The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Found: Temple of the Ocean King

Boss Strategy: At the start of the battle, Bellum will fall into the purple
               water below him. He has several tentacle- things with eyes on
               each one, plus an eye in the mouth of the plant thing. He also
               has purple clouds surrounding his body, which you must remove.
               Sometimes purple creatures will drop from the ceiling and attack
               you, so kill them. They'll leave behind arrows most of the time,
               and sometimes even some hearts. He'll spit slime at you as well.
               Use the Grappling Hook on one of the clouds surrounding Bellum's
               body to pull it away. Do this until all of the clouds are gone,
               then grapple his body to pull him towards you. Attack his eye
               until he moves, then run over there and attack it some more.

               He will then move up one level, so take the long flight of
               stairs up to the second floor. His tentacles are attached to the
               pillars, and you'll have to use arrows to shoot the eyes. At
               this point, the slimy monsters will start appearing a lot more,
               so you should defenitely be careful. Go around the arena and
               shoot all of his eyes. While you're trying to shoot them, he'll
               raise one tentacle and try to slap you with it. Once you've shot
               all of the eyes, he'll fall back down to the first floor. Head
               there and he'll have the clouds surrounding his body again. Do
               the same thing you did earlier. He'll start spitting out three
               blobs of slime at you now.

               If they land on the ground, they'll turn into slimy monsters,
               but the slime can still hit you while it's in the air. Once you
               have pulled all of the clouds away, pull Bellum towards you and
               attack. He'll move, so run over there and attack. Repeat this
               until he goes into the water, then he'll rise up to the second
               floor again. Go up there and defeat the slime monsters; they'll
               appear even more often now. Do the same thing you did earlier;
               just shoot his eyes. However, they will close for a few seconds
               and then open again this time. After you shoot a few of them,
               he'll use all of his tentacles to slap several parts of the
               ground. Stay in between them to avoid this attack.

               The tentacles will now lower a bit. These cannot be hit now.
               Wait until the ones you didn't hit come back, then shoot those.
               After all of them have been shot, he'll rise up to the third and
               final floor. Follow him up there, then shoot all of the eyes
               again. After you do that, he'll fall down and spit out a green
               ball. Ciela says that she's seen it before, then she flies up to
               it and the energy goes into her. Oshus suddenly appears and says
               that she just gained all of her lost memory back! She will
               remember everything now, so head back to the bottom floor and
               the stairway will collapse.

               She says to focus your power on the Phantom Sphere she is going
               to release. She'll release an orange sphere. Get it, and then
               she'll say to tap the hourglass icon at the bottom, and draw an
               hourglass shape like a figure-eight. Do what she says, and do
               NOT draw it too big. Draw it like you're drawing an 8. If you
               did it right, the time will stop, along with Bellum, who is
               floating above you. If he's moved down a bit, then quickly run
               over to him and attack his eye as much as you can. When the time
               resumes, Ciela will create another Phantom Sphere after a few
               seconds. Grab it and repeat the process, and eventually Bellum
               will finally go down.




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