The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Mutoh's Temple

This is an actual dungeon, not just the quick tombs we've been in. When you
enter, go north and ignore the two switches for a moment. To the north is a
Keese. Kill it, then go back and place a bomb by the switch on the left. Go
north and take a left, then ride the two moving blocks up and go left. There's
a trapdoor in the middle of the platform, so be careful. Ride the next moving
block, then head right and cross the bridge before the time runs out. It may
take a few tries. Once you do it, go around to the left and press the switch at
the end to open a door in front of you. This creates a shortcut. Head back up
and go around, then head north and the door behind you will shut. Defeat the
two Stalfos that appear, then the door will open and a bridge will extend.

Cross the bridge and press the switch to activate the torch in front of you. Go
back to the entrance of the temple, then take the eastern path. Walk along the
wall to avoid the trapdoor, then defeat the Keese and tap the door at the end
to open it. Stand by the trapdoor and get out the Boomerang, then draw a path
to the switch on the left. Throw it and the switch will be hit, so quickly go
forward. By the bridge is a trapdoor, so avoid it and walk along the wall, then
cross the bridge. You should make it with either very little time to spare, or
you'll make it and the switch will deactivate right after. Either way, head
right and go around, then press the switch at the end to open the door. Go back
north and follow the path, then a door behind you will shut.

Defeat the two Stalfos to open the door and to make a bridge appear. Cross the
bridge and press the switch to activate the second torch, making the spikes
near you lower. Take the stairs down to the next room. In this room, head right
and defeat the Stalfos that looks like a pirate. Follow the path down and kill
the Stalfos, then cross the spiked bridge. Now, head left and go up the stairs
to the next room. You can't hurt the turtle enemies in here yet, so just go
forward to the next room. Tap the door in here to open it, then you'll see some
Green Rupees lying out in the open. The one on the right is a Rupee Like. Take
that path and defeat the Rupee Like, then head down. Follow the path and go up
the steps to the left.

Head south and jump off the ledge, then Ciela will notice the rusted switch
which she's seen before (and so have you). As she implies, you can't do a thing
with it right now, so take the stairs up to the next area. The door behind you
will shut, then you'll have to defeat some enemies; ones you've already fought
many times. Defeat them and a chest will appear, and the door will open. Open
the chest to get the Hammer. Using this, we can pound in rusted switches and
hit boards that launch us up. To use the hammer, equip it, then tap the icon to
take it out. Tap in the location you want to hit in. You can hit things from a
distance, too. If you want to hit with full power, tap in the direction you
want to hit in, and hold the stylus down on the Touch Screen.

This will charge up the hammer. When it is fully charged, release to slam the
hammer on the ground, creating a powerful smash. Go back to the previous room
and hit the rusted switch there. This will cause the door in front of you to
open, so head north and read the tombstone. It says to stand on the footpad and
to slam the pillar. Stand on the footpad of the board next to you, then take
out the Hammer and tap on the small pillar at the end of the board. This will
launch you up to the upper ledge, where you'll find another board. Use this one
and then one more to reach the top platform. There are three turtles here, like
the ones you saw just a few moments ago. Now we can hurt them. Flip them over
using the Hammer, then attack their bellies to kill them.

Once they're dead, go right and jump off the platform, then take the stairs
down back to the previous room. In here, defeat the three turtles and hit the
rusted switch to open the door. Take the stairs that were revealed down to the
next room. Here, head all the way left and ignore the first boulder you come
to. You'll come to a raised platform with another boulder on it. Head up the
platform and push the boulder right until it rolls off. It will collide with
the other boulder and they'll both break. Head to where the boulder was
blocking your path at and cross the bridge, then go left and cross the next
bridge. The door behind you will shut. Defeat the two Stalfos and the door that
just shut will open, plus another one at the northeastern corner.

Take the top-right path and take the stairs down to the next area. In here, go
left and hit both rusted switches to make the spiked log move. Follow it left
and go down, then get on the moving block. On the left and right sides are
rusted switches everywhere, along with Stalfos that will throw bones at you.
While on the first moving block, pound the rusted switches on both sides, then
get on the second moving block and do the same. Make sure to kill the Stalfos,
because one hit by the Hammer crushes them. When the second moving block goes
all the way down, hit the last rusted switch on the platform in front of you.
With all of the switches hit, the spiked log blocking you from getting on the
platform will move.

