The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Temple of the Ocean King

In here, take the yellow portal to get back to the sixth floor of the dungeon.
If you need a guide on getting through here again, please refer to the last
time we were here in the walkthrough. With that said, you should know that all
of the Phantoms can be defeated now that you have the Phantom Sword. That's
right, _all_ of them, meaning this place won't be as nearly as annoying now.
Also, if you defeat all of the Phantoms in every room, a chest will spawn. They
all contain different things like the Demon ship parts, so be sure to get all
of them! Attack the Phantoms from behind to kill them. Anyway, once you get to
the last room, three blue Phantoms will appear. Not good. Head right and lift
the red pot, but do NOT throw it yet.

Instead, take it south and throw it down the steps. Get down there and hide in
it, and defeat the three Phantoms using the safe zone for cover when needed.
Once you kill them, three Swift Phantoms appear, and once those are defeated,
three Gold Phantoms appear. After you defeat all of them, the door to the north
opens, so go through. This hallway looks really long and eerie. Walk across the
bridge and it will collapse into the water. Ciela will ask if you're really
ready for this. Tell her you are, then all three of the fairy spirits say they
will be with you. A blue portal appears. Save your game and make sure you have
plenty of arrows, then take the long flight of stairs up to the next room. In
here, the stairway you went up will close, then a plant-like creature appears.

This is Bellum, the Evil Phantom. Refer to the Bosses section for help on
defeating him. Once you've won the fight, Bellum will fall into the water and
explode, then the ceiling will start to fall apart. Before Link and Ciela get
crushed, they suddenly get transported out of the temple.

The Sea

As Linebeck calls for Oshus, Link falls into the engine room of Linebeck's
ship. Oshus says that some, but not all, of his power was restored, so he used
it to teleport us out of the temple. Suddenly, a light starts emitting from
Tetra. Oshus says that he used some more of his power to restore her, then she
suddenly turns back to normal! After she gets through talking, she and Link
reach out for each other, then Bellum suddenly takes her with his tentacles!
Didn't we just get rid of him? Guess not. Ciela tells everyone to go outside,
then Bellum is seen going over to the Ghost Ship, with Tetra. He will then
possess the Ghost Ship, and Linebeck says he will use the wheel while you man
the cannon. Refer to the Bosses section to see how to win here.

Once you defeat Bellum a second time, the Ghost Ship will sink half way into
the water, then Linebeck will tell you to board it. He offers you to save your
game first, though. Do so, and then you'll climb aboard the wrecked ship.



Side Quests

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