The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Isle of the Dead

As you can see, this place is full of dead bones everywhere. Head right and
enter the cave there. Inside, go forward and read the book on the table. It
tells you about this island being shaped like someone looking east with a mouth
and a crown, then it says something about a secret in this room and a temple to
the northeast It also talks about the Aquanine, the last Pure Metal. Mystery
after mystery, huh? Go north and read the four books on the table, starting
with the one on the far left. They are the four volumes of the Explorer's
Compass. After reading them, go left and bomb the wall near the entrance to
reveal an opening. Go through. In this room are Rupoors scattered everywhere,
creating some sort of maze.

There are also two Keese in this room. Use your bow (and your bow only) to
defeat them, then make your way past the Rupoors, carefully avoiding them. If
you touch the small ones, you'll lose 10 Rupees. You'll lose 30 Rupees for
touching the big Rupoor. At the end of the maze, break the pots and get all of
the Rupees on the ground. Open the four chests. From the right to the left,
they contain a Stone Chimney, a Courage Gem, a Treasure Map, and a Strange
Chimney. After you rid the chests of their contents, head down and go up the
steps to the right, then follow the path and jump down. Walk past the Rupoor
and exit this room. Go south and exit the cave itself. Back outside, go all the
way left and you'll find a Blue Rupee.

It's a fake. Approach it and a Rupee Like will appear. These things try to
inhale you, then they eat your Rupees rather than your shield! Defeat it
carefully either by using your sword or by using two bombs, then go north to
find another one. Defeat it as well, then head all the way right and some bones
will rise up. These are Stalfos, and they'll sometimes jump away from you if
you try to attack them. Keep attacking them until you hit them, then attack
their head to finish them off. Make your way to the tomb to the northeast, then
enter it. Inside, go all the way north and defeat the two Keese, then read the
tombstones. One says something about going west 13 times and north 7. It also
says that it's underground at the graveyard.

The other one says something about the Phantom Corridor and six sages. Go north
and to the next area, and talk to the pile of bones in the middle. He says that
he once tried to navigate through this maze, and that if you don't know the
correct path, you'll end up exactly like him. We can't do anything here yet, so
just go south back to the previous area and exit the tomb. Go to the southeast
corner of the island and walk 13 tiles west, then 7 north. Dig at the left part
of the grass from the last tile you get on until you uncover a hole, then drop
down it. Here, go north and you'll hear rumbling. Place a bomb by the crack to
blow it up, then go into the next room. Read the tombstone in here, and it will
tell you to go left of the king's eye and shoot an arrow.

Break all of the pots and get all of the Rupees in here; don't worry, none of
them are fake. Open the chest as well to get a Power Gem, then exit this room.
Go left and to the next room. There are boulders that roll out of walls pretty
much everywhere in this room, along with a few Keese. Carefully make your way
through the room, defeating the Keese along the way. Eventually the barrage of
boulders will end, then you'll soon after come to a flight of stairs. Take them
all the way up and back outside. Go left, then take out your bow and shoot the
switch on the ledge. This opens a door leading to the graveyard of the six
sages. Jump down and go to the graveyard, then make your way to the southwest
gravestone. Read it, and it will tell you to go north.

Do so and read that gravestone. Head to the same direction that gravestone
tells you, then read the next one, and repeat this until you get to the last
one, which tells you where Brant of the Cobble Kingdom was put to rest. Go back
to the tomb to the northeast. Inside, head north to the next area. The order of
the maze is: east, east, north, north. Pretty simple, no? Once you take this
path, you'll be in a whole new room. Head all the way north to a grave, where
the spirit of someone will appear. Tap on the grave to talk to him, then he'll
introduce himself as the fourth knight of the Cobble Kingdom, Brant. He will
tell you that King Mutoh should have the Aquanine we're looking for, then he
opens up a door behind his grave.

Go there and head up the stairs leading outside. Out here, go forward to a
chest and open it to get a Regal Necklace. Brant appears and tells you that
King Mutoh can be found at the Isle of Ruins, and that the Regal Necklace you
just got should calm the cyclone down. He says that when you get there, that
you should look for Bremeur, the third knight of the Cobble Kingdom. Head south
when he disappears, then jump off the ledge. Make your way back to your ship,
then set sail.

The Sea

Now that we can get past the big cyclone that is blocking the way, set a
course for the Isle of Ruins again. Once you sail there and to the big cyclone,
it will suddenly just vanish. Now you can dock on the island.



Side Quests

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