The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

V. Bosses

In this section, I will list all of the bosses in the game, along with info
about how to defeat them and such.


Found: Temple of Fire

Boss Strategy: When the battle starts, Blaaz will split into three. The key to
               winning this battle is the Boomerang, as you probably would've
               guessed. This battle is actually pretty easy to win. Use the
               Boomerang to target all three of miniature Blaaz's. Don't just
               target random ones, though. Look on the map and target the one
               with one spike on its head first, then the one with two spikes,
               then three spikes. Throw the Boomerang after that, and they
               will combine. From there, throw your Boomerang at Blaaz to stun
               him, then attack him with your sword. Simply repeat this process
               over and over, and keep combining them when they split. You will
               eventually beat him.




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