The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Isle of Ruins

We have all three Pure Metals now. We can finally forge the Phantom Sword and
defeat Bellum! Head south and to the next area. Here, open the door and head
south, past all of the Stalfos. Follow the path all the way south, then turn
left and go up, around the temple in front of you. Go all the way left and take
the stairs up, then press the switch if you didn't already. Cross the bridge in
front of you, then proceed to the next area. Jump down from here, then go south
to your ship and Linebeck. Talk to him, then set sail.

The Sea

If you feel you're not fully prepared to take on Bellum yet, then by all means,
feel free to get any upgrades and Heart Containers that you think you'll need.
Regardless, our next destination is back to Zauz's Island to get the Phantom
Sword forged. Draw a course for the Southeastern Sea, then back to the
Southwestern Sea, and finally to the Northwestern Sea. Once you're there, set a
course for Zauz's Island all the way to the north.



Side Quests

Item List