The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Mercay Island

Make your way to Oshus's house. In case you forgot, it's located at the left
side of the village. Inside his house, talk to him and Link will show him the
Phantom Sword's blade. He'll then take it and swing it around, nearly hitting
Link. He asks for the Phantom Hourglass, then snags it immediately after Link
takes it out. He uses the Phantom Sword's blade and the Phantom Hourglass and
makes a hilt with it, giving you the completed Phantom Sword! After the scene,
leave his house and make your way to the Temple of the Ocean King. On your way
there, you'll see Linebeck. He's acting strange. Ciela asks him what he's doing
all alone, then he says that it's all up to Link to slay Bellum. He then asks
Ciela to take care of Link, and leaves. Make your way temple.



Side Quests

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