The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Found: Temple of Ice

Boss Strategy: The first part of the battle against this two-headed dragon
               isn't that difficult. The red head will shoot out fire, while
               the blue one will shoot out ice. You have to turn their own
               attacks against them using the Grappling Hook, as you could
               probably tell by the four wooden poles in the middle. You'll
               have to create tightropes diagonally. If the red dragon shoots
               out a flame, you have to create the tightrope diagonally using
               the top-right and bottom-left poles. If the ice one attacks, use
               the bottom-right and top-left poles. Their attacks will bounce
               off of the rope, hitting the opposite head if you did it right.
               Every time you hit one of them, one of the heads will bite the
               rope off. Watch out, because he might try and bite you as well.

               Keep hitting them with their own attacks, and eventually they'll
               roar once their masks crack, then they'll sink into the water.
               Then a tidal wave will appear, so jump onto one of the poles for
               safety, then jump back down. Icebergs will fall into the stream
               of water going towards you, so run away where there aren't any
               icebergs to avoid them. The water you're standing on will then
               disappear, and Gleeok will appear out of the water again. Do the
               same thing you've been doing until you break both of their masks
               off, then they'll create a tidal wave again. Avoid the icebergs
               once again, and then the dragons will eat two of the poles.

               Now the second part of the battle begins. Avoid the dragon's
               biting attack, and eventually, one of them will start charging
               up their attack. Target one of the two poles and the tongue of
               the dragon using the Grappling Hook, then release it and the
               dragon will hit the pole, getting temporarily knocked out. Run
               over to him and hit him with your sword until he gets back up.
               They'll do the tidal wave attack still, but just keep repeating
               the process until both of them have turned into sand.




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