The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Found: Temple of Wind

Boss Strategy: Ciela will tell you that this monster can create cyclones upon
               the starting of the battle. Cyclok will float in the air for
               pretty much the whole battle until you knock him down, and that
               is what we're gonna do. Cyclones will appear on the three
               circles in the middle of the arena, and your objective is to
               place a bomb in the cyclone he flies under. Time it right and
               the bomb will hit him, knocking him to the ground. While he's
               stunned, attack him with your sword until he starts back flying.
               Do this two times and he'll get mad, then start dashing at you
               randomly and throwing cyclones at you.

               He will get a little more annoying as the battle goes on. If you
               happen to run out of bombs, break the pots around the edges of
               the arena to find some more. You just keep repeating this, and
               after you do this five times total, he will go down.




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