The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Found: Mutoh's Temple

Boss Strategy: This huge stone golem can be hard if you don't know what you're
               doing. He will smash you when you're near him, and you have to
               use the boards spreaded around the arena to your advantage. Get
               on one and use it to catapult yourself up, and while in the air,
               tap somewhere on his body and try to hit it with your Hammer
               out. You have to hit the red things on his body to make that
               part of his body crack. Hit that one part a few times to break
               it. If you have to, hold the stylus on the screen while in the
               air to increase the size of your hammer, then release it to get
               a little better range.

               He will shoot spikes out from the top of his head, so just run
               in the same direction they're shooting out in to avoid them.
               Just follow them as they shoot out, basically. His arms and the
               parts on his backside are harder to get. Just run until you're
               completely behind him and he starts looking around, then use
               this time to break off more of his body. Breaking off his
               stomach, shoulders and head pieces reveals some more red dots
               you must take care of. After you've finally taken care of all of
               his body parts and red dots, all of his body will collapse,
               leaving only his head remaining.

               Now he'll shoot spikes in all directions constantly. Stand on
               one of the boards and wait on him to get right next to the
               board, then spring yourself up and land on his head. From there,
               attack the blue gem. Repeat this as many times as needed and
               he'll be defeated.




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