Get on it and head south, then open the chest in the corner for a Courage Gem.
Follow the path back up, then go right and head up the steps. Open the chest to
get a Small Key, then take the stairs up to the next room. In here, press the
switch to open the door in front of you, then head directly north and go east,
crossing the spiked bridge in front of you. Unlock the locked door there, then
shoot the floating piece in there with an arrow to flip it over. This drains
all of the water in the room. Jump down and go left, then defeat the Stalfos.
There are tiles with X's and O's on them on the top and bottom, and the set of
tiles on the top are how the ones on the bottom must look (the three red
circles means all of the X's must be turned around to O's).

The tiles can be flipped with the Hammer. This puzzle is easy; just hit the
tile in the middle to flip them all over to O's. This will cause a door to the
south to open. Go south and head up the steps, then use the board to launch
yourself up to the upper platform. Take out your bow and shoot the floating
switch across from you to raise the water again. If you need arrows, break the
nut on the lef to get some. Once the water has been raised, head south and
cross the spiked bridge to another set of tiles. Stand in the center of them
and use the Hammer to hit the tile you're standing on. The middle tile will
remain stationary and all of the other tiles will flip over. With all of them
flipped over to O's, a door will open.

Head east and cross the spiked bridge, then go left and take out your bow.
Shoot the floating switch again to drain the water, then jump down to the right
and take the southern stairs down to the next room. In this room, head right to
another tile puzzle. Here's an easy way to do it: stand on one of the O tiles
near an X tile, then use the Hammer to hit in between the tile you're standing
on and the X tile. If you did it right, only the X tile will flip over. Use
this trick until you get all of the tiles landed on O's, then a bridge to the
right will extend. Cross it and take the stairs up to the next area. Go east in
here and you'll see a raised platform with tiles on it, along with a tombstone.
Read the tombstone if you wish, then go left and use the board and the Hammer
to spring up.

Do the same with the next board, then break the nut if you need arrows. Take
out the Boomerang and target the heart-shaped orb to the right, then throw it.
This will make it aim down, so shoot an arrow into it to hit a floating switch,
then the water will raise again. Cross the spiked bridge and shoot the orb
again to hit the switch once more, draining the water. See the tiles on the
platform you're on? They must look exactly like the ones on the platform below
this one. Make them look like that using the trick I taught you earlier, then a
door will open. Shoot the heart-shaped orb again to raise the water, then cross
the spiked bridge and drain the water yet again. Now, jump off of the platform
you're on and head up the steps, then jump down.

Go west and defeat the Stalfos, then go to the southwestern corner and open the
chest to get a big green Rupee, worth 100. Now, go north and walk onto the
platform in the corner, then push the boulder on the left aside. Push it onto
the board to the left, then use the Hammer on the small pillar sticking out of
it. This will launch the boulder up to the upper platform. Push it right until
it rolls off, then it will collide with another boulder. Go all the way right
and down to a chest, then open it for a Small Key. Go back up and launch up
using the board, then head all the way right and jump down. Keep going right
and to a locked door, then unlock it and continue. Head down and go left, then
hit the board to catapult the boulder up.

Launch yourself up now, then hit the end of the board here as well to launch
the boulder up even higher. Head up the steps to the right and do it again,
then go up the next set of steps and do it one more time. Launch yourself up
using that board, then push the boulder left until it rolls off. It will
collide with another boulder, so go all the way left and open the chest to get
the Boss Key. Head right and jump all the way down, then go left and take the
stairs down to the next room. In here, put the Boss Key down for a moment and
get on the block, then it will start moving. Kill the Stalfos on both sides
using the Hammer. When all of them are defeated, wait until the block takes you
all the way north, then take the Boss Key and get on the block again.

When it carries you all the way down and then left, get on the platform it
takes you to and tap on the big block with the Boss Key in your hand. It will
unlock it, granting you access. Use the boards to launch yourself up until you
get to some stairs, then take them down to the next area. In this room, jump
down and go north, then read the tombstone to create a blue portal. Proceed
into the next room. Go forward and a gate behind you will shut, then a golem
will rise up and you'll fight Eox, the Ancient Stone Soldier. See the Bosses
section for help on defeating him. Once you win, more Sand of Hours will be
added to the Phantom Hourglass. Then, a chest will appear and a cage will rise
up, opening a hole in front of it.

Open the chest to get the Heart Container, then go to the cage and take the
hole down to the next room. Here, head all the way north to a grave, then a
spirit will appear. Talk to him and he'll say he's Mutoh, the king of the
Cobble Kingdom. Before his speech ends, he'll say that he'll give you the
legendary Aquanine, then it will appear on the pedestal behind his grave, and a
blue portal will appear. Take the Aquanine, then take the blue portal to get
out of this dungeon.



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