The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Found: Temple of Courage

Boss Strategy: For the first portion of this battle, your view will be on the
               Touch Screen and Crayk's will be on the top. Around the arena
               are baby crabs you can kill with your sword, by the way. You
               have to look on the top screen, and when the boss comes running
               toward you, shoot an arrow directly into his eye. He will then
               hide in his shell and shoot out steam from the holes in it.
               Attack the shell with your sword until he gets out of his shell,
               then repeat the process. If you don't shoot an arrow in his eye,
               he'll grab you. If this happens, rub the Touch Screen back and
               forth fast to escape his claws. Keep repeating this, and you'll
               break his shell off eventually. Kill the baby crabs if you need
               arrows; they'll leave them behind sometimes.

               The battle will become much easier from here on, and the crab
               will no longer be invisible. The top screen is now the map
               again. Attack his claws with your sword, then he'll guard
               himself for a few seconds. Use this spare time to run behind him
               and attack the blue orb on his tail. Be careful, though, because
               he can still grab you with his claws. Repeat this process a few
               times to win the fight.




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