hourglass icon, then wait until the eye on his back opens. Draw
               the hourglass now to freeze time, then run behind him and attack
               him. You simply have to keep repeating this. He will start
               attacking you by spinning around at you, so be careful. To avoid
               it, run around in the direction he's not spinning in. Repeat the
               same process above until you defeat Bellum for good.




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