The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Diabolical Cubus Sisters
Found: Ghost Ship

Boss Strategy: When the battle begins, three of the sisters will shoot out
               lasers from their eyes, then the other sister will shoot out an
               energy ball. Hit the energy ball back at her with your sword to
               hit her. Do this one more time and the first sister will be
               killed. Now two sisters will shoot out eye lasers, and one will
               shoot out the energy ball. Hit it back at her and the sister
               will hit it to another sister. They'll repeat this until
               eventually one of them hits it down. You'll have to run over
               there and hit it quickly to hit the sister. Do this once more
               and you'll kill another sister. Only two remain now.

               Sometimes the sister that's not shooting an eye laser will shoot
               out a weird-looking orb, just like the one that Agahnim shoots
               out in A Link to the Past. This one cannot be deflected, and
               when it hits the wall, a few orbs will spread and go up. Do the
               same thing you've been doing until you destroy the third sister.
               When one sister remains, she will shoot out three energy balls.
               Only one can be deflected, so be careful! Keep hitting the ball
               back at her until you hit her. Repeat this until she's defeated.




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