The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Isle of Ruins

When you dock on the island, you'll notice tombstones everywhere, and the
island is just shaped weird in general. Head north and enter the cave there.
Inside, follow the path until a door behind you shuts. Then, a fish knight will
leap out of the water. Defeat it the same way you've always defeated them, then
a bridge across the water will extend and the door will open. Cross the bridge
and read the tombstone, which says that the path to the kingdom will bring
glory. Keep following the path and exit the cave. Back outside, follow the path
south and cross the bridge you come to. Jump to the platform ahead, then head
all the way north and you'll find a Rupee Like. Defeat it, then keep going
north and jump over to the left.

Get the Red Rupee there (it's not a Rupee Like), then head south to find
another Rupee Like. Kill it and keep going south, then jump left. Go south and
get the first Blue Rupee there. The next Blue Rupee is a Rupee Like, and there
is another one on the left. Defeat both of them and head left, then jump across
and follow the path, defeating the Rupee Like you'll find. Go north and jump
across, then head north and cross the bridge to the next area. In this area, go
north and jump down, then head right and defeat the two Stalfos. Head up the
nearby stairs and follow the path to an area with rolling boulders. Carefully
navigate your way through here, then continue following the path. Head down the
steps to the left when you come to them, then you'll come to a tomb. Enter it.

Inside here, head north and up the steps. You'll see a weird triangle-shaped
block. Ignore it and go forward and go up to the grave, then a spirit will
appear. Talk to him, and he'll say that this is the Cobble Kingdom, then he'll
introduce himself as the third knight, Bremeur. He'll ask if something where
King Mutoh sleeps is needed, so tell him yes and he'll tell you that he does
have the Pure Metal, but ever since a monster entered his temple he has become
enraged. Tell him you'll destroy the monster, then he'll say that in order to
enter King Mutoh's temple, the land must be resurrected. You must now meet with
Doylan, the second knight at a temple to the east. He'll say that he'll open up
a new path for you, so exit Bremeur's Temple.

Back outside, Ciela will notice a bridge that extends to the right, connecting
to another platform. Head up the steps and follow the path down, then right. Go
up and cross the bridge that just extended, then follow the path and defeat the
pitchfork enemies. Head right and take the steps down, then continue following
the path, defeating the pitchfork enemies along the way. You'll eventually get
to the next area. In the next area, head right and jump down. Go right some
more and you'll come to a Stalfos, which will throw bones at you from another
ledge across from you. Use the Boomerang at it a couple of times to kill it,
then cross the wooden bridge. Keep following the path, defeating the Stalfos
from afar until you go down the steps.

Head north and enter Doylan's Temple ahead. This place is full of traps. Follow
the path and get past the rolling boulders like you've done before, then you'll
come to some arrows in the wall that will shoot at you. Just run south and you
will avoid all of them, then go right. Walk around the edges or you'll fall
down a trapdoor. Head up the stairs and follow the path, defeating the two
Stalfos, then head up the stairs to the next room. Told ya this place was full
of traps. Tap the door in here to open it, then go forward and to the grave.
Talk to the spirit, which is the second knight, Doylan. He will give you the
King's Key, then he tells you to go back to Bremeur's temple so you can release
the seal and restore the land.

Exit the area and go south, then jump off the ledge and exit the cave. Back
outside, make your way south and go all the way left again, past the Stalfos.
Eventually you'll come to a raised platform you cannot reach. At this point, go
north and kill the Stalfos in front of you, then the one on the platform to the
right. Continue following the path, and make your way back over to the far left
where Bremeur's Temple is. It shouldn't be hard at all to get there without me
guiding you there. Anyway, once you're in his temple, go up to the block to the
north, then tap it to unlock it with the King's Key. This will cause it to
lower, then the temple will shake and the water will drain. Bremeur will then
appear and say that the land has been resurrected.

He tells you to go and visit the first knight, Max. Leave the temple, and once
you're back outside, Ciela will point out the change of shape in the island.
The rest of the island is no longer underwater, meaning we can explore some
more. Jump off to the right and follow the path going north, then you'll come
to some Stalfos. Defeat them and head south, then make your way east past the
rolling boulders, and to the next area. In this area, go south and then right,
watching out for the rolling boulders that will come rolling out. Then, go
south and open the chest to get a big green Rupee worth 100. Go back west and
then all the way south, then turn right to a boulder blocking your path. Push
it aside and head up the stairs to the right.

When you get to the second boulder, push it down and it will roll off, then it
will collide with another boulder and break it. Jump down to the left and lift
the stone blocking your path, then go south and to the next area. Defeat the
two Stalfos here, then head up the steps to find a boulder. Push it right once
and up once, then right until it rolls off. It will go across a bridge and
collide with another boulder. Head right and cross the bridge, then lift the
stone and proceed to the next area. Open the chest to get a Wisdom Gem, then go
back to the previous area and go to the boulder again. This time, push it right
once, then push it down until it rolls off, colliding with another boulder. Go
south and lift the stone, then head up the platform on the left.

Press the switch to extend a bridge next to you, which connects to another
platform. Head south and defeat the Stalfos to get them out of the way, then
head north and go right. Head around the temple and defeat the Stalfos, then
turn left and enter it. This is Max's Temple. Inside, head all the way north to
Max's grave, then talk to him when his spirit appears. He will ask if you're
ready to face his trial. Tell him you are, and then he'll say that you must
solve the riddle of the corridor, then he'll tell you that he's going to open
the door to the corridor for you. Exit the temple and the door on the right
will open. Head directly east of where you are, and when you get to the door,
defeat the Stalfos and head north.

Read the tombstone at the end and it will talk about the surface labyrinth. You
would normally have to go to the southwestern end of the island to solve this
riddle, but to save a lot more time, I'll give you the answer to the riddle.
Tap on the red door in front of you, and you'll have to draw a crest in one
stroke, just like you did with the hourglass and the Triforce. Starting from
the dot at the top-left, draw a line to the top-right dot, then to the
bottom-right one, then up to the middle one, then down to the bottom-left one,
then back up to the top-left one. This will make the crest appear on the door,
then it will open. Follow the path and defeat the Stalfos, then tap on the door
at the end to open it. Go to the next area.

Head north here and two fish knights will jump out of the water. Defeat each of
them, then the door ahead will open. Head north and enter the temple.



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