The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Found: Goron Temple

Boss Strategy: Gongoron comes out of a hole on the other side of the quicksand,
               and says to take it down together. He says that he can trip it,
               then you can attack it, then you'll automatically start the
               fight controlling Gongoron. Watch out for Dondorongo's fire he
               spits out, and roll to one side of him. Tap him over and over to
               attack him repeatedly, eventually causing him to fall over. From
               this point, Gongoron tells Link to hit him with everything he's
               got. Switch back to Link, and once Gongoron gets in danger, it
               will tell you so. Then, switch back to Gongoron and defeat the
               enemy harming him. The same goes for Link.

               Anyway, once Dondorongo is knocked over, use Link and take out a
               Bombchu. Draw a path going right into his mouth, then release it
               and it will go into his stomach and explode. He then gets back
               up and you'll have to use Gongoron again. Do so and knock him
               over, then feed him another Bombchu. Do this three times in
               total and the northern door will open. You've won! ...Or have
               you? A bridge will appear across the quicksand, then Gongoron
               will proceed into the next room. Cross the bridge and it will
               disappear, then the door will shut again. Dondorongo will get up
               and break off the armor on his back, revealing a blue orb.

               It's not over yet, obviously. Round two begins. You'll need
               regular bombs now. If you don't have them, there's a Bomb Flower
               on both the left and right sides, and the enemies you kill will
               sometimes leave some bombs behind. When Dondorongo starts
               sucking up air, throw a bomb into his mouth and he'll eat it,
               then it'll explode into his stomach. He will fall over, allowing
               you to attack the blue orb on his back. Do so, and then repeat
               this a few more times to win.




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